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  1. It's a sad state of affairs when the topic of debate is blamed for lapses in civility, rather than those who were not civil. If people start launching personal attacks in a forum thread about boating, will you blame the individuals or the topic. And, yes, what's done is done. However, we should be able to discuss whether we think what was done was the right thing without censure.
  2. Would a better response have been to remove those being disrespectful, rather than to muzzle the whole community?
  3. Tickover too fast.

    I've just spent 3 years on the Lancaster. I'm used to being aware of shallow water and the wash that even a slow-moving boat can cause. If it was particularly shallow there, I wasn't able to tell - there being a large block of boats between me and the bank. He's the one I'll be reporting. The others I'm not bothered about, Trina. Thanks for the name, Ditchcrawler.
  4. Tickover too fast.

    My thoughts exactly. Are they really that toothless?
  5. Tickover too fast.

    I wasn't sure, to be fair. No idea what their record is on things like this. I'd got a vauge idea they could threaten to not renew someone's licence if they kept misbehaving. I can't be the only person who's come a cropper of them. Maybe if there have been other complaints ...
  6. Tickover too fast.

    I mentioned to the next boat I passed going the other way that he might get shouted at. He said he'd swear at them, so I'm happy they might have got some abuse back. I know what you mean about the guy in front. It's such weird behaviour. Even whilst my bike was getting thrown around (luckily it was locked to the roof, cos it got thrown off the side by one branch, then slammed back on to the roof by another), they didn't stop yelling and swearing about my going too fast. Mostly the woman yelling, I think. It was hard to keep track. Then, when I was trying to turn away from them, I was shouting to them that I couldn't turn with them up against my stern and the guy was just repeating, "Off you go, then!" or something similar with more swearing. We both kept repeating the same things for ages. Eventually he backed off. I think he realised I would be sideways across the canal if he didn't and then he'd be stuck until I sorted myself out.
  7. Tickover too fast.

    Thanks again, Catweasel. I 'happened' to walk my dog past them the next day before they were awake and took a photo of their boat no., so a report is definitely on the way.
  8. Tickover too fast.

    Thanks, Blackrose. I don't get that worked up either, unless I get slammed against the bank or a hook comes loose. Magnetman, the moored boats were on the Trent and Mersey, between about bridges 176 and 179, I think. I contacted the main CRT email address earlier on to ask for their complaints contact, but haven't had an answer yet. If anyone knows it, that would be very useful.
  9. Tickover too fast.

    Thanks, Catweasel. The first guy definitely had that mentality, though he looked to me like a raddled old boater, rather than a newby with the wrong attitude. Athy, I usually try to avoid overtaking. I'd much rather go a bit slower than go through the hassle. In this case, he was weaving back and forth in front of me and I initially thought he was a newby and I should stay out of the way. Then, when he slowed down more and more, I realised it was deliberate. After a while though, we came to a long, broad straight and I called out "Excuse me?" This was ignored, as were the next two "Excuse mes", so I bipped my horn quickly. At this point I got a torrent of abuse from him and his companion about going too fast. There was masses of room to overtake, and he let me initially, but when I got alongside, he steered me into the bank. My bike got damaged by trees and I got a cut to my face. All this time, they were both still shouting abuse at me. When I got past, he speeded up and put his bow against my stern to prevent me from straightening up.
  10. Tickover too fast.

    Hello folks. Happy to find this thread. I just got absolutely roasted today by a group of boaters having a get together. I always slow down about 50 - 100m before I pass moored boats and consider myself a very polite and courteous person and boater. I know (because I have timed her at many different revs) that my boat does just a tad over 2mph at her slowest speed. When I started passing these boats today, I was shouted at rudely to slow down. I answered politely that I was at my slowest and was told to go into neutral. When I questioned that this would reduce my steering abilities (they were moored three abreast and there was only the width of a single boat remaining), it was taken as a flat out refusal and about 6-8 people started shouting at me simultaneously. I apologised sincerely and moved on. I've only owned my boat for 4 years and, though I have put a bit of mileage on her, I don't consider myself to be an expert by a long way. This is the second incident in two days where I've been accused of going too fast. (The first was a boat that I could not go slow enough to stay behind, but when I tried to pass, he got abusive and twice pushed my boat out of the way with his, nearly spinning me across the canal.) I never exceed 3mph away from other boats and I've never had a complaint about my speed before. Is it just a case of bad luck and not being able to please all the people all the time? I don't mind telling you I feel a bit shaken to have had 2 confrontations in 3 days. Edit to say, I came on this thread because I wondered if my tickover should be slower, but it seems a lot of people have faster slowest speeds than me.
  11. Hi folks. I'm moving Scarlet from her mooring in Ashton Basin to Llangollen over the next month or two. I work random shifts with only a week's notice of days off, meaning I've only got a couple of days a week to do it and may have to leave her in between hops for up to 10 days. Can people recommend safe, interesting or fun stopping places along the way or share information of where to avoid if I still want to have solar panels attached when I get to the other end? If there are pubs (with real ale) nearby occasionally, it's all to the good. Remote and tranquil spots also welcomed. Thanks all. Kathy
  12. Hello. I am taking a year away from uni, leaving my mooring this September and returning the following one. My boat is 58' but the mooring would probably accomodate a few feet more. The mooring is at Arlen Basin, near the centre of Preston. Please contact me here or Ian at Arlen Boat Hire on 01772 769183 for details. Thanks, Kathy *sigh* If only one could edit spelling mistakes in titles ...
  13. Winter heating plans

    I suppose partly it's because the ones I have don't have set temps on the dials, so I don't know when they will switch on and off. When I've tried setting them to find out, they don't always switch at the same temps. Having an accurate frost-stat will save me money, because I tend to overcompensate and turn them up a bit to be safe. I know what you mean about the safety aspects of the blowers. Will have to think about it. Cheers, Kathy
  14. Winter heating plans

    Blow heaters do sound like a much better option than static ones - I'm never quite sure where to place my heaters for the best effect and they would get rid of that worry. I shall get some foam, too. Thanks for the ideas! Kathy
  15. Winter heating plans

    I did toy with the idea of trying to attach the Ecofan to the top of one of my rads for the same reason. Pretty sure it wouldn't get hot enough, but it amused me for a few minutes. It didn't occur to me to block the vents. Do you just stuff rags in them or do you have a more creative method?