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  1. Decent quality 32mm/38mm thick decking boards are ideal. We planned an improvement to our 3 step arrangement. We made a trial set of 4 steps at a less shallow angle from decking. Once we were happy, we had a duplicate made in oak. They are easier for elderly parents, though our 14 year old Labrador still needs some help.
  2. I had wondered about folding steps. Just spotted this American website, they give an idea of what could be done http://www.boatingbuddy.com/boat-ladders/bow-to-beach-ladders.html
  3. We tried a folding ramp for our 14 1/2 year old Black Lab. two reasons why we gave up on it 1) it took up a lot of space when folded away and was difficult to erect in our rear galley, as you can’t stand at the side of it 2) even though it was really wide, our lab consistently kept putting a foot down between the ramp and our cupboards
  4. Fradley to Fazeley Dredging

    Excellent news. It’s been shallow for a while now, especially just to the east of Whittington near the poly tunnels, and between the A38 and Fradley.
  5. CRT Fazeley Office Closure

    And the ground rent could be peanuts. Better to hang on to the property and get the full market rent.
  6. CRT Fazeley Office Closure

    Or better still, retain them to rent out and spend the long term income on maintenance.
  7. Carrying spares

    Also important to keep with you at all times: A sense of humour Elbow grease Humility Patience Spare handcuff and CRT keys Coffee, tea and milk nor neccessarily in that order
  8. Possibly stolen boat on the T&M

    That’s what I was worried about. I shall leave it down there. In a few millennia it may become a pile of diamonds.
  9. Possibly stolen boat on the T&M

    Having worked in an old pit village for nearly 30 years, I’m obviously still learning. Can I be certain of having mineral rights over CRT property?
  10. Possibly stolen boat on the T&M

    Actually ours is too, hence the thin duvet. I did try to retrieve a bag of smokeless out of the bow locker late last night. It split, so my first job this morning will be to start digging
  11. Possibly stolen boat on the T&M

    Thank goodness, for a while I thought you were the Phantom Raspberry Blower of old Hopwas town. I was shivering with fear last night. Correction, it was cold overnight and we’re still using a 4 tog duvet.
  12. Tim & Pru New Series

    Thank you. It’s some thing for us to look into. Can you be a little more specific as to which Broads are the quieter ones? I may persuade my 86 year old dad to come too. He spent time down there in the past.
  13. Tim & Pru New Series

    I fancied a cruise on the Broads until I saw how busy it was. I assume it’s really quiet at this time of the year Last time I was there (33 years ago) I was racing a dinghy on Hickling Broad as a fresh faced 17 year old.
  14. Possibly stolen boat on the T&M

    Is that a threat?!?!
  15. Possibly stolen boat on the T&M

    We were just north of Hopwas Wood and Tamhorn Park Bridge so 15minutes after you.