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  1. hello! and opinions please...

    Yes. It makes sense. Titan it is then. Knocking on a bit, Low speck electrics and somewhat tired interior but a bit of a looker. But Hey! I could live with/on that boat. Don't worry. I'm not about to put in a bid....... Yet.
  2. Charging of domestic batteries

    It's behind me. (Can I play the baddy?) On the same thread there is a 500A analogue with shunt for £3. I've got one and it works. Keep the moving iron boy racer meter to mind the starter batt and use other for the domestic batts feed. Also keeps it all anabog.
  3. Carrying spares

    Remove the fishes first?

    Type 'solar powered extractor fans' into the googlebox and you will come up with plenty. A chum bought the Sunshine Solar job and seemed pleased but at that price I'm not sure if he would have owned up if it had turned out to be crap.
  5. Carrying spares

    It was, err, is tomorrow and the engine now runs. I foolishly clicked on your link and two band members, the sum of their ages being less than half mine, latched onto it. records were dragged out and systems set up. Quite a session. The boys done good. Thanks. Back on topic. Modern engine in newish boat= Halfords tool kit, duct tape and rescue insurance. Older engine and boat= Everything + the kitchen sink BUT there is no point toating tools or kit that you don't know how to use properly.
  6. Carrying spares

    True. Tomorrow...Or the next day... 'Mybe.
  7. Butty Boat Photo Wins Prestigious Competition

    There should be an award to the person who took the shot of the presentation too. Classic shot. A real story.
  8. Removing tractor seats?

    I've seen a couple of boats where one of the tubular seat supports has also been the fuel tank breather. Best check before going at it with a mangle grinder.
  9. Stiff tiller/rudder

    True or swap the tiller bar for a long scaffold pole but I'm not sure the OP would be to keen to bray seven bells out of his pride and joy. 'Mbe ditchcrawler has a better idea in his post.
  10. Stiff tiller/rudder

    If it moves and it shouldn't, Duct tape. If it should move and it won,'t, WD 40?
  11. Installing an inverter

    It's not a stupid idea. If the present system worked and you are just swapping MSW for PSW and bunging out goosed batts for new it should be reasonably straight forward. Better men than I will be along soon enough to highlight specific do and don't stuff .
  12. Installing an inverter

    More ifo needed to give a sensible reply. First off are you swapping like for like. Same size battery bank and same inverter output?
  13. Engine mounts

    ^^As above^^. If it's a 'rumbly' rattle then possibly mounts otherwise look to drive plate or some heat shield/cowling floating about. Last time here it was a fan cowl.
  14. The Barbridge Inn

    It was common practice a bit like the supermarket 'Still Fresh but..' scavenge cabinet. The old man would never call them slops! In 1967 he also sold baked potatoes and flavored crisps.
  15. The Barbridge Inn

    True. Beer at The old mans pub was in firknis under the counter. At the threat of a thunderstorm the mild was covered with wet towels to stop it 'turning'. If it was getting on its last knockings we put it in the last barrel of bitter and cracked a new bitter. You can't do that now! Still well drinkable, it was called the Thursday Barrel at 1/6d a pint. Thursday was pension day. Cue pissed up pensioners being rounded up by their long suffering wife's.