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  1. Coventry Victor cooling options

    Thanks for update on this , interesting to know that CV made their own gearbox. Hope you can get it sorted. Kieron.
  2. Coventry Victor cooling options

    Think if you want to stop the pumps leaking from the racks they will need to go to a specialist. The bellows style rubbers ( if that's what you mean ) are dust covers. There's a good place in Scunthorpe I got put onto on this forum which wasn't expensive for the pair. Maybe not a great help if you live in Holland. The gearbox I don't know, not totally sure who made it. Have asked before and those with ' the knowledge ' on here think that it may have been made by ' Parsons ' although it has Cov Vic cast onto it. Never had one apart myself. They come up on ebay here once in a blue moon, usually in pairs attached to water cooled engines HDW and sell cheap. Hope you find a way to sort it, I think ( others may disagree ) that it would be a shame to remove the set up that you've got. The clip put a smile on my face anyway.

    Make your own from old moped tyres. Sure I got the idea from a thread on this forum. works well for me anyway.
  4. Unlicenced boats!

    I'm visiting CRT waters later this week from the EA river where i'm moored. I've got an explorer license where I get 30 days non consecutive to use. I don't get anything to display as in previous years. I'm thinking that i'll write this years license id number on the boat in permanent maker so I can wipe it off with thinners when I renew and get a new number. Have been reported and checked myself in the past. I think that there are a lot of boaters who aren't aware of the explorer and temporary licences that are available for boats that are moored on non CRT waters and trailer stored.
  5. Goole Docks Charges

    Thanks for that Joe , Do you know if it's going to be a charge for each boat or every lock operation ? i.e. will two or more boats be able to split the cost.
  6. Perkins Engine Overheating

    Hi, Very little experience working with these engines. I think you will need some one to come out and have a look. If you spend some time cleaning it off first it will make their job easier and time more productive.
  7. Folksail Festival 2017 , Goole

    Folksail Festival again this year at the waterways museum at Goole. Really good especially if you like historic boats / barges, alcohol, music & a BBQ. The ' North star marina club ' is a great place to go in the evening. Details on the ' Yorkshire waterways museum ' site.
  8. Coventry Victor cooling options

    Hi Denkweb, was hoping one of the other guys on this thread would have noticed this by now. I haven't got a copy of the manual and got my info from Mick. I think I only needed figures for valve and bump clearances which I still have for the HDW. Whats the story behind your boat ? intrigued by the exhaust, it looks like it's routed into the side rails. Do you have to wear ear plugs under your ear defenders when you're pushing against the tide ?
  9. Exhaust/ silencer

    Hi Nick, I would be concerned about the water in the exhaust freezing and splitting the pipe in severe conditions.
  10. Wasps

    I'm with ditchcrawler for what it's worth.
  11. Is vhf radio still needed on inland waters

    VHF is compulsory at Goole, Ocean lock on the Ouse & also min crew of two (which I used for the first time last year).
  12. Servicing life jackets

    Kits ordered from the link provided by 'Scholar Gypsy' Both jackets serviced now and ready to go again. Just need a couple of vacuum bags and they can go back on boat. Thanks for advice on this. I understand how they work now and can check that the green tags and discs are in place before wearing or handing one to some one else to wear in future.
  13. tow vehicle

    incorrect edit.
  14. tow vehicle

    I've been thinking about this and i'm not great at maths. If the boat and trailer weigh 18 tonnes on a vertical 90' drop and the slip is estimated to be 12' . If I divide 18 by 90 and then multiply by 12 then I get a drawbar pull of 2400kg. Have been on net looking at maximum drawbar pull and there is an experiment at Harper Adams with a strain gauge between Land rovers series , 110 Defender , Discovery and a tractor. The traction coefficient for the Defender is between 0.9 and 1.1 of its weight ( accelerator to the floor on a loose surface with limited wheel spin and the tractor already travelling at 1.1mph ). The kerb weight of the Land rover 110 is approx 1930kg. I think that the coefficient will be lower at a controllable speed working on a slip. So I think it's asking too much of a 4wd. ( open to corrections ).
  15. tow vehicle

    I use my 90 Landrover to slip my boat and it is great for that but I wouldn't expect it to be able to haul a sixteen tonne narrow boat up a slip. My guess is that that the dumper has a much greater low ratio in 1st. This seems like the perfect excuse to drive around in a Unimog to me.