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  1. Just in Time

    Two minutes! Nothing, and anyway if you went there and back it would even out. Pity the poor souls in 1750 when 'they' changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar. Everybody lost ten whole days from their lives! I'm surprised there wasn't a riot..... OH! There was.
  2. Weighing in batteries

    Top them up first. Every little helps.
  3. How to get Rid

    This is a very irritating automatic feature (one constantly recurring face in particular!) and I can find no way to block the link. That said, some of the contributions are great but I would prefer to chose to see the menu. Hopefully someone on here can find a fix. Mean time I guess I could print a screen and use the wonderfully symmetrical face for a dartboard.
  4. plug to plug

    Indeed and that was part of my wonderings (or wanderings!) I had left the NE bonding relay out of the equation. Thanks too to WotEver. I'm not good with the written word so was probably a bit fuzzy to understand but you answered what I was asking. Cheers Gents.
  5. plug to plug

    'Late getting back on this. I see what you are saying if the inverter was a stand alone, plug and play so no prob with center tap 220v but how do things work for, say, Telemichus? The Travel Power (may it soon be well again) and an inverter are an independent power source so you provide the neutral return? What then about earth returns? What provoked this renewed, and genuine, interest is that we have spent today testing a power control system where the heaters are fed at high volts (440) from the line with earth to chassis and another part of the same heater is fed at 24v via a transformer. The low volts side is N to E bonded the high volts 'float'. Earthing the high volt N to E is not on paper but.. Edit. O.K. not an apples for apples comparison 'cause we are all AC but earth returns are important in both .
  6. plug to plug

    That was something that I was concerned about. I have used a flying lead connection and it worked but I never was sure about the security of the earth bond. What about a center taped output inverter?
  7. As ^^^ To much antifreeze isn't good. Right royal game draining down to re fill too. If you must use dehydrated water be sure to read the directions on the tin.
  8. Severn Carrying

    What's the deal with this method of working? Was the steamer owned by SCCL and that was the way up(?) then find your own return load or were the boats all under company guidance.
  9. A sad day at yelvertoft Marina

    Green one on both counts. I see a good headline based on an earlier post: EXTRA! EXTRA! Out of control Dog kills out of control Kid. Dog destroyed. Result!

    Are you sure you are not looking for Still Waters Narrowboats? A search on this forum will turn a thread up about them.
  11. Where can I get electrical plugs like these?

    There is a 'wireless bits' shop in Cheltenham down towards the end of town that had patch (wander) plugs and all sorts of outdated kit (+other kit) in stock IIR. A small shop so not D&M I think.
  12. Taslim

  13. Widebeam Liveaboard Location

    I read somewhere that quite a bit of this canal has fallen into disrepair and is unnavigable. Anyway I suspect the beer is not good and much of the food still alive when eaten. ...............Dave The beer in Jiaxing is good. Not much of a comfort for the OP I s'pose.
  14. Canoe safety

    Yea.. But.. And as for what Tree M. saw. NO! NO! Even a trad stern boat made me 'uncomfortable'. As for a boozer stern.....
  15. Canoe safety

    This thread reminded me of some, less than charitable, comments recorded on my dash cam about a bunch of Lydra Loonies cyclists on the lane to the house. Ho. Hum. Whatever the rights and wrongs there is no way I would dare take a kayak over the Ponypuddleduct for all the cheap electronics in China. I don't do heights.