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  1. Guillotine locks?

    Yay for the Nene. Any excuse to post this. Peterborough to Northampton, time lapse, 2 hours video for 32 hours cruising, Youtube playlist 8 videos. HD. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEbtETsWfJ0KLd0L-T7CiheRr01hblI5L
  2. Solar panel A frame adjustable mounts

    I fitted mine so they could be tilted... They never get tilted now.
  3. What is this Empty Pounds you speak of?
  4. Bikes, boating

    I keep mine in bow under the cratch cover, there is a point I can chain it to. Mines a narrowboat, so if mine fits (full size mountain bike), then you should be able to do it on a widebeam.
  5. Battery charging with solar/engine

  6. Battery charging with solar/engine

    I dont know the answer in watts. It was stupidly cloudy yesterday. I have 330Ah battery bank, which is good for 12 hours of my normal usage (think TV being on most of the day or night). My fridge freezer seems to use about 5 or 6 amps & is mostly on, I guess its old & tired. My desktop PC with 2 monitors will use about 15A browsing the internet, or if I'm gaming can easily pull 25A. My 660W of solar at maximum can put out 48A. December 18th 1 year we had no cloud all day, & whilst I cant remember the numbers, I did work out at the time that the solar put out enough to run my fridge for 8 hours. Those 3 days of stupidly hot sunny weather, I remember waking up at 9.45 to find my batteries on float. Yesterday was abysmal, stupidly cloudy. Pretty much all day the solar was only putting out 0.6A (+/- 0.1), the highest it got to was 2.6A briefly. So I was running my engine for electric, some nob commented on how I shouldnt need to because of all the solar panels I've got, apparently he didnt seem to think sun was needed for them to work. This morning, even though it's cloudy, you cant look at where the sun is supposed to be in the sky because it's too bright, & my solar is putting out about 10A. Brightest part of the day about 5pm yesterday, FOTRN mooring Doddington, River Nene (lit the fire as well in the morning cuz it was cold!)
  7. Narrow Dog

    Wow, busy then. I remember going through Birmingham & only saw 1 moving boat in 2 days!
  8. Marina Fees and when it goes wrong

    Not all marinas are expensive. 60' mooring, residential, council tax is band A split between 6 boats (£105 pa), £2780 pa.
  9. What alternatives are there for getting the internet?

    3 plans do indeed allow tethering, it just depends which plan you are on. They used to do unlimited data including unlimited hotspot, 5000 texts & 100 mins for £20 pm, but they got rid of this, at least for the high users. I managed to get through 280Gb 1 month. I was 1 of the first to be booted off this plan! I have just taken a new 12 month sim only phone contract for £24 pm with Three. Unlimited data, 30Gb hotspot, 200 mins, unlimited texts, 12 month contract. (This compares to my previous MiFi which was £16pm for 15Gb data also Three, plus my phone was unlimited data, 2Gb hotspot, unlimited texts, 100 mins, & a new handset Note 4 for £32pm. I'm glad those contracts have finished!) You have 4 main options for data, get a MiFi, get a phone & use the hotspot, get landline phone at your mooring (if possible), use someone elses WiFi.
  10. Use the search function. Despite the fact that it is utter shite, yeah sure these questions get asked all the time, but try getting a relevant result from the search function... good luck with that. I typed every question the OP asked into the search function, the only result was this thread. Lets not forget folks, this is a forum that has been around for years, every question has been asked, even if things have changed & moved on since then. Lets have a new rule, no questions to be asked ever because they've already been asked.
  11. Lol, I read the OP & immediately thought of this See the whole thread here linky
  12. Shower pump switch

    I'm confused now, some are saying don't use a 240V switch while another says it's ok. I too have a whale gulper for my shower waste pump. I wired it up with a bog standard light switch from Screwfix. So is this ok or not?
  13. MPPT controller

    Perfectly happy with my 30A Tracer Bn 3215 which according to Bimble are made by the same factory who make the Outback. Currently £145 from Bimble, I have 2 (& 4 165W panels) http://www.bimblesolar.com/offgrid/mppt/Tracer3215BN 2 panels wired in series into 1 controller, & then the same again. Link to panels showing their spec - http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/301063511827 If price is an issue you can always start small say with just 2 panels & 1 controller, & then later add 2 more of the same with a 2nd controller. Like I said I have 4 of these panels on a 58' boat. I could fit 2 more, but then I'd have nowhere to put my coal & wood.
  14. Mastervolt combi 12/2500-100 fault

    I thought my Mastervolt inverter/charger was going faulty, it wouldnt recognise shore power. It would go through its start up routine & the AC present light would flash, but then nothing. Turned out to be a faulty RCD, the test button would trip it, but it wasnt letting enough electric through to do anything with.
  15. Diesel in the fresh water tank

    Perhaps it's a new sinister twist in enforcement practises... tongue in cheek obviously hence the rolly eyes smiley