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  1. Induction hobs

    Agree if you want equipment like an induction hob and funds allow plan for an inbuilt diesel generator , if you cool it via a skin tank you can also have it as an alternative source of hot water.
  2. Induction hobs

    We are all electric and have an induction hob. Had we realised the power needs of the induction hob we might have made a different choice. It’s fine if we’ve had a good cruise or running the onboard silenced genie.
  3. The true license evaders

    I wonder if these are meaningful statistics as I thought according to CRT everybody was a CC’er the moment they left the marina.......... These figures show license evasion C2.5% yet at the annual boat check earlier this year it was 3.7% a record low. Possibly the 400 difference is boats that were a few days late renewing I guess.
  4. Wanted box mast looby

    Posted March 28, 2015 (edited) I agree with Tony Dunkleys reply below , to your previous response, mast head pin works for me to It isn't a 'myth', it's a canal boatman's name, or term, for that particular part of what they called a 'top mast', which fitted inside the 'box mast'. A great many parts, fittings and items of gear used on narrow boats were referred to by names you would never see on any Yard Drawings or Chandlers lists . . . . here are a few more . . . . deck lid, uprights, stretchers, knee strings, ring holes, backend, top tank, fat cup, doorholes, backdoor, hatches, ramshead, tipcat, ellum pole, snatcher, snubber, rims, tippets, slide, tunnel hook, blade, guard(s), shoeing, speedwheel, plaits, swansneck, kicking strap, . . . . not 'myths', just terms used by the people who had a far longer and closer association with narrowboats than those who built them.
  5. Wanted box mast looby

    If by chance anyone knows of a mast head looby looking for a good home , I’m looking .
  6. CRT Changes To Executive Team

    I agree with your comments re Julie Sharman , at last an engineer in charge, and Vicky Martin the latter I found , despite not having any previous knowledge of canals, was proactive in boaters favour once she understood the point being made. In the few meetings I had with Ian Rogers he expressed little interest in boating and as soon as he could hide behind one of the many heads of Boating I imagine his interest ceased,.i suspect the customer service/enforcement teams must be worried about outsourcing given his departure without replacement.
  7. CRT Changes To Executive Team

    I think you will find that the ‘little people’ report to ‘people champions’ who report to the ‘people director’ this sums up everything that I dislike about the management bubble organisations create for themselves.
  8. Can't cruise as they've closed a lock!

    Just planning a Christmas cruise south to Marsworth to discover we are stymied as central Milton Keynes will be closed from the 2nd January which is a couple of days to early for us. Plan B glad this thread prompted me to double check stoppage dates as I thought most post Christmas ones started in 8th.
  9. Well I’m 6’2” and had plenty of headroom in our “Star” Class conversion. It would be much better described IMO as in the style of a converted working boat rather than a replica of any particular class. To be a good replica it needs less rivets and more dents ! Looks better than some working boat conversions to be fair.
  10. Astron seems well fitted out. Don’t think head height will be a problem.
  11. C&RT spends less on mainteance

    What seems to be true is revenue is up generally and specifically from boaters (licensing and mooring) and spend on dredging and vegetation maintenance specifically was £1M down from last year. It could be CRT are working more efficiently/effectively or it could be that the capacity of staff/contractor’s has been reached so they could not spend more even if they wanted to. There certainly seems to be need for additional dredging and maintenance as Matty stated
  12. Tax on property letting when on the cut

    Need to add in cost of insurance, and gas safety certificate again deductible.
  13. overplating

    If your at Kilworth you could also try sister marina Debdale at the bottom of Foxton - Andycraft are based there and I have seen them overplating can’t comment on quality. They cut out and replaced a base plate for us years ago and fabricated our cabin top when we started converting no problem. think new marina is being connected to system in November
  14. Don’t forget unlike a property boats tend to devalue fairly quickly especially at the top end, so if it’s not for you it could be an expensive mistake.
  15. Email from cart

    This I believe very much sums up CRTs current thinking and focus .Boaters need to wake up and realise they risk being marginalised