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  1. Is this cable OK for a VSR?

    Err I think you might run into a problem with the BSS which mandates a min of 25mm cables I think
  2. Managed To Avoid A Nasty Accident Today

    Report direct to the HSE the incident plus the difficulty in reporting makes me think CRT need a kick up the proverbial and im not a fan of elf n safety taken to silly levels but don't think it should be ignored all together. Your clearly an experienced and sensible fella ( at least based on your posts on here ) and CRT should at least treat the incident as a near miss to be reviewed
  3. Bridge 132 Leeds Liverpool Canal

    Had small stones thrown at us around there when we moved the boat to Burnley but that was 7 years ago... no problems since, there are sometimes some interesting characters on the two path furtively passing herbal tobacco to each other but invariably a cheery hi or wave gets a friendly response.
  4. More inverter problems

    interesting so something is drawing over a 1KW..... hair dryer, hair straighteners, electric heater..... alternatively you are running something that your inverter doesn't like, especially if its not a pure sine wave inverter. process of elimination time, if its not obvious you will need to go round and switch off all your mains (inverter driven) equipment unile the overload light goes out. if you have a separate mains charger for your batteries for when are on a shore line make sure that is off and any immersion heater.... you'd be surprised at how many people think they've invented a perpetual motion machine trying to run their inverter off the batteries the charger plugged into the inverter is charging....
  5. More inverter problems

    hi Steve, just to keep it simple, whats the voltage when your inverter starts wailing.... I suspect you are about to be made aware that fully charged batteries that have lost at lot of their capacity don't run inverters/fridges for very long....
  6. Rule LP900 Bilge pump issue

    Sorry that doesn't quite make sense on a pump how is water bursting out of the INTAKE ? As usual a picture might help
  7. Approaching Wigan

    Yes faffing about up and down ladders and trying to manoeuvre boats from one side of the lock t'other I can see how that must so efficient I'm not really sure what point your trying to make and I'm not sure I care actually I'm sure I don't care (sorry about that)
  8. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    Yep and just as irrelevant....
  9. Approaching Wigan

    Ok well my comment was meant in jest hence the smiley and I didn't intend to cause offence. A bit of context - my wife has mobility issues and suffers from arthritis in just about every joint, she can helm in locks but in reality, this means I'm virtually a single hander myself ! That said your post above is nonsense if your a paired boat how will you only be able to open one gate ? I reckon your talking bollix if you think a single hander could do the Wigan flight as fast or faster than a crewed boat.. (assuming a reasonable level of competence all round) Just to add swmbo and I have done Wigan on our own and shared up and down several times and more recently than 6 years ago so think I've a fair idea.....
  10. Galvanic Isolator Cable

    Right so we should pay attention to standards from a country run by Donald trump
  11. Morso v The Rest

    To me that's pig ugly and looks like it's been knocked up in someone's shed.. there doesn't appear to be any air control or external riddle and what's the point of the tiny glass ? I have a squirrel on the boat cos it came with the boat vastly over rated in my opinion but well made compared to the £200-£300 Chinese things on eBay. I have little wenlock at home which is about the same size as a squirrel and chucks out more heat and is more controllable. Although single door it's easy to light and has a decent full width ash pan. Unfortunately the Aga version now available are Chinese castings and very poor. but if you could pick up a decent condition second hand pre aga version that might be a reasonable option. its worth bearing in mind that the well known brands like morso, villager, esse, jotul have a good dealer network for spares and there are loads of online spares suppliers too
  12. CoverIt - Atherton, Manchester

    Yes and as a decent fitter will come out measure up and make a template then go back to the workshop and make up the cover, then come back and do the final fitting... I don't see how any one could do that for £200 quid even for a simple cover add in some zips and complex shapes and decent material and £200 quid seems too good to be true....
  13. CoverIt - Atherton, Manchester

    Antrim I'd happily recommend did some super work for us and several other boats at our marina. not sure if Northwich might be a bit far as they are based near Preston. All seasons covers might be a good option they made a great tonneau cover for our semi and are based at Wigan so a bit nearer.
  14. Bridgewater

    I'm probably foolhardy definitely not wealthy but I've taken on a number councils, utilities, debt recovery agency's and numerous car parking enforcement companies and in not one case have I ever had to pay anything towards costs or anything more than the original charge. Invariably the bullies back down at the merest hint of opposition and will come to an arrangement or simply give up and pursue someone else who simply pops a cheque in the post to them. Ive never actually had to go to court in any of the cases but the willingness to and making counterclaims for costs and expenses seems to do the trick. So my guess is that peel probably can't be arsed to take real legal action over 40 quid but will be happy to send increasingly threatening letters before giving up or more likely pass it on to a debt recovery agency... anyone who Hands over 40 quid on the towpath, well the old adage a fool and his money.....
  15. Sinking on Leeds Liverpool

    These locks are quite well known for having bricks sticking out that can catch on boats. It happened to me a few years ago in a Pennine cruisers hire boat but I can't see how that can happen in a wide lock with only one nb in it ? glad no one was hurt and hopefully not too much damage to the boat. Think this is only the second season that abc have been running a couple of boats from Reedley. Not bad looking boats either.