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  1. I'm selling my boat... :o(

    Sorry to hear that, Bob. You're ending your liveaboard life, as I'm about to start mine. Hope it all works out for you.
  2. Back!

    Normal service resumed, here! Of course, I use 'normal' in a uniquely CWDF fashion.
  3. Is enthusiasm for the forum waning?

    I just took a look at the forum stats: Online at Once Record: 684 [12:34am today] - or thereabouts (I forgot to copy & paste, so going from memory) So there's plenty of folk about! I shall probably be posting lots of daft questions soon for your amusement/annoyance (after doing a search beforehand, of course). After all the help I've received here in the past, I wouldn't ask anywhere else.
  4. Bringing our boat home, Silsden to Rufford

    Thanks for sharing. I think I'll be as terrified as you, when approaching my first lock!
  5. River conditions

    I'm sure you've seen it already, but there is a Stoppages section on this forum, which I've found useful.
  6. A Licensing Question

    Oops, sorry FadeToScarlet - nearly missed your reply. Ah, thanks for that. I hadn't realised my CamCon licence also covered the Nene. That's one less worry, at least!
  7. A Licensing Question

    Breaker one-nine. I hear you, good buddy. You're coming in loud & clear, Lucky Duck. Fancy forming a(n admittedly small) convoy? Over. [ref: C.W.McCall] :-)
  8. A Licensing Question

    Thanks arbutus, I've had a chance to look into this a bit further now. I think I'll be stuck on the Soar at least until the end of March, so a 1 month Rivers Only Licence. (£82.17) will probably be my best option for this period. After that, I'll need to work out how long the journey to the Nene will take me, and buy another licence to cover that.
  9. A Licensing Question

    Hi arbutus, I already have the EA Abloy key, which I'm assuming is the navigation key you mentioned. Thanks for all that info! I believe CRT do a 30 day licence, whereby you get 30 tickets, and simply put a new ticket in your window for each day you're on CRT waters. Not certain if that will be my best option or not. I'll check out your link. Many thanks!
  10. A Licensing Question

    Ah right, I hadn't known that! Thanks again.
  11. A Licensing Question

    Hi MoC, No current CRT licence. The previous owner had died, so the boat had been subject to the usual bureaucracy of probate and was consequently left sitting there awhile. Thanks Matty & MP - that sounds relatively painless!
  12. A Licensing Question

    Hi folks, Time to throw myself at your mercy, yet again (there are CWDF members that I could have PM'ed about this, but keeping it private would be of no help to anyone else - although I'm not sure how common this situation is!) To recap, I recently bought a narrowboat after getting a residential mooring on the River Cam. My boat is currently on the River Soar, the wrong side of stoppages. To get to the Cam, I will be crossing 3 different authorities' waters, one of which (Cam Conservancy) I've already sorted out, but by the time I get past the stoppages, that licence will have expired (grrr!) Given the stoppages on the Soar and the Nene, what CRT & EA licences will be most suitable/cheapest? I believe CRT do a 30 day licence, but I'll throw this one out to you guys. As always, thanks for any & all advice!
  13. Today, I bought a boat!

    Cheers Starry! Yep, I'm now madly rushing around to get all the documents in to the council for my mooring. The head wasn't too bad - just a bit groggy. I have found I'm vaping a hell of a lot just recently - would have never been able to stay off the fags, if I'd just gone cold turkey! (although cold turkey is on the menu a lot!)
  14. Today, I bought a boat!

    Thanks Alanji - yes, a great feeling and a bit daunting! From reading this forum, I know I've got a big learning curve ahead of me.
  15. Today, I bought a boat!

    Thanks a lot, Dyad! My original layout requirements changed quite a bit over time. Of course, I won't know how suitable she is for me until I've lived on her awhile. I dare say there may be some things I'll want to alter. The interior does look nice, but the original owner fit-out was classed as "a bit amateurish in places" by my surveyor - nothing that can't be sorted though! It still hasn't really sunk in. (no pun intended!) Eek! I own a boat!