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  1. Seeking opinions on porthole verses rectangle windows

    I think a mix is best. We have bus type to lounge, dinette and kitchen and large portholes to bathroom, bedroom and utility room. Plenty of light where you need it and privacy where required. A mix also seems to make the boat look more 'interesting' than having all one or the other. Ken
  2. Thetford Spinflo Aspire cooker

    We had a similar problem with a Stoves 500 dit cooker which we had installed. It was a great disappointment and didn't seem to reach the required temperature. This applied to the hob rings as well as the oven. In fact it seemed to get slowly but progressively worse until it suddenly packed up completely one day. We had a gas engineer come and check it out and he discoverd that the hinged glass top of the cooker had a fault with the gas shut off linkage which cuts off the gas if the glass hob cover isn't fully open. It transpired that the linkage was incorrectly fitted from new and when he adjusted it the cooker was completely transformed and now performs superbly. I see that your cooker has a similar hinged glass top. One of the factors which also might have affected the glass lid opening fully, and therefore affected the gas shut off valve was the sloping cabin side behind the cooker which may not allow the glass lid to open fully. Perhaps yours might be similarly affected? Ken
  3. Car Insurance, definitive advice sought please.

    Unless the law has changed, the 3rd party insurance cover relating to driving another vehicle would be basic Road Traffic Act cover which is injury only. If you cause damage to something expensive, and it was your fault, that could cost you dear. It would be better to seek specific advice from your insurance company as to what exactly is covered in your circumstances. Ken
  4. DC input voltage for LED tv

    Thanks very much for your thoughts. I have now plugged it in using the 19v setting.........so far so good! Ken
  5. DC input voltage for LED tv

    Just a quick query before I do something stupid. I have just purchased an LED tv for my boat and wish to run it from my 12v DC system The input voltage of 19.5v DC is supplied by a mains voltage unit supplied with the TV. The power consumption of the TV is around 35w. I have a 12v power supply with various selectable output voltages which would seem to do the job but the nearest voltage which can be selected is either 19v or 20v. Would either of those make a difference? 19.5v seems very precise. I don't wish to damage the TV the first time I plug it in. Thanks Ken
  6. Allan Cazally

    Thank you for confirming the very sad news. The cut will be a poorer place without him. RIP Allan.
  7. Allan Cazally

    I have been trying to contact Allan, who has done some excellent cratch and roof box covers for me in the past, but to no avail. He operates a cratch cover repair business from his boat 'Pengalanty', usually around Milton Keynes. I last had contact with him in May, but recent emails and sms messages have gone unanswered, which is very unlike him. Someone mentioned to me today that they heard he had been taken into hospital and sadly passed away in June. I sincerely hope this is not the case. Can anyone shed any light as to whether this is true or not? If so, that is very sad news. He is/was a real gent. Ken
  8. hi Guys

    Hi Mags. Welcome to the forum. There is a mine of information here, and a lot of very knowlegable people who will be only too pleased to offer advice. If you have any specific questions just ask. Good luck with the survey tomorrow. Ken
  9. Solar panels, worth the expense?

    Unless you cruise pretty much every day April to September, or are on shoreline, I certainly think they are worth it. As liveaboards/cc'ers for six months of the year and heavy electric users, with our 680 watts we can moor up for days on end and rarely need to think about running the engine or genny. That is a direct saving of at least £3 a day in diesel, to say nothing of wear and tear, noise, vibration and pollution. Ken
  10. Roof boxes

    The chandlery at Wharfehouse Narrowboats, Bottom Lock, Braunston sell purpose made roof top boxes. Ken
  11. L&L canal, how far west to remain safe,ish.

    I have heard differing opinions on Eldonian Village. When we went down to the docks last summer the CRT lockie working the Stanley flight advised against mooring in the Eldonian village basin overnight unless there are several boats. There have been isolated cases of trouble with youths in the adjacent park. We moored up there during the day on the return from the docks and it was very quiet, but we didn't moor overnight. We found the canal very pleasent pretty much all the way, with some lovely mooring spots all the way to bridge 10. Bridge 9 is the first that requires advance notice to CRT who open it for you. We usually moor between bridges 11 and 10 which is a nice country mooring and usually there are other boats moored along that stretch as well. Ken
  12. Where will you moor the boat? If you have the possibility of electric hook-up then you can have an oil filled radiator or similar to heat the cabin.
  13. Leeds to Liverpool Canal ?

    There are both visitor and long term moorings (adminstered by CRT I think) in the Burscough area. Ken
  14. Southport Leeds & liverpool to rugby canal

    Six days is pretty good going! Glad to hear you enjoyed the trip. If you start a new topic re moorings around Rugby I am sure you will get some useful pointers. Ken
  15. MPPT Controllers

    As reg above has said, yes it is possible. If your panels are pointing in different directions, in a 'pitched roof' arrangement on a roof box for example, or one panel is in shade and another in full sunlight, then having each panel go through dedicated a MPPT controller will be more efficient. Though not neccessarily cost effective. Ken