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  1. Boat explodes in Bristol Harbour

    Looking at the way it's blown the deck guards off both sides i wouldn't be suprised if there was hull damage too. I suggest that as there's little sign of fire damage then porobably not hoses. It looks like the boat next door just has a cylinder sitting on the deck......not in a locker. So any escaping gas could go anywhere.....
  2. Bit of lesson to us all to be extra careful when changing gas cylinders. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-bristol-40991534 Went to an open day at Evesham fire station yesterday where they put a heat source on a small disposable camping gaz cylinder. You wouldn't have wanted to be close to it! Added a link to a video on Facebook for those that can access https://www.facebook.com/groups/narrowboatusers/permalink/10159428749195352/
  3. What features drives boat prices

    If the JP is in decent nick and running on the right oil they aren't tricky to start by hand....a lot easier than the air cooled range I think mainly due to a bigger flywheel. Like any engine if they are poorly then it's much harder.
  4. What features drives boat prices

    I have my 1983 Mike Heywood (6/6/4 construction) surveyed for insurance. The latest one was a few months ago which it passed with ease...no overplating....I'm insured with GJW and they don't want another survey for 10 years...which was surprising. However I guess they can always change their mind. Im not alone in thinking some older boats used better steel than what's being produced now.
  5. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    It never ceases to amaze me the people who blat into a lock on full chat relying on the engine to stop them....I've had two failures going into reverse in a lock...one coupling failure and one gear linkage...thankfully I tend to boat expecting failure (!!) so wasn't a totally hard hit!! I think my attitude stems from driving older vehicles with non servo drum brakes...whereas those that drive modern cars with ABS etc think that boats are the same.
  6. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    When we moored in skipton a couple of years ago we were opposite a car park which seemed to attract a certain type of youth...when space became available we moved round to by a big chimney for a second night which was much quieter...it's funny how a place changes in just a couple of hundred yards. I hope you didn't have further problems.
  7. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    Yep that's the boat...absolutely lovely boat but I can imagine it's almost a full time job to look after. Thankfully the river isn't running much at the moment so it wasn't too bad. Just a bit of a slow tow against the flow. It never ceases to amaze me that boats seem to wait till the most awkward moment possible to have something fail! I'm sure they know!
  8. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    Seconded. Call 101 at the very least
  9. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    The pull on the tow towards the weir was quite impressive I have to say even with their engines going!
  10. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    Likewise who needs an anchor? It's not like there's an uprotected weir or a low bridge on that waterway....and not like a steering failure would ever happen to any boat...
  11. An interesting day in Gloucester!

    It was lovely! We had admired it several times as we passed each other on the G & S...built in Gosport in 1936...requisitioned by war office to degauss minesweepers apparently...powered by twin Fordson Major Diesels that were replacements for the original petrol engines. At least the rudder was locked in roughly straight...limited steering using the engines! Hopefully it wasn't going to be a major repair.
  12. So today day was supposed to be an early start from Gloucester and spend the day in Tewksbury....started off ok...pump out done...water topped up....then into Gloucester lock where a rather nice 1936 wooden motor boat joined us...we went out onto the partings..they said for me to go first...then going under the road bridges I heard some shouting...thought was kids on the bank so ignored it...then more shouting..looked back...motor boat at an amusing angle across the parting and lots of waving... As there's no chance of winding I stopped on the flow and the other boat limped closer. Turns out they had lost all steering due to pulley failure...so towed them to upper parting...spun both boats round then back into Gloucester Dock. I don't think the JP needs a decoke now! That isn't a light boat!! Was very glad of VHF so I could talk to the lockies to let them know what was happening as well as the large flybridge Sealine that was following us. Try doing all that on a mobile! Left them going over to Tommi Nielsen to see if they could help with a repair...we've now made Tewksbury and a beer may well be in order!! Beats sitting in an office any day of the week!! Let's hope the rest of the trip goes well for both of us!
  13. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    That's a good day!! Not two abreast each side!
  14. Water tap at Autherley junction?

    If it's turn around day don't worry too much cos with the amount of boats the hire company have in your boat will just about slide between them....they delight in mooring them on the lock landing too!!
  15. VSR or battery to battery charger

    I suspect that legislation will affect all diesel engines irrespective of the end use. I've noticed that Sainsbury's is now stocking AdBlue in the motoring section. It's not just HGV engines using it now....