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  1. Brass Plaques

    Various ones for sale on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Solid-Brass-Toilet-Plaque-Sign-PLEASE-DO-NOT-PUT-ANYTHING-INTO-THIS-TOILET-/191907774095
  2. Deck Matting

    We've had this stable matting down for over three years now. Very heavy duty, no problem with the paint underneath as it sits on little feet. Easy to lift and clean up any grit if needed. We've been very pleased with it http://www.matsgrids.co.uk/grass-protection-rubber-mats/37-grass-protection-rubber-mats-5060423910794.html?fo_c=730&fo_k=eb12f64dc33f1f969370517874bd5cdb&fo_s=gplauk&gclid=CjwKCAjwxo3OBRBpEiwAS7X62bOEv8va-lLU0qY0LW9MH_Uh5W1NlcuwFFMvLvTxXQEveeXw-BW6xhoC6zoQAvD_BwE
  3. Best mooring/pub.

    Glad you enjoyed it. I should have mentioned that they have some good beers. Rare for a gastro pub. Did you get moored right outside?
  4. Best mooring/pub.

    Push a little further to Willington. 3 very different pubs there. The Dragon is a decent gastro pub. The other 2 are more traditional locals.
  5. Fazeley Junction

    And at a certain time of day, when the sun's out, you can capture this unusual effect. Makes our 57' look about 40'
  6. Sign writing/Vinyls ?

    We used a local firm that put vinyls on vans etc. He understood exactly what we wanted and was great value. He came to the boat and installed them for us, so the end result is spot on. Don't think he charged us for the fitting.
  7. Out on the Thames from the air!

    Great video, the weather was fantastic and the river lovely and quiet. Did you film this early in the morning?
  8. Work of Art!!! On flea bay

    It can't sell for less than you want if you set a reserve. A "Buy it now" prevents two keen biddes battling out, going above your top estimate and making your day.
  9. Work of Art!!! On flea bay

    The listing has now been removed. No harm in starting an auction low on EBay as long as you set a reserve.
  10. Doodle of the inside of my boat

    Very good, but where are the wine and beer bottles hiding?
  11. The Hazards of Dog Walking

    You are a braver man than me. You may want to wear chain mail gloves perhaps. They can be nasty little buggers.
  12. The Hazards of Dog Walking

    But you can trip over these little dogs more easily, so is the risk any better?
  13. what key is required for camp hill locks

    We keep a minimum of 3 handcuffs keys onboard. Having previously dropped 1 of our original 2 in the middle of the locks on the Ashton Canal, we vowed to always keep plenty of spares. They're not expensive so currently have 4 onboard.
  14. Walhalla II for sale

    You are correct it was registered as Walhalla, I wonder if the project name was Valhalla II? There was lots of talk about the boat as it was being built at Kate Boats. Does anyone know what the Boat Inn (adjacent to Stockton Top) is like these days?
  15. Walhalla II for sale

    We moored at Stockton Top 7 or 8 years back. A stealth grey boat called Valhalla moored there. Kate Boats then fitted out a new wide beam in stealth grey for its owners. It was named Valhalla II. Im sure I've not become dyslexic, or are there two similar widebeams separated by a V/W?