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  1. BCN Challenge details released.

    I'm quite pleased with Red Wharfs result especially as we made a detour on Saturday night hem hem. Congrats to TO and huge commiserations to Firefly.
  2. Warwick Ring - Warwick Castle....

    I don't know what it is about boating but I have never met as many people who seem to think it is acceptable to shout/scream at strangers. We were sworn at for asking someone to leave a gate open as they were leaving a lock so we could go straight in. I confess to finding faffers intensely irritating but I wouldn't dream at shouting at someone.
  3. BCN Challenge details released.

    Nb RW just gone past Spon Lane top lock. Getting ready for the final dash!
  4. BCN Challenge details released.

    Team RW had first trip down the weedhatch in lock 6 on the Perry Barr flight. Have just been waving at crawling traffic on the M5 slip road. The great mattress of the Tame Valley has yet to make an appearance and the crew are in good spirits.
  5. BCN Challenge details released.

    The shower works but you need someone outside to make sure no one uses the water point. There are consequences.
  6. BCN Challenge details released.

    Ange, it would be lovely to see you, Dave and Milly. The weather is looking good for the challenge, might need to put some more beer in the fridge. Getting excited now, the boat is on her way up to the Birmingham level, crew meet ups have been arranged and the bunting is organised.
  7. Trump

    I don't really think you can call Hiliary Clinton useless. She has been an experienced, effective and respected member of government in her own right for many years.
  8. PROPER Pub list

    If you are nominating the PO Vaults then I would like to put forward the Wellington on Bennetts Hill in Brum. Good choice of beer and cider and the nicest Ladies loos anywhere. Ed to add that while I love the PO Vaults, I always seem to volunteer or do very silly things after drinking there.
  9. Flower of Gloster - DVD

    I had an email this morning saying mine had been dispatched today.
  10. The BIg Garden Birdwatch

    If the RSPB wanted e mails, there are far easier ways to go about collecting them than organising an event of this nature.
  11. Happy Birthday Mrs Tawny Owl

    Happy Birthday Sue. All love from here and Ben raises a paw for you. Hope Richard is recovering well, we are thinking of him and drinking beer.
  12. Lockn15 but where?

    We moor in the basin. That particular paddle gear is depressingly familiar.
  13. Lockn15 but where?

    There is definitely one set of hydraulic paddle gear on the Lapworth flight but only at the head of the look one or two locks down from the longish pound by The Boot.
  14. The humble tea pot

    Proper tea pot and loose leaf Assam.
  15. One Year of Boat Ownership

    Vulpes has got a lot of character to say the least. A lovely little boat with a great deal of charm and eccentricity.