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  1. Touching Up Bodywork

    how good is the paint he left behind ? if the seal on the tins wasn't too good it could be a bit 'lumpy' and not produce the finish you might of liked. Might be best to get new tins with good quallity paint in. Anyway, it's a bit late for painting this time of year so would be best to leave this till the spring ?
  2. boat painter

    A decent paint job tends to cost around £100 per foot so that costing must be for a 15 foot boat
  3. Stove air gap

    Silver foil fixed to the sides of the hearth immediatly to the sides of the stove do a great job of reflecting the heat. I tried it and couldn't believe how cold the tiles were behind it , it doesn't look too great but it works very well. Could be a solution if you're concerned about the hearth of your own boat.
  4. Non slip tape for the gunnels

    It looks nice but I'd be happier if the sanded surface went right to the gunnel edge. Personnaly I prefer to have the whole gunnel surface sanded to provide the best grip possible.
  5. Jabsco pump running on

    http://www.mmbalmainauto.com.au/PDF/State_of_charge_12_volt_batteries.pdf Chart shows batteries at 12V only have only 25% capacity which is very low indeed. 11.8V means that they are completely discharged which indicates that the batteries appear to be shot.
  6. Is overplating really that bad?

    So if the significant hull work in 10 years didn't get picked up in a recent survey then who decided it was necessary ?
  7. Is overplating really that bad?

    I think if you're boat sinks due to the condition of the hull then insurer will reject any claim due to lack of maintenance
  8. Insulating the engine space?

    I've put insulation on the ceiling of the engine bay of my trad, more to keep the engine room insulated during cold snaps than preventing condensation.
  9. New livery

    Very nice, looks like you got a great finish. A couple of questions, did you use any thinners with your paint and whose paint did you use ?
  10. Inverter Will Not Shut Off

    If the switch on the unit won't turn it off then can only assume it's knackered and none replaceable. IMO options are 1) Fit an isolation switch on the 12V in 2) Replace the inverter
  11. Ting ting...

    And some people have that ting sound configured on their mobile phones when they receive a message so people on the towpath think the ting noise is someone receiving a text instead of a cyclist approaching. So bringing back the "brrrring brrrrring" noise is a good idea IMHO.
  12. Borg Warner Velvet Drive oil strainer

    There may not be after all, found this which seems to show the strainer assembley with a note that it is only used on some 10-17 (71C) models only. I assume area A they are refering to is the coolant return port at the bottom of the drive. Whilst trying to dig out the non existant strainer there was no debris of any kind in the coolant return port area and the oil was discoloured but didn't contain any visible particles which was encouraging.

    There are 2 types of rollers as far as I am aware, emulsion rollers and acrylic rollers and I assume it is the emulsion rollers you are using which are not the correct choice for acrylic paint ? I had the same happen to me when I first started painting my boat.
  14. Gloss paint on underwater hull

    I DIY epoxied my boat last year (well, the important parts anyway) without gritblasting using a rotary blaster mounted in a drill. This was over 12 months ago and it all appears to be still intact including the entire waterline which only survived a few months when using normal bitumen.
  15. Changing the oil in my Borg Warner Velvet Drive and thought I'd have a go at cleaning the oil strainer located in the coolant return connection. However , removing the cooler hose return connection, the drain assembly came out but couldn't find any sign of the strainer so assume this is located further in. In the manual it states you have to reach into the opening with a suitable tool but fails to mention what this tool is. I made up a piece of wire with a hook at the end hopeing this would pull it out but to no avail. I assume if it's been in there a while it won't shift easy anyway. I suppose there is the prospect of the strainer not being present of course. So what have other people used to get the strainer out and how easy was it?