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    Walking our dogs, living on board and holidays on the cut, untie and go, what a wonderful life. Try to eat a healthy diet, eat lots of vegetables and very little meat these days. Have a very private mooring with a lovely neighbour. Miss my beautiful son who lost his battle against cancer.

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  1. Marine engineer required wellingborough area please

    Thank you
  2. i need an engineer to supply and fit an eberspacher please, does anyone have details of a reliable local engineer? Thank you
  3. Boating Characters with animals - help wanted.

    We only have dogs, mind you we do have six..
  4. Canals and alcohol

    I grew up with alcoholic parents, smoking, drinking and fighting was the norm to me. My dad never had a day off work, retired at 60 and died of bowel cancer 2 years later, I feel due to the fact that he had more time to drink and smoke as he was at home all day. My mother had breast cancer at 53 years old. She has just had her 80th birthday this year. She still smokes roll ups, has a Guinness every day. My younger brother followed my parents way of life and drunk himself to death age just 44 years old, 7 years ago. My older brother never smoked a cigarette in his life but does like a drink, but is not an alcoholic. I smoked on and off but never drank to excess. My son never drank to excess, but did smoke cigarettes and dope. I tried not to keep nagging him about it. He stopped smoking dope when his daughter was born 10 years ago. I was so proud of him as I knew that he enjoyed it. He said it helped him relax. He still smoked roll ups though. I lost my son to lung cancer last September age 34 years . It has been the worst year of my life and everyone on this forum is someone's child, If I could turn back the clock, I would thrash him and stop him from smoking. It is a debate that will go on for many a year, we have to take responsibility for our own actions but who knows what is right or wrong, life threatening or not? All I know is that I cry most days and nights for my only child and wish things were different.
  5. Shoreline 12v Fridges - who has one?

    We have a Shoreline RT143 and very pleased with it so far. We were lucky to get it in a "as new" condition at a very good price.
  6. Just for fun - word game

  7. Proof of Ownership

    In which case, all you can hope is that the seller is honest if they have finance. We bought our boat from a couple who had finance on it, they asked for two cheques, one for Roy Scott Larch for the outstanding finance and one for the seller for the rest. As far as I know there are very few companies who do finance on boats.
  8. First time boating holiday, circular, Southern-ish?

    Market Harborough is a lovely town and visitor moorings are very reasonable with a nice restaurant on site too. Wherever you go, have a lovely holiday...
  9. Proof of Ownership

    I have no idea, however I am sure someone will be along shortly with the answer...
  10. The porthole conundrum

    We have all portholes as that was on our "must have" list, I like them as they are easy to clean... Hubby wanted them for security and privacy.. If you really want the boat and can afford to change them..go for it..
  11. Kipor suitcase generator

    We borrowed our neighbours ig2600 in an emergency and were so impressed we bought the IG3000.... Big mistake if you are looking to carry one around easily..it was far too big and took a lot of room up in the back cabin. We sold it on good old eBay and hubby says best value for money is IG2600, easy to carry and this is what we will be getting next time
  12. Just for fun - word game

  13. Just for fun - word game

  14. Dream ended before it started

    Sorry to hear this, people say it's all for a reason, but when you have your heart set on a dream, it hurts more, get saving,don't have presents for birthdays etc, ask for money towards your dream boat. Good luck. We were fortunate to be able to buy our boat outright. You will be on the water one day if you want it bad enough. Best wishes
  15. Just for fun - word game