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  1. Honda EU20i troubles

    There is quite a large margin between low and high oil, the oil level works on a float which has a magnet in it, when the oil level falls below an unacceptable level the float magnet pulls the reed switch together to ground the ignition. My experience tells me that the incorrect grade of oil is normally the culprit also low oil level. As for checking the oil level rule of thumb would be that the oil is almost coming out of the oil filler hole when on a flat surface.....the mistake a lot of people make is to screw the dip stick in which is incorrect. There is a diagram on the case of the generator showing how to check the oil level.....just place the dip stick in the hole and do not screw in.
  2. Honda EU20i troubles

    Exactly right I will learn. Just so you all know who I am and what I do, I am a Honda generator technician with 23 years experience, some of you might know me as Pheonix Power from Nottingham which I sold in 2000. Not on here to make money ....just give advice. Don't buy a Kipor or Hyundai and don't play leap frog with a unicorn! :-O
  3. Honda EU20i troubles

    So they were quoting for the inverter pack? even so it is too steep a price to pay for one. Mower shops are to be avoided when it comes to electrics, most are good with the engine side but the electronics side is a grey area.
  4. Honda EU20i troubles

    It will no invalidate the warranty!!! Disconnecting the oil level sensor is a bit tricky on the EU20i, you can do it on the EU10i with relative ease. This is a oil issue, the oil goes a bit thick once cold, if you use the correct grade of oil all will be well, failing that keep the generator somewhere warm then it will start and continue to run. Recomended oil for the EU20i is SAE 10W - 30 or SAE 30, service classification SE, SF or SG How can they charge £500 for an ignition control unit??? the unit in question is roughly £70, fitting takes less than 15 minutes! are you boaters being ripped off?
  5. Honda EU20i troubles

    This will be relevant to your problem. Type of oil that you use, if you have the wrong grade of oil you will have problems, if the oil is too thick there is a tendency for the cold oil to stick around the inside of the engine thus lowering the oil level momentarily also the oil foams up. I am sure that you will find that as soon as the engine is warm the problem goes away. As for this five year warranty stuff....did you know that the warranty for the 5 years only stands good if you have your generator serviced at the required intervals and you have invoicing to prove it?