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  1. Canal Drifter

    Off topic I apologise, but what would you use a Dolly knot for on a narrowboat? I learned the knot many years ago when driving flat back lorries but have never used it since, apart from once when I used it on a friend's roof rack. Forgetting how powerful it is I nearly T boned the roof!
  2. Painting my boat for the first time

    Preparation is the biggest part of any paint job. Using high quality paint and equipment will be reflected in the finish and the durability. It would be good if you could arrange to try it out and test a few scrap panels, you will soon know whether you have a natural ability or you are going to struggle with it. I employed men who were new to the trade yet could virtually spray with their eyes shut, and others who had been in the game for years and still struggled !!!
  3. Electronic Cigarettes

    The initial starter kit with Skycig is £50, but if you search for skycig discount you will find a code which gives you £20 off. Occasionally they have discount offers down to £12 but I haven't seen that for a while, I know they did it in the New Year. I have no connection, just quite like their system with the recharger pack and spare batteries.
  4. I can't do it!

    My normal procedure when planning for anything on a remotely large and adventurous scale is to sit and make a Plan A. Research the internet, books timetables, forums for advice and friends for past experience. Try and get down to the most minuscule detail and timing that I possibly can, allowing sensible margins for error and unforeseen acts of God. Then prepare Plan B, as above but allowing for human nature, both mine and normal people. Build in margins of anything up to 25 percent and allot a star system to evaluate possible failure rates. When I am happy with those then create Plan C, this allows for distractions and any possibility of something entertaining or exciting happening and includes various algorithms that will make the overall target still viable. Then, when the great day arrives and I am ready to to undertake the adventure, I put all the plans in the bin and set off Good luck
  5. Electronic Cigarettes

    I must admit that I haven't calculated the cost of the electronic side. The starter kit cost £12, refills which seem to months cost around £12. Normal smoking without electronic addition casts me about £10 a week. The difficulty for me is that I don't want to give up, I enjoy it too much, I am substituting the electronics at the request of my grandchildren.
  6. Electronic Cigarettes

    I use Skycig mainly because they seem to work, they have a very compact and organised charging system and very reasonable if you buy the starter kit when an offer is on or you are recommended. They recently changed the 'glowing tip' from red to blue which avoids confusion for spectators.
  7. Cats on narrowboats

    It is interesting. As a cat lover I found your comments somewhat offensive, but in an effort to try and understand I did some research on the Net and I have to admit that I genuinely wasn't aware that you had such a problem with cats down under! It seems your problems have been been building for many years, we don't have the same problems over here with feral cats, I think you will find that the majority of people here are either cat lovers, or at least tolerant toward cats, I would guess that cat haters were in the minority. Of course, I may be wrong, it is only a guess.
  8. GUCCC Town Class Names

    Aber was quite a popular tourist town at the turn of the centuryl largely because of the railway, it also had substantial connections with local industry. My Welsh friends and family have said that they have never heard of anyone listing Aber by its full name of Abergwngregyn, it has always been listed as Aber.
  9. Parenting a NEET

    Some people may feel it is insignificant but one thing I did teach my sons was the habit of a good firm handshake. When I was hiring staff, anyone that started with a firm handshake got my attention immediately. That is not to say it has to be a deciding factor but it makes a very good impression and is a small thing often sadly overlooked these days.
  10. Springer

    Correct, maybe I spent more time in that pub than I should have done !!!
  11. Springer

    I used to drink in a pub called The Crippen, I think he was the patron saint of cobblers or something similar. Edit because I just realised the spelling was different
  12. bolts into my cabin roof

    These Neodymium magnets do seem incredibly strong. Maybe it might be worth investigating using them for mounting the panels and then adding a couple of security chains of some description? That way you would be having to drill far less holes in the roof and only for the security chain mountings. Just a thought.
  13. 3 Mobile Phone Contract

    I would. They are blatantly in the wrong over the customer relations issue and they tend to be very sensitive about that. Plus it should also mean that in the process of sorting that issue out they will take a sympathetic approach to the original problem by way of compensating
  14. 3 Mobile Phone Contract

    I would also work on the fact that Tesco have ignored you. If you have emailed them and chased them and they have still ignored you then it becomes a 'customer relations' issue and they tend to be pretty hot on that. I would pursue them at a higher level through customer relations, it is possible that the phone issue will then be resolved during the same process as a matter of courtesy but whatever the issues with the phone contract, they have defaulted over basic customer relations and I suspect that might be your best route. You can also get much higher up the ladder that way than you might otherwise just trying to argue on a 'technical' issue?
  15. Prop Mate.

    I bought one from a travelling Indian gentleman back in the 60's, quite a rarity in the area where we lived. I seem to remember that he used the two small blades crossed over somehow and honed the big blade with them. Incredible character