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  1. Fradley is full

    It might be because other boaters run generators and engines late into the evening. Sadly we live in a selfish world.
  2. Are you trawling? Fishing for predictable comments from Hudson owners?
  3. Is that not part of the service? An elderly friend said that they were going to take their car into the garage because the windscreen washer had stopped working. It could have been a wind-up but I don't think so.
  4. This sort of problem is a matter of general maintenance and will not be covered by a guarantee, warranty or the Consumer Rights Act 2015. It is vital to focus on the key issues.
  5. Spiders

    That seems a reasonable possibility. Garden sheds seem to attract spiders, so I wonder if humidity is a factor. Boats can be fairly humid because of people living in a confined space and use of unflued gas cookers, and often left unheated over the winter months.
  6. Spiders

    Does anyone know why spiders like being in boats when they usually stay outside houses? I suppose people like being in boats too.
  7. Carbon Monoxide Reminder from RYA

    In biochemical terms, carbon monoxide is a competitive inhibitor for oxygen:
  8. CRT sites down?

    Absolutely. At risk of being misunderstood.
  9. CRT sites down?

    Sorry. My humour is not to current standards but hopefully not immediately dangerous.
  10. CRT sites down?

    CRT cannot win. They are constantly criticised for lack of essential maintenance.
  11. Waste Oil

    I see what you mean. I think the only answer is to include a realistic charge for safe disposal of goods when they reach the end of their life and to make it easy for us all to dispose of our rubbish to avoid fly tipping and pouring oil down the drains.
  12. CRT pass new Waterways Law

    We would not need so many signs if people used a bit more common sense and did their best to avoid making themselves to others. Maybe common sense isn't common enough. I suggest that the two threads on the same topic are merged.
  13. Waste Oil

    Not rubbish then? :-)
  14. Portable Generator leaking petrol

    Maybe, but I might not touch them with a barge pole.
  15. Portable Generator leaking petrol

    I can recommend their velcro-backed sanding disks, which are cheap and adequate quality. They once had stainless steed D-shackles, and I should have bought several packs. A lot of it I would not touch with a long shaft. I find it frustrating that much of the stock is only available for a short time.