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  1. Trip from London to Bristol

    So far I've only contacted Black Prince, London base. But my queries will continue. In the meantime: any suggestions are welcome.
  2. Trip from London to Bristol

    I am so glad I joined this forum! These are all good points that I didn't consider before. Of course I can solve this problem by not going first but second: the other party goes from London to Bristol (or vice versa) and then we take over and bring the boat back to its hire base. We'll bring our own bedsheets and towels of course. How does that sound? The weather in these parts will be no good for boating the coming weeks; there is lots of ice and lots of skaters on it. Tomorrow is going to be a crowded day in Appingedam because of the marathon! Thank you for the good wishes. Thank you. We'll consider it. But I'm afraid that my brain has difficulties with a change of plan.
  3. Trip from London to Bristol

    Thank you for your kind replies, L&E. Our jobs are quite busy and we only have 23 days off each year here in the Netherlands. Which is ridiculously short, I agree! We started our canaltrips in 2003 on the Warwickshire ring. In 2006 we did the Pennine Ring, in 2008 the Thames and Grand Union canal and in 2010 we went from Acton Bridge to Llangollen and back again. So we already have a bit of experience with boats and canals.
  4. Trip from London to Bristol

    Sorry, L&E, for not being clear about this. I unfortunately don't belong to the rich and famous. Yes, the other party should pay for their own two weeks of boat hire. Nothing is settled yet at this moment in time, so when somebody is interested we can choose a boat that suits all parties. You certainly have a point there Arthur. Probably not. A refill of the fuel tank would have to be included in the planning, as well as pump-out of the dirt tank. Whether the hire company will pay for this or not, I don't know yet. Open for negotiation I guess.
  5. Trip from London to Bristol

    Dear readers, I'm Francis, my partner here goes by the name Jetske. We originate from The Netherlands, near the Waddenzee islands. We plan to hire a boat at the end of april and navigate from London to Bristol. We're really looking forward to the Thames and the Avon. Should take two weeks. But the boat company says: we don't do one-way trips. I say: we only have two weeks. So until now it's no deal. Unless: we find us another party that is willing to go in the opposite direction with our boat... So there it is. Interested? Then please drop a line.