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  1. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    Why? who would pee in the cut?
  2. Seeking opinions on porthole verses rectangle windows

    Liveaboard, all portholes, no problems with light issues. I should imagine that large windows must give privacy concerns given the number of boats who always have their blinds/curtains closed all the time.
  3. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    If the urine bottle still has fresh water in it the bacteria in the fresh water will make the urine smell so it is better to have 2 bottles and rotate them.
  4. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    Yes use pet bedding, only vented to outside the box. Had a lot of problems in previous occupation with macerators, pumps and holding tanks on an industrial scale so would never consider a holding tank on a boat. Have to put up with some awful smells when pumping out in my present occupation, far worse than anything from my Kildwick in fact no smell at all.
  5. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    Yes a Kildwick, no moving parts or water supply to worry about, nothing at all like the air heads or similar, very much a big step forward. You can either go the whole hog and compost to use later or dispose with other refuse, no worse than soiled nappies in fact better as it is already started to compost. I prime the urine bottle with ecover toilet cleaner so no smell.
  6. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    Nice rioja from aldi now though
  7. Anyone tried a kildwick compost loo?

    Best thing I have done is buying one. Got rid of my Thetford and not looked back.
  8. Life jackets or buoyancy aids

    Because of all the boat movements at the wharf it is very deep as a member of staff found out last week. Was the video on the OP taken at Stoke Mandeville stadium ?
  9. Incident bridge 101a T&M

    Once at Knottingley and twice at Thrupp makes three. And this was posted before we went for a drink!!
  10. Budweisser

    Get a headache with any lager but am ok with beer no matter how light or dark it is. I presume it is all the bubbles in lager.
  11. Music in Pubs

    Wasn't Tina Turner 'simply the best'
  12. Music in Pubs

    Saw Jerry Lee Lewis back in the seventies, at the start of his set was a piano on a darkened stage with great balls of fire being played. The audience thought it was Jerry Lee himself then he walked on stage asked for applause for his daughter then took over on the same piano which sounded like a completely different instrument when he played it. Amazing to hear.
  13. New 3 mobile internet 100GB

    Yes I get 4g on EE on nothing on O2 immediately behind Mr Smelly, cannot get digital radio though.
  14. But without any easily read identification plate how would an injured party be able to claim on insurance