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n/b potty harry

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    north west
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    rugby league,boating,

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  1. Marina decisions!!

    hi ive just booked my boat potty harry in aston marina it seems okay if u book in this month u pay last years price alan m
  2. i thought i was the only brickie afloat,?

  3. Marina recommendations please

    hi there,tatenhall marina near chester is good & safe
  4. hi terry if u are still after cassete for telford toilet drop me a line i have got a new one for sale

  5. theres a couple asking about burscough boats thinking of buying one you should tell her about rose & trouble they are haveing go on her email address in boating bye for now,

  6. hi thanks for accepting me as a friend, we are moored other side of reception on shocklach :)

  7. Lakeland Leisure - Tattenhall

    I would like to second that,we are getting there bit by bit not quite 100% yet,time will tell.
  8. elo mr b, thanks for that, we are moored at tatenhall at moment ,we have been there for 12 months in jan so just looking around,the wife likes ur marina it is the dearest of the lot(trust the wife ) and im just a poor builder,

  9. hi there a lot of people have put me of uplands saying its to crowded, in at tatenhall at present so just looking around, like u say u need a pub near by,

  10. venetian marina

    hi boaters, whats the feedback for value for money & service at venetian marina the position is good & a lot cheaper than the marina next door,?
  11. Aston marina

    thanks for that slammer,could do with some now,i will catch me own going now to pick wife up from work thanks all boaters,
  12. Toilets

    wats the height of pain, teeth marks in lav door.
  13. Aston marina

    yea it seems okay on screen but need to speak to someone who is moored there at tatenhall at moment but like all moorings you can turn left or right when out for weekend and you do run out of ideas and want a change of scenery the names alan by the way thanks you lot .
  14. Aston marina

    hi all u good boaters can anyone tell me if aston marina is worth a drive up to see is it okay , thinking of looking around next year for a new mooring.thanks
  15. Scarisbrick Marina on The L&L