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  1. Historic Boats for sale online

    re Betty or should that be Oh Betty. Hmmmm? Like Ray T Struggling with this but then again it's not unlike some wooden boats where the only historic bits are the iron bits...
  2. Nr Bulls Bridge - Side Arm

    Looking at the map with those mounds and isolated buildings does look like gun powder/ munitions. I have found an earlier map and the arm went, moat like, around a piece of land marked as "powder magazines". http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/maps/?layer=nineteenth&xMin=3305088.972243333333257542108185589313507080078125&yMin=2792971.784193333333257542108185589313507080078125&xMax=3308542.305576666666742457891814410686492919921875&yMax=2796425.117526666666742457891814410686492919921875
  3. Nr Bulls Bridge - Side Arm

    The Children's home was former barracks from Napoleonic era 1799 - 1815
  4. Nr Bulls Bridge - Side Arm

    Barrack Row and Ordnance House might be a clue - Gunpowder manufacturing/munitions? http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17.609999999999996&lat=51.4962&lon=-0.3972&layers=168&b=1
  5. Grand Union books

    I was thinking '37/'38 too.
  6. Bucklersbury first .
  7. Grand Union books

    I am a little slow...the head office as published in the book is Port of London Building. Does anyone know when they moved there before moving again to Ruislip?
  8. Is it the address that is wrong with Fulbourne and should be the "Port of London Building" address?
  9. Grand Union books

    No headlights on the butties.
  10. Grand Union books

    It's not a reprint as the books are not the same, similar but not the same.
  11. Grand Union books

    Looking through the George and Mary the is a picture of Baldock loaded with cars and in the second book is what looks like the same scene but from a different angle with the butty Lambourne. The would date the book as post July 1936. It's a start.
  12. Grand Union books

    In my second book there are no adds from either Harland and Wolff and Yarwood's.
  13. Grand Union books

    Both of these books seem pretty old. The second book says it was printed for the GUCC but no date.
  14. Grand Union books

    What about the later one (I think it is later).
  15. Grand Union books

    That was my thought but I was hoping that someone out there knew the exact year.