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  1. Getting dogs on and off the boat.

    Our labrador had a operation on her cruciate two years ago, so we bought a ramp to help her get onto the deck from the galley (we have a cruiser stern with a ladder arrangement). This worked really well and although she's fine again now and able to jump up the ladder, we still keep the ramp on board tucked up under the gunnels because when she's older she'll need it again. https://www.easyanimal.co.uk/deluxe-telescopic-dog-ramp.html#.WY19mVF97IU
  2. Suspicious Boat activity

    There was a presenter on Look East called Chris Peacock. And my sister married a man named Peter Ennis so was Mrs P.Ennis for a while until she got fed up and divorced him. I agree with Mike about Sloake Hunt, which I saw moored in central Birmingham. What kind of person calls their boat that?
  3. Who goes first? - question on etiquette

    I've often thought that as well as those really irritating 'SLOW DOWN' stickers that some boaters display, there should be a 'SPEED UP' version. In my view, we should all be able to move at our preferred pace when safe and courteous to do so. Some like to cover a lot of miles, some don't. Some have deadlines, some don't. There's room for us all with a bit of commonsense. If you're a dawdler, that means allowing a boat that has caught you up to pass at the soonest opportunity. I'm afraid I get really annoyed with boaters who drift along at 1mph but don't move over and let me pass whether out of ignorance or spite. I suspect hire boaters have it drummed into them to go slowly at all times and haven't been told they can always move over or moor up if they're causing a queue to form behind them.
  4. Giffard Park Refuse, Milton Keynes GU

    Fly tipping is a problem exacerbated by the intransigence of councils. People, including traders, will always have waste to get rid of - so councils should be making it easier for them to take it to official dumps or recycling centres than to shove it in a hedge.
  5. What you can or can't do?

    I have been shouted at by a fisherman for being on the move before 8am, which is not allowed.
  6. Leicester festival

    Came through Leicester today and while it was good to see so many boats and people enjoying the festival, it was annoying to find the moorings at Castle Gardens suspended. I had an email from CaRT advising that moorings were limited on the mile straight but it had no mention of Castle Gardens. I couldn't read all of the notice on the pontoon as we went past, but I think it was reserved for the festival organisers. Seems a pity to put on a river festival that actively discourages boaters from visiting it. The Friars Mill pontoon was full.
  7. Drinking water

    That's what we do too. No ill effects so far.
  8. Tidal Trent to Lincoln and Boston

    Re Newark... we stayed at the marina overnight last year. We would have stayed in the town but there were no moorings suitable for the dog due to the high walls and as others mentioned, the pontoons were full of boats that looked like they rarely went anywhere. The marina is fine. Gated for safety and there are washing machines you can use too. Dog walks nearby.
  9. Tidal Trent to Lincoln and Boston

    Yes, call the lockies at Cromwell and they'll advise you when to get there. It's a great trip and if your day is anything like ours you'll be in a mini convoy anyway. We were the third of four boats going down to Torksey and although we had the charts it was very easy to navigate by simply following the lines the others took ahead of us. If they were ok then we'd be ok too. Mind you, we did pass one small NB that had run aground on the inside of a bend and was waiting for the tide to lift them off.
  10. Braunston to Llangollen.

    Crick to Hillmorton. 11 mins by car, an hour and a half on foot. But a long day by boat.
  11. Side fenders deployed permanently

    OK, I'm convinced. I will not be introducing a new fenders regime and will instead stick with what I've always done - drop fenders when moored, lift them when moving. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Side fenders deployed permanently

    Our boat is being blacked and painted up to the gunwales next week, which has got me thinking how I can minimise everyday scrapes on lock landings, armco etc (apart from becoming a more skilful boater, of course). At the moment we have two pipe fenders which we fix to the roof rail with a homemade hook and which we deploy when mooring. We have three brass eyelet type things on each side but don't currently use them. I know that fenders in locks can be a real problem, and also that permanently deployed fenders can, in some eyes, look unsightly. I'm thinking of attaching fenders to these eyelets, but using a cable tie as one element in the connection - the theory being that this will break if stressed in a lock. I'd either use our existing pipe fenders or perhaps buy some of those flat oval fenders I've seen and rest them on the gunwales when underway. Any thoughts?
  13. Test

    I've fished the Test and don't think that's it. Looks more like Holland to me.
  14. BBQ

    We have a very similar one. It's a few years old now and we've twice bought replacements, only to go back to this one. Last year, we bought a foldable BBQ from Midland Chandlers in Braunston and confidently chucked our old one into the skip by the water point. Tried out the new one that evening and had to detour back early the next morning to rescue 'Old Favourite' from the skip. We won't part with it again.
  15. Places to Eat and Drink in Scotland

    If you end up near Skye, this is the most remote pub in the UK - it's on the mainland across from Skye. The only ways to visit are walking (probably 2 days) or by boat. I think it changed hands a couple of years ago, so it might be worth checking TripAdvisor or similar. http://www.theoldforge.co.uk/