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  1. Leighton Buzzard moorings

    I've left a boat on the wharf by the Globe inn before
  2. GU Leicester Line closed from 27th Sept UFN

    Think there are 5 separate stoppages in place September and October to work on the locks in the area before this blanket stoppage just announced.
  3. GU Leicester Line closed from 27th Sept UFN

    More likely to be due to the constant leakage of the locks down to Leicester, causing CRT to constantly be running down water
  4. I assume boaters can expect the same hassle with facilities as the new service block at Marsworth adjacent to the newly built luxury houses on the former CRT offices.
  5. Bought a new boat!

    Enjoy - I think the crane is at Debdale nr Foxton
  6. For us Council tax is about £1k a year less than our Marina . House generally appreciates whilst the opposite is true of boats. Maintenance costs about the same. Buy a boat for the lifestyle and you'll be fine if your after a cheap house then it may not be for you perhaps.
  7. Thoughts on this tug

    I doubt anyone building or fitting out a new boat to their specific design ever does it as an investment. Most I'm sure lose a substantial chunk of value as soon as the new owners step on board. Non the less it's a nice looking boat and the speed of the sale was impressive and I expect the past and new owners are very pleased with her. Interestingly a friend had his boat surveyed and valued last week and was pleasently surprised at the valuation. This reputable surveyor said that values were increasing and there was a shortage of good boats.
  8. boats for sale.... ummmmmm really?

    Unless you know what you are doing and are prepared for a fair bit of maintenance work most years I would steer clear of a timber top.
  9. Cancer pretty much forced my retirement in late 50's. My wife missed out on a pension at 60 by 3 months. But took voluntary redundancy and her teachers pension at the same time. Fortunately we had some savings and we hope to survive on these and my wife's pension efore my state pension kicks in in 2 years. Both have very much been enjoying retirement.
  10. Dredging started how long does it take?

    Grove to church was dredged in July (much improved) and then they were moving onto the 2 mile Slapton pound as this has been difficult in places for a long time. We were stuck late July above Horton for nearly 2 days as some bright spark had emptied it to get the Slapton pound up. The dredging isn't helping as all the filled hoppers go down church lock each time to empty into the field. Should have been finished around now I would have thought.
  11. A memorable trip for all the wrong reasons

    Really sorry to read this, it's a disease that touches so many , sincere condolences
  12. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    The main refuse point is at the red lion bridge Marsworth I think the bins at the services are linked to the residents. I'm amazed the Elsan is closed for refurbishment it was fine when I used it 2 weeks ago and as Alan says the building is effectively new. the mooring rings/chains were removed by CRT when houses were being sold. Those by the crane were reinstated when there removal was pointed out and it's ok to queue there and we are 72' and moored outside the services ok with no hassle. It's a crazy place to have the services so close to the new houses but last I heard residents were not trying to get it closed down.
  13. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    There are also now rings by the crane for waiting boats. The rings in front of the houses were removed by the CRT property team against the wishes and knowledge of the SE Waterways manager. The pump out looked like it was working when we visited recently
  14. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    They were there and working around 10 days ago . The services are by the houses and refuse bin is at the red lion bridge.
  15. I would be minded to forget about the builder as you've given them amp,e time to sort the boat out. Talk to a solicitor taking all the paper and correspondence, he may well suggest engaging surveyor to independently verify the issues then issue a legal claim. No point in mucking about further. ( steering might just be difference in water depth?)