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  1. Has it been a busy summer?

    Hi John, I can tell you are a "Glass half full type of person" my post was a poor attempt at witticism
  2. Has it been a busy summer?

    I think I would want to modify the question and ask "has it been Summer"
  3. When I need repeat prescriptions I order them online designating the nearest pharmacy to me then go to the pharmacy usually 72 hrs later and pick them up no problem.
  4. Canal and River Trust Sign

    All this talk of court action is bad news always even if the court finds in favour of CRT its money wasted that should go to the infrastructure, the National Trust doesn't find itself going to court as often as CRT and their portfolio must be similar in size.
  5. Canal and River Trust Sign

    If you were or intended to be a liveaboard boater I wonder if it could argued that agreement to the terms and conditions of the license was made under duress since disagreement would result in denial of said license.
  6. slow cooker

    When you've got one try these :- http://cooktopcove.com/2016/11/18/7-slow-cooker-potato-recipes-you-wont-be-able-to-get-enough-of/?src=fbfan_57641&t=fbad&k=lgosaen017
  7. Falkirk Wheel Closing to Boats?

    Isn't this the APRIL edition of narrowboat world?
  8. Manchester - what a mess!

    I hope they clear out the rubbish before refilling the canal, and before anyone says of course they will, the answer is no if its not in the contract of the contractor doing the work.
  9. Gas prices

    £27 and some pence at Coventry
  10. Hit Again!!!!

    Or if you are a techy perhaps a helmet cam and monitor.
  11. Female single hander

    If you have facebook look up Heidi Manning she runs a trade boat selling nick nacks talk to her I'm sure she can put your mind at rest. Personally I can't see any reason why it should make any difference male or female as far as operating the boat is concerned.
  12. Hands on experience, please

    In the days when I hired narrowboats I asked the hire company if they had a problem with single handed hire and the answer was no problem, of course if you went on a one day helmsman course you would meet like minded people also embarking on this adventure. I chose fox narrowboats at March which shouldn't be too far from you.
  13. Diesel near Dudley

    If anyone is in the Dudley area and in need of a top up it might be worth a side trip down to Halesowen I got diesel for 47p/Ltr you chose your split declaration.
  14. I agree Richard looks like an ice breaker.
  15. Is there an external vent? is it blocked?