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  1. Lino for back cabin floor

    Having spent some time selling vinyl and carpets, and using it in my boat, I can recommend it. It is warm to bare feet and easy to keep clean - just don't buy cheap versions, you will regret it. If you can find one locally, I suggest you try an independent local shop for a good deal - the big boys load everything before they offer you the 'great deal'!
  2. Boat Buying Checklist - HELP!

    This will be a good starter - there are others which will soon come along! http://www.thefitoutpontoon.co.uk/index.php
  3. Daventry Canal Arm...... Its a Big No?

    More from local politics - FYI the Town Council and District Council don't see eye to eye as you might gather! http://www.daventrytowncouncil.gov.uk/news/2017/01/rrrrrr
  4. Daventry Canal Arm...... Its a Big No?

    The 'referendum' was a Parish Poll which has no real value except to inform the District Council of feelings of the voting public - it was over 70% against the canal proposal but of no influence. The money to start it will come from the Community Infrastructure levy - charge against new developers of housing earmarked for some of a list of projects selected by - guess who - the District Council. Guess what one of the nominated projects was? Not a tax on local people (except that the developers factor that cost into the price of the houses they build.) You could probably accuse me of being cynical but I couldn't possibly comment - I only lived within 200yards of the proposed terminus of the new Arm for 28 years - what do I know!!
  5. boat fire regents canal

    Reading a London boater site, it appears this boat has been a bit of a problem with undesirables (in some opinions!) and was a disaster waiting to happen.
  6. Stowe Hill Wharf

    My wife worked for John White when he ran the gift shop there, and helped Duncan when he was running the trip boat in the 70's. The stoppage eventually cost John his business!
  7. Training course for BMC 1500 maintainance

    I did the course a couple of years ago with Keith Duffy and found it invaluable -still using Tony's notes with some additions (and acknowledgments!) Already saved double the cost by doing servicing, minor works etc that I wouldn't have been able to do prior. Thoroughly recommend it.
  8. Licence Renewal

    When I did ours in June, they sent the licence and invoice in the same email as attachments. Came back within minutes! And everything correct!!! How are you doing?
  9. Another car in the water - North Oxford

    Two arrested (according to the local paper!)
  10. Residential mooring widebeam K&A, Grand union

    Magazine Waterways World recently produced a booklet 'Moorings & Marinas Guide 2016-2017' if you try to find a copy. Includes details of residential sites. Devises seems to be the only KnA one showing legit!
  11. Loads of room in the top pound at Buckby tonight! Go just past Bridge 12
  12. Another useful phone app is 'Dishalign' which we use regularly for Freeview at 28.2. You can bookmark it on the site for convenience.
  13. Anyone know of a boating family Costello?

    Only when she had a pint of it!!
  14. During a catch-up call, a friend mentioned that her grandmother Costello was from a working boating family in Derbyshire but knows little more. Her childhood memories of her were of her wearing the white bonnet but little more information than that. I have had a quick search to see if I could find any info but no luck so far. Is there anyone out there who might point me in the right direction?
  15. Norton Jnc. Grand Union, Mooring Restriction.

    They do very good food and a lot of good beers!