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  1. Fradley is full

    Squeezed into a mooring at Shade House, Fradley at 8pm tonight, thanks to a kind man who offered to move up before I'd said a word. One space at Gt Haywood on the deep moorings around 3pm above the lock, and Rugeley was chocker. Lots of space at Handsacre. Busy times! James
  2. Bottom Road

    Is it Emma Smith's "Maidens' Trip"? A great read. James
  3. Wolverhampton mooring?

    Great to hear. And was good to read. Keep 'em coming Orph. James
  4. Wolverhampton mooring?

    I've always get good banter with Orph. Albeit that I haven't stopped there for sometime. Other than protecting myself against slanderous posts by folks I've never met, Orph's 'Yarns from the Yard' on the 'orange other site' was one of the only reasons to logon. He's retired from writing them and for one, I missed them very much. Great tales which were full of wisdom and wonderful dry humour. James
  5. Bottom Road

    The greasy bit was down through Garrison Locks on the Birmingham & Warwick Junction Canal, before joining the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal at Salford Junction. James
  6. Filance Lock on Staffs and Worcester has Shrunk

    AURIGA got stuck at Booth Lane on the T&M going down into Middlewich a couple of years or so back with Rick Cooper. I was told that she was eventually pulled through by Drew Burge on Bolinder powered GREYHOUND, and a Land Rover too! I'm understand that the sacrificial chines might be a bit generous. James
  7. Filance Lock on Staffs and Worcester has Shrunk

    Came up with MARQUIS with no problems on 20 July. Albeit tightish. It was good to have LADY HATHERTON's crew on hand, who were following, to be there to reassure and help if any problems had occurred. There weren't any. But we were cautious. Thank you LADY HATHERTON. I hope you got to Worcester in time. And so terrific to see this beautiful S&WCC directors' inspection boat out and about after a huge refit and expenditure no doubt. If you are into the Staffs & Worcs, she is much part of it. Many of you will know her from passing Teddesley. Her home mooring in 1898 I presume, and still now. Do tell of other director's boat extant like this one on it's own cut. James
  8. Closing up mooring gaps

    A great gripe of mine especially as I need the Visitor Moorings because they are usually the deepest, which this boat needs where possible, albeit that there are lumps. Maybe someone on the CRT Moorings Advisory Group might read this on here. CRT seem to take notice of matters raised by the Advisory Groups. If they don't I suppose they have to adequately explain why not. Ok, I should have a word myself. James
  9. Volockies

    Ah! Yes that too. James
  10. Volockies

    Like CRT Volunteers wearing their uniform when not on, to or from duty. Steering their own boats? Working on charity boats or any other non CRT craft? Or in one case having a holiday hire boat and then mooring on the strictly 'No Mooring' bend just before Hopton School Bridge on the Coventry Canal. He moved after I had eventually managed to explained his error but then in the same CRT attire, glad handed every passing towpath walker for the rest of the afternoon telling them about his lock keeper duties on a nearby flight! Not good. Not good at all. James
  11. Volockies

    Got one. Fashioned out of an old chair or table leg and found halfway up Aston into Birmingham. Thanks someone James
  12. Volockies

    Always lots at Atherstone Top. That's where the teapot is! But these days they are generally a good helpful, competent bunch of folks given up their time to help us. And good company too if they follow you through the flight (or some of it!). James
  13. Filance Lock on Staffs and Worcester has Shrunk

    MARQUIS went up in March and came down without a problem towards the end of April. Shall be going up again (?) in the next ten days. James
  14. Former Anderton Company motor "Norway"

    There is a rather sad photograph of her and reference to her on Page 60 of 'Canal Town Stone' by John M Bolton, (there is no ISBN number) published in 1981 and reprinted in 1989 by Panda Press of Stone who are extant, for Stone Canal Conservationists. Maybe Panda Press can help. I was lucky and bought my copy on ebay. James
  15. Braunston Historic Boat Gathering - This Weekend

    I think there maybe a reason for so many boats not getting it right at the Ladder Bridge turn this year. I understand it has been dredged. Unladen and lightly ballasted working boats, especially ex GUs, have little depth in the water at the fore end. They've all taken the turn as they have before, many of them many times, but owing to the increased depth, they are no longer gaining the advantage of the pressure of water that builds up at the fore end between the boat and the bank. So maybe it's now a tough call to do this in one, but some will still make it. I know. It's easy for me with 2.5ft under the water at the stem post, and only a 54ft boat. But it's all worth thinking about. James