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  1. drilling battery posts

  2. If they found Horse DNA in the Beef Burgers, Its a wonder they didnt find the human DNA in the welsh lamb!
  3. Egyptian NB

    It says "A Bird in the hand, is worth two in shepherds bush" Ehem Ill get me coat. Reference Link
  4. USB Extension cable

    If you want, I have a stash of really good brand new 2 / 2.5m ish USB extensions, all brand new in packet (got about 60 of them sitting around). Id be happy to post you one for free if you wanted, to give it a try?
  5. Hand painted or Vinyl?

    I assume you are paying for the extra shadow to be printed as a single layer? If it was layered up I reckon the price would be half of that if not less!
  6. Led spot lamp

    I can supply LED spotlamps, in 24 & 27W all the way up to 72W (get a bit pricey though). The 24W pull 2 amps each and are five times brighter than 55W halogen lamps at half the power drain. Same as HERE, although I am happy to supply and post to any marina or other local place for you. The 24W are very thin at under an inch, with the 27W being the same housing, just 50% thicker again for the extra heatsink. They are solid aluminium and glass and really take a beating. I can happily pressure wash mine without them breaking. They are happy working on 9v-30v. These are a pair of 24W's showing the beam and range. Yours for just under £30each, or around £55 for a pair (offhand).
  7. One for the musician boaters...

    Sod that! Smoke on the Water!
  8. Parenting a NEET

    I have just finished my degree (Tech Theatre if anyone must know) and I am having exactly the same issue as Roger describes. For most of the store jobs, I am overqualified, for other jobs, I am qualified, but not in the right area. In the industry, there are either no jobs, or you need to know the right people to get into it at all.
  9. Mooring Renovation

    Get some cowshed matting. Its like a foam pad similar to that used in gymnastics but solid rubber honeycomb.Cuts nicely into pads with a stanley.
  10. Howdy all. In leeds till tuesday afternoon for a conference at the Royal Armories. Is there any particularly busy bits, ideally suited for gongoozlers? Is anyone floating around the city centre at present? Duncan
  11. Any railway modellers on here?

    Woah small world Graham. Nice to see a fellow 4x4R member!. Heres a shout out from "NW??"
  12. Computing

    http://linitx.com/product/10917 combined with any standard lightweight computer.
  13. Free IT / Mobile Support

    Sorry to hijack this thread slightly, but is there any component level electronics engineers out there? Im after one for a PCB design / firmware development project for a customised USB controller. Some money and lots of free customised apparel awaits!
  14. Hurrah their IS humour left on the railways

    Hay that my home train station!! Why didnt I think of that one. It went years ago. Oh well.