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  1. what jobs do people have (without sounding nosey)

    I play trombone, fiddle and guitar though rarely all at the same time. My friend Don was a professional jazz fiddle player while living on a boat and managed OK.
  2. The true license evaders

    Actually, I think it's the original premise that's wrong - most of us, CCers or home moorers, pay our licences and don't really worry too much about those who don't. I've never heard anyone, in thirty years of boating, kick off about unlicensed boaters though I have heard loads of moaning about dredging, lousy mooring practices, bust facilities, broken locks and thoughtless driving. It's one of those nonsense subjects that raises the hackles of about three people who make a lot of noise. The rest of us just quietly get on pottering about.
  3. Water tank treatment

    I reckon it's that cold down there (my tank's below the waterline) in winter it'll kill anything particularly nasty. Run most of the water out in Spring and refill. Not died yet, though I probably will sooner or later.
  4. BCN Moorons

    Nice to read such a non-judgemental post...
  5. Paperwork tips for buying a boat please

    Bought mine thirty years ago on a handshake, no paperwork whatsoever. I've actually still got the receipt, but as we forgot to date it can't actually remember when it was. As no-one's yet come to ask for the boat back, I think I'm OK.
  6. Bad Fishermen

    Or maybe they like fishing and eating a sandwich .
  7. Poor Hot Water Flow - Buy a 40psi Jabsco Par Max 4??

    If you're controlling the water temp at the taps, as soon as you turn on the cold you will reduce the water pressure to the Rinnai, and if it's on 5 there probably won't be enough to keep it alight. I find mine gives me a decent shower temp at 3 in summer and 4 in winter, depending on the temp of the water in the tank. My Rinnai won't run hot and cold taps at the same time on my Jabsco pump, and nor did the one I had before.
  8. Thank you, Nigel, for the quick reply.
  9. Anyone know what happened? The hearing was 1 November, I think.
  10. Bad Fishermen

    Me too... more or less all the way to Tixall they were!
  11. River canal Rescue, worth joining?

    So far, the engineers they've sent me on a couple of breakdowns have been useless, knowing nothing about Listers and mostly just walking away. But.... They've paid two grand towards my gearbox rebuilds so I reckon I'm well ahead of the game.
  12. Bad Fishermen

    This is as it was when I was there. I see now there are two bollards at the far end, where the broken down boat is. There was nowhere else to tie to - I think I shoved a rope between a couple of broken planks. Someone told me it was there for fishermen not boats. The CRT sign wasn't very informative and didn't say it was a recognised CRT mooring at that time, but it's definitely now marked on my map as one. The "Welcome" sign in the pic above certainly wasn't there then and I shoved off to Vale Royal as soon as I could as it felt pretty unfriendly.
  13. Bad Fishermen

    When I went down there a few years ago, there was no way of actually mooring to the dock outside the Red Lion and I was told by someone there that it was purely a facility for fishermen. So he may well have believed it, and it may even have ben true once upon a time. Are there now bollards or mooring rings on the dock? Because there weren't when I was there. The pub was also seriously dodgy but i gather it's improved a lot since.
  14. Tripadvisor

    Well that makes a change. Last time I was there single handing, they watched me all the way up, one of them walking past every now and then, and finally when I got to the top and they actually opened a gate for me, gave me a bollocking for my locking technique!
  15. Tripadvisor

    I suppose you just basically expect people to do their jobs properly. You thank them and move on. It's when they don't do it right that it needs mentioning. Seems a bit unfair but that's the way it is...