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  1. In the first picture, the left wooden gunwale is missing from most of the cabin and part of the hold.
  2. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    I was told that these pins were for holding but the butty boat but as I was always on the motor have never use them, I don't think that there are meny left now. Oh, and I too have never tripped over one even though I am on the small side - but not small enough to stand under the balance beam. Just in case you were wondering.
  3. Extant full length butty's and horse boats

    That's odd, trying to think about what I used to call boats and I find that I an not at all consistent. Here goes - big Woolwich and large Northwich - now why should that be. As far as I can remember that is how I have always called these boats...
  4. Klaxon Klaxet 12v

    Cheers for that. All done now and back on the boat!
  5. Chimney chain

    Yep, they look like the real thing to me, all mk VI and dated 1941 - bob on. The double link versions are earlier mk VI from around 1940.
  6. Klaxon Klaxet 12v

    Paint is off it was the workings I wanted out. Cheers
  7. Klaxon Klaxet 12v

    I have an old, 1920s ish, Klaxet and I wanted to give it a good coat of paint as it has not had one since new. The thing is how to take out all the gubbin's from the cast bit? Cheers and merry Christmas. fittie
  8. Historic Boats for sale online

    re Betty or should that be Oh Betty. Hmmmm? Like Ray T Struggling with this but then again it's not unlike some wooden boats where the only historic bits are the iron bits...
  9. Nr Bulls Bridge - Side Arm

    Looking at the map with those mounds and isolated buildings does look like gun powder/ munitions. I have found an earlier map and the arm went, moat like, around a piece of land marked as "powder magazines". http://www.visionofbritain.org.uk/maps/?layer=nineteenth&xMin=3305088.972243333333257542108185589313507080078125&yMin=2792971.784193333333257542108185589313507080078125&xMax=3308542.305576666666742457891814410686492919921875&yMax=2796425.117526666666742457891814410686492919921875
  10. Nr Bulls Bridge - Side Arm

    The Children's home was former barracks from Napoleonic era 1799 - 1815
  11. Nr Bulls Bridge - Side Arm

    Barrack Row and Ordnance House might be a clue - Gunpowder manufacturing/munitions? http://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/#zoom=17.609999999999996&lat=51.4962&lon=-0.3972&layers=168&b=1
  12. Grand Union books

    I was thinking '37/'38 too.
  13. Grand Union books

    I am a little slow...the head office as published in the book is Port of London Building. Does anyone know when they moved there before moving again to Ruislip?
  14. Is it the address that is wrong with Fulbourne and should be the "Port of London Building" address?