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  1. Road diesel in an ST2

    I fill up 20l JERRY cans with petroleum or diesel reasonaby often and our local Asda says 5l plastic and 10l metal. The only time I’ve been challenged I just smiled and said I thought my JERRY can was just 5l is it not ? by which time I’d put best part of 20 l in and I said I’d be happy to give it them back or they could let me have it for free.... i didn’t know it was different for diesel ! One of my local garages sells red diesel in 20l containers and so long as you tell them it’s for plant they are quite happy.
  2. Essential tools and equipment

    Wasn’t the titanic built there.... just saying
  3. Winterizing

    I’m obviously doing it wrong... close tank stop tap. turn off pump open all taps then shower mixer in deepest winter open drain valve in lowest cold water plumbing and drain into container. Close drain valve leave 500w heater on minimum setting and plug into time clock set for 1 hour 4 times a day. Don’t drain tank but don’t leave full dont drain cauliflower leave stove ready for lighting check credit on leccy meter Works down to minus 12 so far fully working in minutes when we want to use Boat
  4. CRT Changes To Executive Team

    Who was that ? I get confused by north west and borders, pennine and whatever the other one in the north is !
  5. New 12 volt shorelline fridge

    Yes must be that snake oil
  6. New 12 volt shorelline fridge

    So how does the lubricant know It has to stay in the compressor and how does the refrigerant get outsiide of the bit of the compressor that squeezes it to mix with the oil that lubricates it...
  7. Is this cable OK for a VSR?

    You could be right the bss specifically says battery to battery not battery-VSR-battery but suspect you might be at the examiners interpretation.... i would add that 10mm is a bit weedy IMHO- the issue isn’t how big the alternator is or how many solar panels but what current will flow when the vsr connects a flat battery to a fully charged one (albeit the current will drop very rapidly)
  8. Is this cable OK for a VSR?

    Err I think you might run into a problem with the BSS which mandates a min of 25mm cables I think
  9. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Report direct to the HSE the incident plus the difficulty in reporting makes me think CRT need a kick up the proverbial and im not a fan of elf n safety taken to silly levels but don't think it should be ignored all together. Your clearly an experienced and sensible fella ( at least based on your posts on here ) and CRT should at least treat the incident as a near miss to be reviewed
  10. Bridge 132 Leeds Liverpool Canal

    Had small stones thrown at us around there when we moved the boat to Burnley but that was 7 years ago... no problems since, there are sometimes some interesting characters on the two path furtively passing herbal tobacco to each other but invariably a cheery hi or wave gets a friendly response.
  11. More inverter problems

    interesting so something is drawing over a 1KW..... hair dryer, hair straighteners, electric heater..... alternatively you are running something that your inverter doesn't like, especially if its not a pure sine wave inverter. process of elimination time, if its not obvious you will need to go round and switch off all your mains (inverter driven) equipment unile the overload light goes out. if you have a separate mains charger for your batteries for when are on a shore line make sure that is off and any immersion heater.... you'd be surprised at how many people think they've invented a perpetual motion machine trying to run their inverter off the batteries the charger plugged into the inverter is charging....
  12. More inverter problems

    hi Steve, just to keep it simple, whats the voltage when your inverter starts wailing.... I suspect you are about to be made aware that fully charged batteries that have lost at lot of their capacity don't run inverters/fridges for very long....
  13. Rule LP900 Bilge pump issue

    Sorry that doesn't quite make sense on a pump how is water bursting out of the INTAKE ? As usual a picture might help
  14. Approaching Wigan

    Yes faffing about up and down ladders and trying to manoeuvre boats from one side of the lock t'other I can see how that must so efficient I'm not really sure what point your trying to make and I'm not sure I care actually I'm sure I don't care (sorry about that)
  15. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    Yep and just as irrelevant....