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  1. Welding to a Sprayfoamed Hull

    Well there we go. Cringe worth from a scientific angle, but it terms of crude real world testing interesting none the less. Small scale testing where we have replaced anodes appears to show our EPS boards blacken and shrink away, but do not support fire. Which is obviously good! Daniel
  2. Odd tang of mould in drinking water

    I don't really know what mouldly tang tastes like, but.... - Integral tank or plastic/stainless? - Recently filled up or been there a while. - Run plenty through? We have never sterilised our tank and 25years on it still inculcate inside, refiled every fortnight or so over summer but left for 6months of winter. Daniel
  3. SMS controller thread ?

    Do you have any info on the make/model of yours, assuming it's commercially available. Daniel
  4. Teenage (and younger) Crew

    So important. I don't wash my hands before eating let alone tell others however.... Cracking! Better than my going round Fradley Jn one time then, got chatting coming down out of the locks, totally missed the start of the turn, extra boat moored on the outside of the junction, ran out of space.
  5. Teenage (and younger) Crew

    Would be interesting to know when all this did actually come in. Daniel
  6. SMS controller thread ?

    Ahh, yeah, I suppose it makes sense if there's a extra cheap contact range, over and above a payg data service. Daniel
  7. Missing pictures and video links

    Odd. Sounds like a local issue, unless others report the same. Daniel
  8. SMS controller thread ?

    Does anyone still use SMS? Semi serious question.
  9. Teenage (and younger) Crew

    I always get kids on the lockside to help out, with some form of parental consent of present, and always in public view. You have to have an eye to how wrong could it go and where you stand legally, but you also can't restrict everything from happening for fear of falling fowl of guidelines. Daniel
  10. Sorry, I mean bio, gahhhhh. But it doesn't say about the blue. Daniel
  11. Teenage (and younger) Crew

    Mad eh? I was encouraged to get stuck in from an early age. Bearly out of my teens when I first took the boat out with just by freinds who had never boated before, and believe you me as it's a steam boat it wasn't me steering. Care was taken to ensure they where competent and loosely overseen, but there are also a lot getting stuck in. Daniel
  12. Gas Locker Lock

    Ours is also unlocked, with strong chain through handles. This chain also prevents the cylinders moving and either pulling on the hp tails, or contacting the regulator. Daniel
  13. Yeah, Aqua Kem blue, and you may be right on the chemistry. Although we have also used the Aqua Kem Green which appears to be non-bio. Daniel