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  1. Enfield Z Drive

    Petrol engines on a boat are a problem. Make sure that you use an earthing strop to avoid static electric spark when filling. Make sure that you use the vapour clearing fan to remove any explosive fumes from the bilges. Better still change the engine for a diesel. I used a set of mole grips to pull the locking pin.
  2. Advice on the Ouse

    Neap (low) tides are easy big floods and high fresh water are difficult. 58 foot you can get up to Rippon fantastic journey. Coming back to Selby turn below the two bridges and stem the tide until level with the lock for an easy and controlled entry. The Ouse was our first river trip and we made all the mistakes went out on a big tide and shot through the bridges like a rocket. Coming back again on a big tide started turning level with the lock and found ourselves well downstream, from cruising with a tide of 5 knots and the boat speed of 5 knots to almost stopped struggling to make it back up to the lock the boat in front pinged off the lock like a ping pong ball but I slowed right down as soon as I got in the lock slack water. Later we saw a little springer turn above the lock and enter with none of the fuss. Nun Monkton was one of our favourite villages to visit you have to scramble up the bank but worth the effort.
  3. trailer with surge brakes

    Nose weight is what keeps a trailer stable. If you load a boat with a heavy outboard on the back the trailer will snake as 50mph and you could loose it.
  4. Project 31, gear selection problems

    The worm drive to lift the leg is on the left on the 2nd photo. I suspect that you will have to unbolt the steering arm when you start to swivel the leg. If you use a slipway it is important to swivel the leg to avoid damage. I removed my leg in the water but had to ballast the front of the boat to lift the fitting out of the water. Then I sent it by Red Star (rail) to Bob Knowl's at Leicester he repaired it, replaced the broken yoke and most of the gears drove down to Skipton and refitted cost £1000. 1985.
  5. Project 31, gear selection problems

    www.chertseymeadsmarine.co.uk/enfield-drives/ lifting the z drive will not solve your problem. Disconnect the gear cable and attempt to move the leaver on the drive itself. The locking pin will be on the right side looking back level with the drive shaft. www.boatservicehaarlem.nl/enfield-outdrive.pdf . You can see the locking pin looking from the back of the boat. arrowed.
  6. Journey through Manchester and beyond....

    Need to wake up early to beat the yobs on the Ashton down to Picadilly but stay a day in Manchester take in a theatre and eat in China Town. early start to do the locks up to the Rose. The Huddersfield is a world beater with the villages and the Stannedge Tunnel
  7. Project 31, gear selection problems

    video the legs from inside the engine bay and the top of the legs. and post.
  8. Project 31, gear selection problems

    the legs rotate to access the prop, there is a locking pin inboard and a worm drive using what looks like a starting handle. If you remove the gear cable and push pull the leaver on the top of the legs you can check if the gear selector works if not then you probably need to remove the legs and have them serviced. The morse gear leaver has different slots or holes which you use to adjust the cable as they do stretch
  9. Traveling on a canal at night?

    Being dislectic I was very annoyed when my sister bought me an awful speller dictionary. 60 years later I think it was a good idea. But back to the main subject BWB used to discourage the use of locks at night on the grounds of safety. Navigation lights are regulated by laws red/green port and starboard white to the rear each light covering 1/3 of the circle tunnel lights are not mandatory but useful.
  10. Widebeam Liveaboard Location

    From Elsmere Port you could go out onto the Manchester ship canal and across the Mersey but not very easily. Look at mooring on the Bridgewater, which will allow you to access the L&L and the Rochdale. and if your boat is under 57ft down the Calder and Hebble. Preston Brook Marina would serve your needs.
  11. CCing in a widebeam

    While renting a mooring at Gargrave BWB sent the licence renewal form for £700 but invited us to go CCing. With a 62ft by 13ft 6 inch we set off stopped by being too long to get through Linton lock on the Ouse which was a shame as we loved the run to Rippon. went as far south as Foxton visiting Sheffield and the river Anchome off the Humber. L&L to Liverpool calling in at the Grand National, The Bridgewater into Manchester We spent 7 years in the North, then got craned out at Liverpool Marina and dropped in at Worcester. up to Stratford on Avon and down to Bristol 2 years on the K&A then up to Stortford and a year on the Thames then up the Grand Union. Never pass a pub without calling in never pass a village without a wander.
  12. 78ft barge crane lifting

    you can use displacement calculus for weight 1 cubic meter = 1 Tonne, treat the bow and stern as triangles Length x width x depth. = volume
  13. 78ft barge crane lifting

    I do not think it will have been lifted in with a crane because of the cost a 60 ton crane can only lift 60 ton at the centre pin when it jibs out the ability drops quickly. I hired a 120 ton crane 10 years ago it cost £1500. Most 70 foot locks are bigger than that but you have to be careful.
  14. Blackburn advice

    Wigan market for steak and cowheel pies, Blackburn market for the Sarsaparillla stall, Burnley marker for Black puddings sold hot, Barnolswick pronounced barlik for good cafes Skipton for hot pork pies down springs branch. people tend to tip their heads back to catch the juice and walk into the canal.
  15. canoe etiquette?

    Wile we might squabble over coll regs which apply to tideways the greatest danger to a canoeist is being capsized and pulled into the propeller and killed. Our duty as boaters is to keep everybody safe and be aware of the dangers. Watching Steve Backshall and his wife training in the fast canoe it shows how unstable these boats are.