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  1. You’ve just not been paying attention Mike, a majority of them have them. Edited to add: Beaten to it by a long way, missed the extra page!
  2. Your Best EBay Purchases

    Yup, a metal and chrome affair
  3. Your Best EBay Purchases

    Rear bumper for a Triumph Spitfire in very good condition cost me the dizzying amount of 99p
  4. I'm running Windows 10 on an iMac
  5. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    They have a long thing with a hook on the end
  6. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    Yes, but on the last two or three times we've been through someone from the yard has actually pushed it open for us from the towpath side.
  7. BCN Challenge 2018

    The Google Maps app for iOS and Android will do it. https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/22/google-maps-now-lets-you-share-your-location-with-friends-and-family-for-a-specific-period-of-time/
  8. Old pictures in a box

    If you look at the 2nd picture the heel post of the left hand gate and the mitre post of the right are broken so hitting them hard caused them to fail and distort allowing them to 'fold' the wrong way. Or that's the way it looks to me anyway.
  9. Stolen Boat

    Does look like with the new forum software that when you post a Facebook link it embeds a portion of the Facebook post into your post on here. There was an issue for some people with Facebook and Chrome earlier so that was probably what caused the embedding to fail.
  10. Budweisser

    I drink an awful lot of Budweiser and never have too much of a problem with it. Oh, and I'm also a member of Camra and certainly don't judge others on what they choose to drink.
  11. Brasenose arms, cropredy

    It's absolutely fine, been there a few times now. If you look at the opinions thrown around here from time to time about what makes a good pub its a wonder anyone goes in as they do food, have a bit of background music, take cards, allow children and dogs, etc, etc!
  12. NB Aye

    Both of them back in 2012 Aye? by Ian, on Flickr DSC_9748 by Ian, on Flickr
  13. HS2 - Wormleighton loop maintenance yard

    You'll get a few useful posts regarding the question you asked then 25 pages more debating whether it's a good idea or not.

    Swim on a historic boat Nutfield - Braunston Dry Dock 16/10/2016 by Ian, on Flickr Swims on a lot of modern leisure boats tend to have vertical sides.
  15. Eating options Hillmorton

    You've obviously found the delights of mooring on one of the straightened sections of the North Oxford, sloping stone walls below the waterline. The fun bit is working out where they start and finish We spent a nice evening on the moorings above the locks at Hillmorton a few weeks back.