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  1. What do I look for when buying?

    In my limited experience you never find the "right" boat - it finds you! When it finds you, you'll know. You won't have to ask us or anyone else. Tis a bit like finding a lover - all your planning goes straight out of the window - you just KNOW its what you want!
  2. Cello 12v TV

    I bought a 12 volt 20" Cello TV/DVD a couple of weeks ago for the boat. Have to say it looks and feels solidly built, and it has both a 240v supply lead and a 12v regulated lead included. This is definitely a very good quality connector into a cigar lighter socket. Straight out of the box the TV picture quality was fairly naff and the sound was worse. I think the factory settings were not optimised for the DTV, but I've since found out how I can tune these settings, although I've not yet done so. I have another older Cello model which has excellent picture and satisfactory sound, so I am expecting to be able to replicate these on the new set with the adjustments available.
  3. Cyclists

    Yes. Speed bumps every 10 mt - preferably angled towards the canal!
  4. C&RT license checkers

    That's an unusually foolish remark for you to make. If you properly read the thread, you will see that the whole point is that I do comply with all the rules, and therefore do not need to be forced to do anything.
  5. C&RT license checkers

    Not so. I am talking of PETTY restrictions, and POINTLESS bureaucracy - not the necessary administration required to maintain a decent canal environment.
  6. C&RT license checkers

    Quite so. For me, the main attraction of boating is to escape from all the petty restrictions and pointless bureaucratic interference that dominate modern life. It is that freedom that I value most highly in boating.
  7. New 12 volt shorelline fridge

    This is the correct answer. Nowt to do with the refrigerant - its the compressor that turns the gas into a liquid and is necessarily present at all times in the compressor. The problem is the compressor's oil that lubricates the motor. If this gets into the capillary (or TEV in some units) this will turn to wax shortly after beginning the cooling action, thus blocking said capillary tube, and preventing further refrigeration. If the refrigerator has been laid down, say for transport, it needs to stand for at least 12 hrs, to allow any oil to drain back down into the compressor. before switching on.
  8. C&RT license checkers

    No, it wasn't a full blown accusation - more a "watch out, we're suspicious and we've got our eye on you" Here's the text: Let’s keep our waterways flowing Using our previous working days sightings, it looks like your boat has been moored in the same general area for more than 14 days. If you have moved since the sighting was taken, then thank you. Please remember that when you’re cruising you should be on the move every 14 days. Please feel free to contact me if there are any issues which are making it difficult for you to regularly move; we may be able to help you. We’re here to help If you don’t think you have been moored for 14 days, or you’re not able to move your boat right now for whatever reason, I’m just a phone call away. You can reach me by calling the number below. Just make sure you have your boat index number and your current location to hand. For a refresher on the terms and conditions of your boat licence, please view the PDF at https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/media/library/5962.pdf The point is, CRT should not be alienating their law-abiding paying customers by using blatantly false assumptions as innuendo. I'm all in favour of proper enforcement, but it must be based on fact, not fiction.
  9. C&RT license checkers

    That is why I specifically wrote "as far as leisure boaters with a home mooring are concerned"
  10. C&RT license checkers

    I would expect an organisation the size of CRT not to waste any of their resources, but to administer them wisely and effectively. Read my post properly.
  11. C&RT license checkers

    The current checking regime CRT has adopted is completely unfit for its purpose, as far as leisure boaters with a home mooring are concerned. I am one such, and it is inevitable that I will mostly be trawling over the same stretch every time I go boating - especially as I usually have only 3 or 4 days available at a time. As a result I frequently moor at the same spots, but never for more than 24 hours at a time. Yet I received a warning from CRT that I was not moving far enough to comply with their licence conditions! The fatal flaw in their system is the false assumption that if you are logged in the same area, say 15 days apart, then you have been there during that whole period. That is patent nonsense of course and a waste of the charity's resources, as well as my licence money. I emailed them with this response and demanded an apology - but never got a reply. They do themselves no favours mis-using their own data in this way. It is turning a pleasure pursuit into a battle - that is not a valid "Charitable Purpose".
  12. Well Creek, Outwell, HGV in the water

    That's a pretty poor piece of mooring - and he's left his tunnel light on!
  13. Fresh water pump placement

    The pipework before the pump is all right at floor level with the water tank outlet about 4" above floor level. The pump itself, mounted on a wooden block, has its inlet about 6" above floor level. So in effect there is a slight apparent "uphill" pull by the pump. But this may well be reversed by the boat sitting lower at the back than the front.
  14. Fresh water pump placement

    I have the Parmax3 on a 60 ft boat with the water tank in the bow. The pump is is at the very back end of the cabin - so about 50+ ft away. I have screwed it down onto a hefty block of hardwood and noise is not a problem, even though all the pipework is Hep2o and no flexible hoses. It works faultlessly and I would not think you would have any noise problem siting it 45 ft from your water tank.
  15. Cormorants

    Getting everywhere then! Strange creatures - they seem to carry much more ballast than other water-fowl, as their bodies are almost completely submerged when swimming. Just the neck and head visible in the water - perhaps they are the origin of the Loch Ness monster!!