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  1. Another Language

    Just jumped in before you there Fortunata. It was a half-educated guess because when I was in Bilbao, I couldn't understand any spoken Euskera, although I could pick out a few written words. My Spanish is basic, but I'd never been anywhere else in Spain where I didn't understand at least a few spoken words from their similarity to Castilian Spanish.
  2. Another Language

    Then I'm going to guess Euskera, the Basque language, purely because you mentioned living in northern Spain.
  3. Boat sunk in Weston Lock, T&M

    Yes haggis, that seems to be what happened, from various reports by locals, The elderly couple apparently decided to reverse through the lock, so the boat was actually heading up, but backwards.
  4. Boat sunk in Weston Lock, T&M

    Lock 4, so Derbyshire. Will update if I find out what's happened.
  5. Boat sunk in Weston Lock, T&M

  6. * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    I pay less than this for a Mercia mooring, and I can't see how security could be improved, except perhaps if a barrier were added to leave the marina.
  7. * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    There's no vendetta. I'm just concerned that the boat owners stated quite clearly that there have been no arrests, so this remains an unsolved crime.
  8. * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    I've held off from posting here, but have followed this from the start. Since C and G have stated clearly that their boat was found without anyone on board, and that no arrests have been made, why are we assuming that third party reports are more accurate?
  9. Why do women dress like men

    Oops! Technical fail there ...
  10. ice in boat...

    I love all of these winter photos and now can't wait for snow. Might even get a sledge. I like the idea of a middle-aged woman sledging, like some kind of Beryl Cook painting.
  11. ice in boat...

    Hi Mike On a boating holiday a couple of years ago, I met a lady in her eighties single-handing. She had sold up everything to live aboard, in her seventies! A real inspiration. I do have a couple of books (I have 'Going it Alone') and I've read the advice on this forum too. The photos are just breath-taking. Off to visit Mary-Jo now, to move her to her mooring spot! Everyone at Mercia has been really friendly and helpful.
  12. ice in boat...

    I've just bought a boat and will be spending quite a bit of time on it. I was a bit apprehensive about starting out in the winter, but this advice is really useful and the photos have clinched it for me. I'll be at Mercia Marina initially so will have shore power, and the oil-filled radiator sounds like a good investment. I won't be able to go very far initially because of the stoppages, but I can practise single-handing a bit! Think I've decided that Christmas on board would actually be a great start to a boating life, even if I'm iced in.
  13. ANNOUNCEMENT! I seem to have a boat!

    No names were mentioned. I may have an announcement myself soon. Fingers crossed ...
  14. ANNOUNCEMENT! I seem to have a boat!

    Wow, this thread makes fantastic and useful reading. I've followed your story right from the start, and think it should all go in a book! Helpful and heartwarming - I've been astonished at all the assistance that's been offered, and the genuine community of boaters here. Even the grumpy ones. No, especially the grumpy ones. I think you might have become a Cut Character, Star! Hope to see you out there soon, cussing as you chase cats. Well done!
  15. Oh Dear !

    Great Haywood also has this pointy boat: Chansion Delmour It seems as if someone has tried to get as far away as possible from anything 'traditional': even the name is weird. Actually, it was sold for several months, but it's now back. Maybe the new owners became tired of people shouting 'look at the bow on that'.