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  1. The marina that never was....

    Was that Hill Farm marina (http://www.hillfarmmarina.co.uk/new-marina-stratford-upon-avon)...?
  2. New fenders - source?

    Yes his fenders are well made, having watched him making them for two days. He has a nice new one he has just made on the bow of the Dubhe.
  3. New fenders - source?

    Chris is local as he moors at Great Haywood but he doesn't sell from his boat. He may have some in stock as he was making them recently at the Roundhouse. I've put an order in with him for a new bow fender but going to wait until after the winter.
  4. Advice on Norbury to Stourport for a newbie

    Yes there is a junction that is quite wide and easy to turn. The Swan pub on the junction is a well known canal pub and serves a good meal. We usually turn and then reverse through junction lock to moor below for the night returning back through the lock the next day. There are other mooring options, that is just what we prefer to do.
  5. Advice on Norbury to Stourport for a newbie

    Can't comment on Shugborough Hall but the trip down to Fradley is one I do a lot and enjoy that stretch of canal. I would say that in boating terms the two trips are similar, I think I prefer the route to Fradley over the route to Stourport. This time of year both will be full of leaves so quite similar. I guess it will come down to your choice on visiting Shugborough or not.
  6. New fenders - source?

    Martin on Halsall may be able to supply some.
  7. Springwood haven marina FS

    Yes I only had a quick look and misread reference to £600K.
  8. Advice on Norbury to Stourport for a newbie

    According to Canal Plan (https://canalplan.org.uk/index.html) it is 6 days but would depend on how much boating you want to do each day.
  9. Springwood haven marina FS

    I don't think the advert makes it particularly clear. £600k doesn't seem enough if the marina is included.
  10. Advice on Norbury to Stourport for a newbie

    You won't turn a 60' above the lock, unless you mean the lock down to the river. You will need to go through York Street lock and turn in the basin which should be easy enough. Watch out for the cross wind that can be blowing. There is then moorings above the lock, I haven't moored further out than that at Stourport but there is a pub a bit further out but I am sure last time I went past they were advertising live music. When doing that stretch I tend to moor at Compton (nice chip shop), Greensforge, Stourton Junction, Kinver and Stourport. Personally I wouldn't stay overnight I Kidderminster.
  11. Road and Canal atlas

    Yes, once and only once for me as phone wouldn't load my boarding pass. Fortunately I had a printed copy in my hand luggage as back up.
  12. Boat licence fees for 2018-19

    Is that supposed to be 1 April 2018..?
  13. Which smokeless fuel do you use?

    That post was from 2011.
  14. The traffic is worse in the city when there is a problem on the M5, this generally manages to bring everything to a standstill. There are good park and ride services so no real need to drive in.
  15. They have a business building boats based on the eco boat so will be interesting to see if any more appear.