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  1. Lister Petter parts

    That's what mine was. I think the connection was a size not made since 1950 - when it came it looked like they'd fished it out of the back of a drawer where it had lain unwanted for half a century.
  2. Lister Petter parts

    I got a fuel pipe unobtainable anywhere else for a Lister SR2 from Sleeman & Hawken, The Diesel Centre, Broadmeadow Ind est, Teignmouth, Devon TQ14 9AE, Tel 01626 778266. www sleeman-hawken.co.uk. Very helpful they were too in tracking down the right part, emails of various possibilities sent to make sure i got the right one.
  3. Winter moorings question

    Thank Christ for that.
  4. Winter moorings question

    Well, you know me so well. Actually, you are the one hiding on internet forums - at least I have the bottle to put my name to my posts and my boat name as well. You, however, just mouth off while hiding behind a pseudonym (that mean "a made up name", if you've thrown the dictionary out of your pram with your dummy). Been to London, eh? Cor. None of us have ever done anything like that. Big city somewhere down south, isn;t it? Look, it's winter. You chose to live on a boat. You chose to be a continuous cruiser, which is a nice thing to be. Just relax and enjoy it, and don't run and jump on the towpath, it could be slippy. It's odd though, the only other poster I can remember with a tone like this had a similar posting name and has since departed to the other place. Anyone else spotted the resemblance? As I seem to recall that personal attacks are verboten, this being a discussion forum not pit contest, I've reported that post.
  5. Yes, but the old moorings were appalling - you couldn't get anywhere close to the bank and the rocks on the bottom ground away at the boat all the time. Nor could you get within a couple of feet of the bank where the water points were situated - and they were the only marked visitor moorings anyway. The new pontoon moorings are pretty good. I agree about the water point!
  6. Open Canal Map ANDROID app Beta testers

    I agree - keep this simple for navigation. Pubs and shops and so on can, for example, be found on OpenStreet based maps such as (on Android) maps.me, when it is all stored offline anyway.
  7. Winter moorings question

    Bit hard to crack your head on a lock, then, isn't it? You've only got Bosley and one stoplock, and plenty of miles in each direction to do your 14 day moves before you reach another one. Good mooring and shops at Macc, Bollington, Marple, and on the Peak Forest on the upper and at Congleton and the junction on the lower, plus a trip through the tunnel to Stoke should the mood take you. Not exactly stuck for lock-free cruising, should you want to do it continuously, like your agreement with CRT says. Complaining about locks on the Macc is a bit like whinging about the swing bridges on the Ashby... Mind you, if you do decide to have a go at Bosley when it's icy (or raining apparently - just as dangerous, I understand), you do get twelve opportunities do do something stupid. And they're a pain in the bum to do on your own, even in sunshine.
  8. Winter moorings question

    Actually, what I do find weird is that, assuming you take winter as from the beginning of November to the end of February, that's three months, or round about 12 weeks. This mean that to be totally compliant with absolutely everything, a CCer would only have to get on the back of their boat, start the engine and shift their boat a few miles along the cut six times in those three months, maybe seven if they didn't want to leave it to the last minute. And of course there are stoppages which can stop them moving anyway, as well as the possibility of iceing up. No doubt someone will come along and tell me why someone who says they are continuously cruising can't move that often, but you can see why it might be hard to convince CRT. My first wife said I was a total b**tard who overcompensated.
  9. Winter moorings question

    I deny I was bitching about continuous cruisers with no real boating experience - some of them are pretty good, and realise that they live in the real world. Others look for any excuse to badmouth CRT and just want an excuse (ee, it's raining! In England! And it's cold! In winter!) to stay put for weeks on end in prime spots. Of course ice is a good reason not to move. Frost isn't really, unless you have locks to do, and it hangs around all day, which this winter it hasn't. Yet, anyway. But it's strange how quick some people are to start stirring up the old canard about the rift between continuous cruisers and home moorers, which as far as I know only exists in the minds of one or two continuous cruisers - I've never heard a home moorer say anything of the sort,, and, in fact, only one or two CCers on here, never in real life. But then I've only had my boat thirty years, lived on it on and off, so what the hell do I know? I'm glad to see though from your last sentence that you agree that CRT treat the safety of boaters as paramount. And nice alliteration in the first one, I do like a literate rant, though if you'd substituted "bollard" for "mooring" it would have been even better.
  10. Blacking

    Same here round the Macc, except mine's always been bitumen so I guess it always will be.
  11. Open Canal Map ANDROID app Beta testers

    I'm not surprised - Android seems to change it's filing systems on a whim between versions, and as no-one ever updates the systems on older tablets (mine must be at least a year old now!) I can't see how anything can work on everything. I might go back to the old system and see if that works better after all. I seem to have enough memory anyway to store the bits of map I need.
  12. Open Canal Map ANDROID app Beta testers

    Not on my tablet, I'm afraid. Android 6 allows you to amalgamate the internal and external memory into one lump for most purposes, but it does let you move programs specifically to the external storage in some cases. It's still not giving me the option here, stores everything on the internal memory still.
  13. Any recommended canal guide book

    I do...
  14. Any recommended canal guide book

    I still like the old real paper Nicholsons, but then they've got all sorts of useful scribbles in the margins now, and all the nicest mooring places marked. Really annoys me when I get to one of them and found some inconsiderate sod has moored up in MY place.
  15. Stuck in Cheshire looking for ideas.

    Trickier though with about forty boats moored in front of you. You do tend to collect a few chimneys and TV aeriels...