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  1. Unusual query from C&RT

    Yes Allan that was the same mail.Have you rectified things yet ?
  2. Unusual query from C&RT

    I think I have resolved the situation after a discussion with a fellow moorer. Instead of entering Stourport on the find mooring bit I entered Limekiln moorings ( private ) and it has accepted this so the problem seems to be sorted. However, I have been around large organisations for long enough to know that life is never that simple so will watch this space.
  3. Unusual query from C&RT

    Thanks both, your replies have made this much clearer. Will need to clarify things with our mooring provider tomorrow.
  4. Unusual query from C&RT

    Can anyone shed light on a recent e-mail enquiry I have had from CRT licensing, perhaps even had a similar experience. We have held a boat license for 5 years, permanent mooring, renewed annually obviously. I received an e-mail today from the licensing people in Leeds asking me to update where we moor. I would have thought that the last 5 years would have answered that. The e-mail went on to say that if I didn't tell them where we moor within 28 days we would be classed as continuous cruisers despite being on the same mooring for 5 years. I tried to do this on the link attached to the mail and could not enter the actual mooring we are on as I had to choose from a drop down list and our mooring was not on this list. We moor in the upper basin at Stourport on the moorings owned by Limekilns chandlers. I will phone them tomorrow and clarify things but was just curious as to whether anyone else has had a similar situation. Thank you
  5. colmac

  6. C&RT license checkers

    Bugger me sideways, wish I had never mentioned this. Lighten up people, if you should move to comply with CRT rulings then move. Personally we move because we bought the boat to do just that, not sit on a mooring so if the powers that be want to check where I have been, so be it, nowt to hide. As an aside, how do I stop getting these poxy e-mails whenever someone replies to my post ?
  7. C&RT license checkers

    Thank you for all your replies, settled the debate.
  8. Can anyone settle a debate I am having with a fellow boater. He maintains that when the c&rt bloke checks your license and enters it into his tablet /computer thing they can also track your movements. I thought this was purely a check on their database to ensure your boat is licensed. Can anyone enlighten me/us ? Thank you
  9. Moonraker TV aeriel bracket

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I obviously had all the brackets when I bought the thing but they seem to have got lost over the years. Will need to improvise I suppose.
  10. Moonraker TV aeriel bracket

    Hi Dave, yes have tried Maplin and they only sell the whole aerial as a kit.
  11. Moonraker TV aeriel bracket

    Hi, as per the title, I need a U-bracket for fixing my Moonraker TV aerial to a pole. Have looked on-line and can only find one supplier and they are out of stock. Does anyone know of any on-line or other dealers who sell such things ? Thank you.
  12. Time Lady

    Oops sorry Mike the boiler man, didn't know the buggers could levitate ! I mean that changes the whole game doesn't it ? Is nowhere safe any more ? Next thing you know perfectly sane, puckha chaps will be paying a small fortune to travel round smelly canals in steel boats called barges.
  13. Time Lady

    I never actually watched/followed Doctor Who but from the reputation it gained I could never work out how the Daleks could harbour ambitions of world domination when they couldn't go up stairs. ????
  14. Time Lady

    I saw on telly yesterday ( presumably tounge in cheek ) that some "fans" have said they won't watch it because a woman is now the lead. I have never been a fan but I think you must be a bit sad if that is the case.
  15. Anything useful we should take?

    Many moons ago before retirement and boat ownership, we went on a hire boat holiday from Stoke Prior. In all the excitement of getting two wee girls on board etc and doing the handover, we missed the fact that there was no loo paper on board. Necessitated a hasty cycle back to the yard. After that we made sure we had a roll or two of our own.