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  1. Bosch W11 water heater

    Could you not? Few would choose a bedroom but I have certainly seen a lot of Paloma's in bathrooms. Daniel
  2. Photos and avatars blanked out

    Thanks for posting back! Daniel
  3. Email address

    Thanks all. Daniel
  4. Photos and avatars blanked out

    Images and Avatars appear fine for me here, Chrome on Android. Heading does appear centeral now not to the left, but otherwise as expected. I know @RichM has been making some adjustments to what we host locally and what is hosted on the AWS hosting to see if we can reduce costs a little, so it might even just be a caching issue with that. Anyone else seeing anything untoward? Daniel
  5. Happy Newyear

    May 2018 be a good year for all. Daniel
  6. "Plain Text" Edit View

    It's possible that only admin users can access the source code. I have a recollection we turned it off, but in forget why. Daniel
  7. "Plain Text" Edit View

    The short answer is no. As is becoming the trend elsewhere the forum uses a wysiwgy editor which allows ease formatting without the need to know BB code. Posts are stored as html, and you can switch to see the source code if so inclined. It is possible to write or paste in BB code, which the editor can read and convert, but this is a one way process and once converted you cannot toggle back to the BB code. A little sad for those the learnt and used BB code as you describe, however I must say I now find the new editior faster and more convenient. Daniel
  8. Canalworld - Fundraising

    Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. Railings for Marple aqueduct - whats next?

    'Woven' railings? I have made my thoughts on the addition of railings fairly clear previously. However if you where going to add railings surely a uncluttered more period looking railing would be far more suitable. I wasn't overwhelmed by how they where cut into the existing towpath, however the railings at Worcester Bar where much more appropriate I would say. Daniel
  10. Canalworld - Fundraising

    We took the action to host images in house, based on the back of a survey conducted amongst members a few years ago. Given the more recent withdrawal of services from PhotoBucket when it pulled all images with a ransom request, I stand by that decision and am very glad with are in control of hosting images. The nature of Canalworld means that unlike a computer forum, not all members are technically minded, and that a a significant amount of the images are of historical interest and again i am very grateful to be in a position to host these securely and for the long term. This costs real money, given the size of the site, but a very small amount per user. Daniel
  11. That seems quite odd, I can think of no real reason why the site would be significantly hardware demanding, even if you open a dozen tabs/windows of it. Maybe @RichM can have a look incase it's a known issue? Daniel
  12. AGM versus Gel batteries

    As said, if you got 10 years our of your last AMG batteries I would stick with what works. Loads of boats including our own use open wet cells even. We use expensise German gels at work, but mainly that is so we can't courier and airfreight spares. Cheap 'gel' batteries I understand are often AGM with an inch of gel on top, gives some of the benefits without the more expensive filling process. Daniel
  13. Canalworld - Fundraising

    Absolutely, which is why we have always published the accounts, and been open with what the site costs to run and where the money is spent. I fully agree with operating the site in a transparent community based way. I have used other sites where their are adverts everywhere, or a pay wall after a certain number of pages views, but I don't feel that is how I want to run the site. It is not how the site was set up by Jon how I've run it for the last eight or nine or so years. Daniel
  14. Canalworld - Fundraising

    Accounts where not publicly published last year end, and there was a gap between Ange leaving and Nigel taking on the role. However I can assure you that the accounts are up to scratch and that nobody is taking money out of the site. We have no obligation to declare our finances publicly, however I feel it is the appropriate thing to do which is why they have been published historically and will be published this year end. Daniel
  15. Internet Doctor

    Interesting isn't it. Antibiotic resistance is clearly something that is causing real concern, and having had many business conference calls find them a poor substitute for face to face meetings even with strangers. I am however not qualified to comment on how practical it is for a GP to form a suitable decision online. If the online doctor has not made the prescription, would this thread be here. You then have an additonal conflict of interest to boot. Daniel