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  1. Christmas presents

    My wife and I haven't bought each other presents for about 15 years, since we were very hard up one year and decided to spend what money we had on our four chidren. They've all grown up now and two of them have children of their own. These days, we do a Secret Santa thing between us and the chidren, where you get allocated a couple or individual and spend approx £30 on them. That's the only present we'll buy this year - apart from stuff for the grandchildren and something for my sister. I hate the commercialisation of Christmas.
  2. Dog walking

    My lab will also eat anything, but is especially partial to poo (cat, dog, rabbit, sheep, any poo in fact), apples, berries of all types, acorns, hazelnuts, wheat and grass. I don't know why I bother buying her food, actually.
  3. University pay

    The pay of the Bath VC pales into insignificance when compared with the £13 million pay-off that the CEO of the Stock Exchange is getting. The gap between the very rich and everybody else continues to widen in this country, and I think ordinary people are becoming increasingly miffed at it. I'm sure there isn't a French-style revolution on the horizon, but something certainly needs to change.
  4. Safety from economic migrants in France

    Is that you, Jayda?
  5. University pay

    When I look at the huge debt my daughter has built up in becoming a teacher, it makes me furious. It also makes me think the present system is totally unsustainable. Surely kids will stop going to university and choose other options? One good outcome would be that all those student halls that have sprung up across our cities could be used to help solve the affordable housing crisis.
  6. When our black lab had a cruciate op, we got one of these. It's strong and telescopic, and fits beneath the gunnels. In fact it takes up so little room that we haven't bothered taking it off the boat even though she now jumps up the stern ladder-stairs as she did before the op. Expensive but worth it, in our view: https://www.easyanimal.co.uk/deluxe-telescopic-dog-ramp.html#.WhRIaUpl_IU
  7. Newbie winterisation queery

    How do you drain the calorifier though? Mine is a vertical one and difficult to get at.
  8. Obscure connections to celebrities

    They must therefore both be related to Roy Dwight who broke his leg while scoring a goal for Nottingham Forest in the '59 cup final and watched the rest of the game from hospital. Forest won.
  9. Obscure connections to celebrities

    Nick Knight (world famous fashion photographer, just in case you don't read Vogue) took our wedding photos when he was about 19. They are awful. Football manager Ron Atkinson once called me something I can't repeat here, on the phone.
  10. What do you wish I already knew?

    Don't judge a book (or a boat or a boater) by its cover, but take people as you find them. Most, but sadly not all, boaters are generous folk who will help you in any way they can. Some of the kindest people I've come across have been those that on dry land I would instinctively turn away from.
  11. HS2 & Effects

    But fast trains between Euston and Birmingham already run every 20 minutes, with slower trains in between. I'm firmly in the "massively overpriced vanity project" camp. It's an outrageous waste of money.
  12. Has it been a busy summer?

    Agree that South Oxford is very busy. Not been this way for several years but it has been slow going from Napton down to Aynho, with loads of hire boats. Heading back north now so not planning to make rapid progress.
  13. A memorable trip for all the wrong reasons

    Never met you Dave, but you have our best wishes.
  14. Bristol to Sharpness via Portishead

    Many thanks Ian and Helen. It reminded me of our trip across the Wash from Boston to Wisbech last year. Would love to do what you did - maybe next year.
  15. Christopher James

    A few months ago we came across a CaRT work boat across the cut in Tamworth (or maybe Bedworth). I retied it with a bit of help from a youngish lad, and in return I gave him a lift on our boat down to the next bridge. He said his grandfather once had a famous boat called Christopher James which is why he had always loved boats, and that the boat was named after this young lad himself. That's probably not right given that he was probably born in the 1990s, but I may not be recalling the conversation correctly. Maybe named after his father?