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  1. So the best part of £100k in costs so far (#278) Thats a HUGE ask for a crowd funding project.
  2. CRT pass new Waterways Law

    Who mentioned Act? It is in the old bylaws for BW which, I believe, were adopted en mass by CRT.
  3. CRT pass new Waterways Law

    Bylaw 29 seems to cover it from reading the relavent bylaws.
  4. This sounds like a sensible move and may not be so difficult to regulate.....you just have to follow the ads that these people use to find the boats and check their licence status
  5. Point is you are in a public place, the canal and towpath, and not a private garden, so it goes with the territory!
  6. Skylight wanted

    Properly called a pigeon box rather than a skylight. Might help if you do a Google search for builders.
  7. View from London

    Surely Mr OP.....you are the ostrich!
  8. Build dates

    Someone on a boating fb page is asking for help establishing when a boat they are hoping to buy was built. The broker gives one date but CRT are saying it was registered many years earlier. This made me think. If a boat hull is fabricated one year, but it is not fully fitted out and used until, say 5 years later, when was the boat 'built'? When the steel hull was fabricated? When the fit out was completed? When it first went into the water? When it was first licenced? Opinions........
  9. Friends from Norway and Denmark have used my boat. Would have thought Norway in particular would be a good market, I know quite a few people there who have 'canaled' in England.
  10. Injunctive Relief

    My licence needs renewing at the end of the month so after reading this thread I thought I would look at the licence application form. When you sign the application form you accept the terms and conditions ( there is no tick box to accept or refuse) If this person has not signed the form because he does not agree with the terms and conditions then he has not made an application therefore he has not licenced his boat. Perhaps it is not CART that have refused his licence but he who has refused to licence his boat. Surely in these conditions CART are following the proper course of action. Have I got this wrong? Is it as simple as this?
  11. Edited......because I didnt read the thread title !!!
  12. section 8 canning dock ?

    I hope that Tony answers this by starting with the three words...."In my opinion...". Much as he has a good knowledge of law it remains only his opinion until a court decides.
  13. section 8 canning dock ?

    Come on guys..... In my opinion.... Allegedly....
  14. section 8 canning dock ?

    Sorry.....you forgot to add.......In my opinion ;-)