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  1. Boating pitfalls - no 134

    I have to say i don’t get this mooring halfway up a flight thing...I know the pubs there but it’s still a short pound.
  2. C&RT spends less on mainteance

    I can think of other words to describe them....
  3. C&RT spends less on mainteance

    I rarely block anyone anywhere but the way the chap who posts “the floater” spam all over the Facebook boating groups meant he was the possibly first person I ever blocked. Total drivel....and if you criticised his viewpoint he wasn’t happy!
  4. Perhaps you would do well to heed the advice of those that have actually done it? I personally have lived aboard for 20 plus years...and seen many in the situation as you are come & go....it can be an expensive mistake.....but you know better so go ahead....let us know the boat name so we watch out for it being for sale in six months or so.....
  5. You are far from the only one thinking that!!!
  6. If you don’t know what the K & A refers to and think that 2 hours is good prep for living aboard I think you may be in for more of a shock than just being dizzy....may I suggest hiring a Boat for a couple of weeks to see all the other things that living afloat involves?
  7. Lister JP Reduction Box

    There are bits of one listed on eBay....if you look in the item description he has other parts available too. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/LISTER-BLACKSTONE-FR-JP-HR-HA-3-1-REDUCTION-GEARBOX-HOUSING-X87-17011-/362115857571 No connection etc...just popped up on my saved searches Gareth.
  8. Chrome liners

    Heaven forbid this might get back on topic..... rather depends if they are new or used and genuine old stock or Indian copies....some of which are just about passable but a lot are really poor. If genuine new “old” stock then possibly well north of £100 each. Anything else is a bit of a gamble so only as much as you want to lose! Bear in mind it’s not a 5 min job to swap them so I think it’s worth paying for good parts.
  9. Classic Range smokebox

    Don’t suppose you have any laying about??
  10. Classic Range smokebox

    I’ve looked at the Epping on the brenmarl site and they do seem to be a different shape. I might get in touch to check dimensions. Annoyingly the picture for stove spares on the arleigh site...the head office of Midland Chandlers..shows just the part....but it’s not listed!! https://www.arleigh.co.uk/store/category/midland chandlers/heating/solid fuel.aspx
  11. Classic Range smokebox

    There is a uk address on the website. Just seems like they have a lot of stock which I doubt they have on the shelves! PayPal would be my choice tho. I’ve emailed them about delivery so will see what day. I’ve done a companies house check.....they can’t hold a lot of stock given the financial reports....or they have a very good accountant!
  12. Classic Range smokebox

    Im after a classic range smoke box like this.... They are also fitted to the new Tomlow ranges...Ive emailed Brinklow to see if they can supply as a spare part.....Ive also found them on the website of budgetchandrey.co..uk but for some reason their site doesnt inspire confidence. http://www.budgetchandlery.com/classic-smoke-box-excluding-butterfly-3829-p.asp If anyone knows of any other suppliers Id be most grateful.....or if someone has one lying around.......
  13. Wood burning stoves to be banned in London

    Indeed. Much better would achieved by population control but I doubt that makes as good a news story.
  14. Reporting this year's findings ...

    Well said....Couldn't agree more!! I'm finding that hire boaters are in general more willing to listen than someone on a £100k+ boat with washers where they really shouldn't be! Still I hope there's a few of us who respect the traditions and are always willing to learn from those with more knowledge. As one ex working boater said to me "If you haven't leant something new every trip then it's a wasted one"