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  1. Tip

    Fetch me my angry trousers im madder than i have ever been
  2. coal. where is it mined?

    My coal for the stove comes from durham seams washed up onto the beach every tide and free to gather.There is still some commercial sea colliers working independantly ,coal fired furnaces use it.
  3. Visitor Moorings

    Sawbridgeworth the maltings are as i believe mostly rented apartments not particularly posh.my daughter lived there for 2 years and was told she was allowed to have a mooring in the marina. Not aware of any residents complaints about boaters indeed they mostly liked to see the boats .Some people choose to live next to canals to enjoy the life and respect boaters as long as generators not run all night.

    You should know that you cant be over and out .qrx nigel
  5. WTF a Patrol Notice

    I note and consider your opinions,please my intentions were not to offend. To close and make myself clear there is no way I would condone forceful or violent action either phsically or verbally.
  6. WTF a Patrol Notice

    who the heck do these crt volunteers/linesmen think they are ? jumped up police or upholders of the law according to what authority. I believe that under common law they have no more rights than you or I and would challenge them. The waterways belong to us the people ,CRT/BW are paid by us to maintain the waterways ,not to hinder or disaffect their paymasters.
  7. indeed with very thick battery cables could be achieved,but I would be more concerned about explosive gasses from your battery discharging into the main cabin
  8. Who Knows The Answer To This One Then?

    overhead telephone cables use dropwire with steels inside for support normal max span 65 mtrs .cat cables for internal use do not have the strength or uv protection to be suspended i think
  9. Life Jackets

    confused why would a diver want to wear an inflatable life-jacket ?
  10. Coal dust

    make a parcel with newspaper,like a chip packet.I do this all the time to burn seacoal
  11. Aargh....help...battery charger dead in the water!

    had a similar problem checked the output leads were loose due to nut shaken off.retightened now all ok
  12. Shower cubicle

    I built my shower with wetboard available from plumbing dealers at 90 pound a sheet ,took me 3 sheets but made the walls and door out of it .Been ok and totally waterproof available with sparkle finish
  13. Toilet problems

    If it doesnt go through the body it doesnt go down the toilet,as for wiping paper I use the scented doggy poo bags and dispose of with the rubbish
  14. Does it still count....

    a small milestone perhaps but better than the large millstone of life ashore
  15. problem--

    i had trouble with fast fit click in fittings been advised they only work in domestic situations where the water preassure is constant to hold them together