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  1. Odd tang of mould in drinking water

    I've always used my tank for all my water needs. I do have a general ecology filter as well but clean teeth etc direct from the tank.
  2. Stolen Boat

    Found it! Ta. Wonder if they found the people on it.
  3. Stolen Boat

    Do you have a link?
  4. Stolen Boat

    Is that for definite? There's been nothing on Facebook that I can see so far about it being found??
  5. Stolen Boat

    Alerted the vlockies on the wilmcote flight on the Stratford.
  6. Day time Tv

    I ditched sky a few years ago...and don't miss it...likewise any form of time shift recording or DVD playback...however I get withdrawal symptoms and go cold turkey if I can't get radio 4....4 extra at a push and of course the world service.
  7. Engine won't start!

    Don't you bring those fancy Television things into a theatre......we have proper lighting!
  8. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    So that's not composting....that's shitting in a bag then......mind you I guess running a tour bus that becomes second nature....
  9. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    It was working....well it was after I removed the jammed card from the slot...at Easter this year...have they removed it since then? That's very disappointing if so. I must say the houses etc aren't CRT's best planning.
  10. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    Hey everyone needs a hobby....what's wrong with looking after containers of poo....surely you don't suggest that it's just shitting into a bag and chucking it in the bin????
  11. Angry marina owner

    You could sue the NTBA under trades description as most of their members rarely travel anywhere......
  12. Rubbish disposal marsworth area

    They were all there at Easter. Just before the bridge on the mainline. There's mooring for about 2 boats....I do vaguely recall getting a stoppage notice recently about some work being done on them so a quick check of the CRT site might be in order.
  13. Angry marina owner

    I've had an "exchange of views" with the ummmm "gentleman" that writes the drivel..I mean articles...for the floater. Pompous self congratulating twat springs to mind....he may well feel the same about me!
  14. Shoppie fishing competition

    Lock wheeling thro a fishing match on a bike with suspect brakes is a most amusing sport....apparently those pole things aren't cheap....hey ho!
  15. Angry marina owner

    Agreed. As ever it's the vociferous few spoiling it for the rest...mainly those who have been on the cut for 5mins but know everything about living aboard....all they know is playing the system to the detriment of others.