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  1. Strange 'tidal waves'

    Thank you, I have corrected my error. Do you have something a little less critical and a little more constructive to add?
  2. Strange 'tidal waves'

    At the end of May this year I was on my brother's NB and we made the trip from Limehouse to Brentford. We stayed over night in the basin and set out at 6am from the Limehouse lock. It was a fantastic morning, brisk with the sun rise behind us as we made our way up the Thames. We had made no special preparations for the trip as the water was calm as a mill pond. I'm not sure of the exact time, but I would guess, around 6.30am I was at the tiller when all of a sudden several large waves started the boat into a severe pitching motion. The frequency and length of the waves was such that it lifted the bow (about 3 to 4ft.) and plunged it into the front of the next wave. I kept the bow turned into the waves and we did not even take on any water but the water was spraying high into the air as we hit the waves. The whole episode only lasted about one minute, about a dozen waves but it seemed like half and hour!! I have spent quite a few weeks on NB's over the years including a trip on the Thames from Teddington to Henley and back so I'm not a complete novice but this event was quite scary and I have experienced nothing like it before. (I have sailed around Vancouver, so waves don't normally scare me!). Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon, is it some kind of Thames tidal 'bore' like the river Severn? Bye the way it was NOT from any other river craft, we encountered many regular bow waves and they were tiny in comparison. Also, I would recommend the trip to anyone who loves NBoating and I would do it again in a heart beat. Through the middle of London on a NB on a sunny morning, priceless! Looking forward to hearing from all you experienced, long time NBers