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  1. Engine won't start!

    Do they serve the interval ice creams?
  2. Budweisser

    I would have gone with the nothing option.
  3. Fradley is full

    I used to like that mooring and never understood why a space is needed for the swing bridge given the length of the narrow section that side. I did wonder whether it was to stop the hotel boat mooring there as it seemed to be regularly moored there. The sign went up quite some time ago, may have even been the back end of last year.
  4. Fradley is full

    But you were moored on the swing bridge mooring.
  5. Fradley is full

    Paid to the caravan park. You can get it back if you spend £15 in the caravan park cafe so good value really.
  6. Fradley is full

    For the first time we have arrived at Fradley Junction and had to moor on the moorings between Junction Lock and Middle Lock and pay £5. Only staying because my brother and his wife are meeting us here otherwise we would have probably gone elsewhere.
  7. Coombeswood Canal Trust D of E Residential

    You made it back safely then. I'm sure it is a much valued experience for the D of E participants and they probably don't know how good or bad the crew are doing.
  8. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    Yes it taught me to be prepared for a failure and now approach locks and mooring at a slow pace. It also helps when steering old working boats that don't like to stop quickly.
  9. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    Whilst having a summer holiday with a friend when we finished school I had the prop shaft coupling separate on my parents boat as I entered one of Hatton locks going at a bit of a pace. It was the quickest I've ever got up a ladder and strapped a boat in. Didn't have a clear what had happened so tied the boat up and went to the pub to phone my dad to come out and fix it. Now I tend to enter locks quite sedately.
  10. Thoughts on this boat?

    Looks tidy, not sure how it compares price wise but if it ticks your boxes and checks out ok then worth an offer.
  11. School Days - Day 01

    Sounds like quite an initial cruise but you now have some experiences to look back on.
  12. Canal art...beware

    That looks very effective especially in the video.
  13. Photos of other members boats.

    Walked past this one on the way to work this morning...
  14. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    They were two abreast both sides when I came through the stop lock with the Heritage Working Boats pair, the lady coming the other way wasn't quite sure where to go especially when I abandoned the motor leaving it floating free to work the butty through the lock.
  15. Dunhampstead or Droitwich?

    The last couple of occasions going up and down the Worcester Birmingham we've chosen to use the Droitwich rather than the bottom end of the WB. The first time on the Droitwich was just after it had been restored and I said I wouldn't go back but I've been through four more times since then and it is growing on me. However, if you stop in Droitwich go to the Gardeners Arms if you want a pint rather than the Railway.