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  1. Bilge Access on Liverpool Boat

    Agreed. The boat will almost certainly be ballasted to be higher at the bow, and the transverse steel work notched to make lumber holes, aka, all the water should run to the back of the boat. Almost always the engine room bilge is separate, so as said, the access will be near or up against the rear bulkhead. Daniel
  2. Boat security and thefts

    Its really very rare. The market is small and boats are very varied and unique, making resale resale of stolen boats very problematic. Like parking a car, certain areas have greater risks or at least greater perceived risk, however in practice you can moor in almost all locations without issue. Most marinas are really very safe, and I have never had any major issues with mooring on the towpath all over the system, which is what we do for 6 months of the year with our boat, every year for the last 25years. We dont have portholes either, because we dont like going on holiday in a dark tube. Daniel
  3. Please Help Make It Familiar Again

    Yes, originally the new content button behaviour was different and various people detailed various ways the use the custom settings to replicate the old. We then adjusted the default to better replicate the previous versions behaviour, but this intentionally did not overwrite and custom streams people has created. Glad it's now working as you expect. Daniel
  4. Please Help Make It Familiar Again

    Thanks Richard
  5. Fair enough. Obviously we decided, at some expense, to buy a new hatch and spend the time cutting out our and welding in the new one. We like the increased amount of light, something like 2 sqft of glass, but it wouldnt suit all peoples tastes. Obviously a lot of people pay good money to have a pigeon boz welded up, so I am still hoping to pass ours on rather than scrap it! Daniel
  6. Connecting a 4" flue to a 5" stove?

    We have the exact same. I don't think 24 years is bad service. Daniel
  7. Anderton Services closure

    For some reason the services have always appeared to have significant issues with rising damp. Obviously the fact that they are below mains sewage system, means their must be pumps, which are either very expensive, intoleranct of what can be out down the pan, unreliable, or all three. However that aside, usually they are working and presentable. Daniel
  8. How much gas do you use?

    We find just cooking it lasts forever, certainly all year of being onboard every 2-3 weekends Friday night to Sunday lunch, making tea and two evening meals. But the water heater, if we want got water while not running the engine to cruise, uses a lot more. Certainly once you start having showers. Heating is coal fired. Daniel
  9. We cut our 6 light pigeon box out and replaced it with a brass hatch, as per the ones stocked by Midland Chandlers. Much light, if not to everyones tastes. The old one if for sale if you're interested, priced to sell. Daniel
  10. Railings for Marple aqueduct - whats next?

    So where are we up to on this? Seems to have gone all quiet? Daniel
  11. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    I was going to post this when I saw it last night. I'm torn, on one level it sounds draconian and unenforceable, but on the flipside there is a surge in people fitting stoves and other fires to houses, many of which are cheap and poorly designed and I would not be at all surprised if they make a very real impact on localised air quality. Daniel
  12. Editing time limit

    I believe it's 1hr. See; https://canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/93354-editing/ Daniel
  13. When I did our I made a tray and welded it into the hole to give a flat, which I how I believe the others on the boat where done. Daniel
  14. Pair of ex-working boats

    Where in the country are you based? Daniel
  15. Adverts in signature

    If you have not already referred to them, the Site Rules & Guidelines contain I think all you need to know; https://canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/guidelines/ ETHOS The Canal World Discussion Forums website (‘CWDF’ or ‘the site’) is an extensive online resource where registered members generate content and participate in discussions where they can find advice on all matters relating to the inland waterways of the United Kingdom. We want our members to enjoy their time on our forum just as much as they do their time on water. It is therefore required that members be respectful and civil in all communications on the site. CWDF provides an inclusive online waterways-focused environment suitable for all ages and the nature of the language and images used must reflect this. CWDF is funded solely by voluntary donations from its members and remains free of advertisements. RULES AND GUIDELINES REGARDING ADVERTISING Commercial advertising is not permitted anywhere on CWDF, this includes user profiles, postings and messages unless otherwise agreed by the site owner. Postings about commercial products and services are permitted within the context of topical discussion. A single link to a personal and non-commercial website, such as a blog or personal site, is allowed in a members signature. Private for-sale adverts are permitted but must be posted in the dedicated sections provided, and are subject to moderator approval. Members are permitted to place useful links to both commercial and personal websites in the Links Directory, under the relevant section. Note: this is not intended to house adverts or links to commercial sites in which the member has a vested interest. The Site Owner may otherwise permit advertising at his sole discretion, including links to personal businesses or commercial interests may be allowed in your signature on application to the Site Owner. Please use the email address 'advertisments@canalworld.net' for this purpose.