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  1. barby moorings

    Taken two weeks ago
  2. Can they do that??

    Hi Graham, regarding your reply to the above thread, if you read through Humphreys query you can see that it is not about accessing the land but the bridge and what these landowners etc do to the bridges. In laymans terms, who is responsible for the maintenance of these type of bridges. If someone has an accident on one of these bridges i.e parts fall of, damage boats, or worse still severely hurt somebody, who is responsible? If the landowner attaches fences, posts and electric cables to the bridge and someone has a serious accident (could be fatal regarding the electric power cables), who then is responsible???
  3. Barby Moorings and the Trade Description Act!!!!??

    Well, can't say how pleased I am about how this thread has been going. Over 91.000 views - I really started something when I put this thread on here. Hope everything comes right for all involved. My dad has sold his boat now and become a 'landlubber' but we still follow this thread. Good luck to anyone who goes to Barby.
  4. Celebrity boats

    Was wondering what other celebrities have narrowboats besides Prunella Scales/Timothy West. Anyone spotted anyone?
  5. River Soar

    Hi all, am planning a cruise in May going along Trent and Mersey and down the River Soar past Foxton and onwards. Anyone know where the best places for over night mooring are down the Soar please? I hear they are few and far between.
  6. Boat - 'That'll Do For Me'

    A month or so ago I passed a boat called 'That'll Do For Me' on the T&M. It had a picture of a young Bobby Ball under the name. I did say hi to the grey haired man on the boat and walked on. Ever since have been wondering was it or wasn't it. Anyone else seen this boat and is it Bobby Balls boat?
  7. Barby Moorings and the Trade Description Act!!!!??

    Past Barby last week. Took these pics, not a lot going on.....still
  8. Barby Moorings and the Trade Description Act!!!!??

    Hi Danny1 No Dad didn't hang around after getting there and finding NOTHING there except one water pipe. He was told it would all be ready in July so he arrived end of July, but decided not to stay as there wasn't anyone working except the owners family and he realised it was going to be a long job. Dad has now got a place in a nice marina with everything there.
  9. Barby Moorings and the Trade Description Act!!!!??

    Hi everyone, this has all gone very quiet. Has everyone's problems been resolved? Is there anything happening at the moorings?
  10. Barby Moorings and the Trade Description Act!!!!??

    Certainly started something when I first put this on the forum, didn't I? I am glad it has informed people of what is happening at Barby, but feel sorry for the people who arrived to find it 'unfinished'. Dad was lucky to get out when he did. Thank you all for adding to the comments and I note we were one up on the magazines for pointing out the situation.
  11. Renaming thread

    Thank you, Have done this.
  12. Renaming thread

    Don't want to appear stupid but how do I report it?
  13. Renaming thread

    Hi, Can I rename a thread I started? Some other members seem to think it should be renamed to include the name of the marina it is about, which I left off when I started the thread. Or is that up to the Administrator to do?
  14. Barby Moorings and the Trade Description Act!!!!??

    I put the original item on here, if there is a way to rename it I will. Is there a way to do it?
  15. Dad has just been to the new Barby Marina on the Oxford. Descibed as having showers, laundry, cafe, pump out etc. On arrival at his temporary bankside mooring (no pontoons fitted as yet)he found only electric hook up, no water and none of the afore mentioned facilites. He was also told he would have to pay full mooring fees straight away. Can they do this? Isn't it against the trade description act to advertise these facilities which do not exist yet and charge the full amount? Needless to say dad couldn't get out fast enough.