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  1. Ashby Canal during Shackerstone Festival week

    Is there much to do and see at the Alvecote festival for people without interest in historic boats? Ian.
  2. Winding end of Ashby canal.

    Thanks both. Must have passed you recently then Dr Bob. It's lovely along here isn't it .
  3. Ashby Canal during Shackerstone Festival week

    All I can help with on this is that bridges 47 to 53 on the Ashby are marked as reserved for the week around the show. Ian.
  4. What is the maximum length of boat that can wind at the current canal end please? Thanks, Ian.
  5. Newbie concerns

    Hi and welcome. Can't remember seeing any actual physical violence on the canals, the odd shouting match but nothing major. As for dogs I think there are too many wandering around unleashed. Dog owners need to understand that many people do not want dogs running up to them and licking them or putting muddy paw prints on our clothes. Oh and not to mention the flipping dog that left hairs stuck to my just repainted side hatch a couple of days ago.
  6. Diesel etc Ashby canal.

    Thanks, Ashby boats it'l be then on my way back down next week.
  7. Wood veneer.

    It says do not use on veneer on the side of my tin of Danish oil.
  8. Diesel etc Ashby canal.

    Best place to buy diesel and pump out from please? Thanks, Ian.
  9. Wood veneer.

    Thanks for replies. I will leave it as it is then. I just wondered if I should be treating it with anything but seems not. Cheers,Ian.
  10. Thoughts on this boat?

    Narrow craft boats look very, very like Amber boats. I have one and it's flipping brilliant. Good spec with aquadrive and decent engine. Neat electrics and well fitted out. I think there was a relationship between the two companies at one time. If you like it buy it, it's a reasonable price.
  11. Wood veneer.

    Our ten year old boat has oak veneer panels. They look good but do they need to be treated with anything to keep them that way?
  12. K&A Trip planned

    Have been out since April cruising up and down the K&A then into London. Been through Oxford down the Thames. Now on the Ashby. I agree with your comments about some live aboard being rather standoffish. We still really enjoyed the K&A though and London. I take the view that if people want to be unfriendly then that's not my problem. I will go on waving and just grin when I get blanked. Ian.
  13. Many have their stoves burning yet?

    Going for option 4 this morning! Protective equipment will be donned..including waterproof boots and a brisk walk to the pub should ensure warmth!
  14. Yes surprising isn't it. Although I'm not sure who gets the money from the Crick show moorings? Maybe the organisers.