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  1. Site accountant and finances.

    Thanks for volunteering Nigel. And thanks to Daniel and all the site staff for providing us the most useful boating resource on the net.
  2. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    Popped down to say hello but must have missed you. Hope the experience doesn't put you off as it's a beautiful canal and a very nice little market town. I'm biased as I'm a Yorkshireman.
  3. Skipton Visitor Moorings

    I've been moored in Skipton for around 10 days on the moorings between the two swing bridges to the Liverpool side of the basin. It's been very quiet with no bother from the local youth. The canal to the Leeds side of the basin looks less inviting, I think this is near the car park Frangar mentioned.
  4. canal guide quoting 'head room'

    Maybe it passes over a very deep well
  5. canal guide quoting 'head room'

    Hi, Yes, in that context headroom is the same as air-draft.
  6. Charges for the Bridgewater Canal

    Pennies are only legal tender up to the amount of 20p. And even then a vendor is not required to accept legal tender. For example many small shops have signs saying they do not accept £50 notes. A £50 note is legal tender but they not are legal required ton accept it.
  7. Data RAM prices since 1957

    On the subject of size. An IBM 5Mb hard drive from 1956. And yes 5Mb not Gb
  8. Diesel fuel consumption

    As others have said it seems very high. My 55' 16 ton boat with a Lister LPWS 4 averages 1.5 l/ph.
  9. Giffard Park Refuse, Milton Keynes GU

    I understand they realised that the skip in the building is too small and, as mentioned above, a larger skip was placed in the pub carpark with the pubs agreement. Unfortunately, this facility was abused, possibly by locals. When I passed in May this year the bin was surrounded by mattresses, furniture etc. Needless to say the pub was not happy and withdrew their offer to put the skip on their land. CART have reopened the old facility but is seems this is already being misused again.
  10. Canoe safety

    So you are saying that the group had pulled over to let you pass and that you struggled to control your boat in the wind. Perhaps the conditions were not suitable for narrow boats. I moored up early than planned today as a vicious cross wind was making navigation difficult.
  11. Nice to see the local council is spending money maintaining the tow path. I wish more would help this way

    As it seems they have no plans to improve conditions I would consider moving to another marina.
  13. Disguised £100 Thames mooring sign?

    A very misleading sign using the same green background as EA moorings and with the word mooring in the heading. Looks designed to catch people out.
  14. Tidal Thames to Teddington?

    Some helpful info in the St Pancras cruising club guide - link below http://www.stpancrascc.co.uk/system/files/Thames Cruising Guide_0_0.pdf
  15. Mobile chat bubble

    Thanks. That worked