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  1. Reactions - What do you think?

    Given the number of people who said they didn't receive the email vs those who did, I'd say "mailshots" are probably not worth the hassle of doing. You'd not be able to send it to those who opt-out either, for example. Then there's no guarantee it would be received, noticed, read, or understood! The forum itself can provide announements or important info.
  2. Reactions - What do you think?

    I didn't receive it either. I vaguely remember something about reconfiguring the mail system so not only does it not send out mass emails, but the "component" which would do the mass sending out if it were enabled, was crippled in a very permanent way, such that if ever the site were hacked again and spammers tried to piggyback onto the mail system, their spam emails would get precisely nowhere. But it was a while ago so I don't remember any of the details - it might have been the Indians at the last hosting company which did something only they know how to, to disable it.
  3. Business licence fees ?

    Maybe a hire boat licence is a type of commercial one then, not a standard pleasure boat one?
  4. Height of bridges

    Truth is, you can't, because the water level of canals can vary; and in any case, rarely are bridges horizontal, they are normally arched, so its to do with the profile of the bridge vs the profile of the boat; and an allowance for maneuvring or inaccuracy in lining it up etc. Also the air draft will change due to (mainly but also other stuff) water tank contents, diesel tank contents, any other tanks, how many on board etc. And of course squat (but you'd never rely on squat to get through a low bridge unless you were bonkers, of course!). Also if there's a hidden obstruction underneath a bridge (in the water on the bottom, or on the edge possibly) it could throw the boat's direction, or raise it, or one side, etc so you'd need a bit of wiggle room. 8 foot sounds on the high side to me, I'd personally just avoid an 8ft high narrowboat rather than be constantly worrying about bridges. But others may vary.
  5. Unjustifiable marina costs

    Am I the only one who went through their mooring contract, spotted a few terms like this, had a chat with the marina manager then crossed them out and signed it?
  6. Planned Maintenance 28/7/17

    Anything which is https isn't cached by a local web browser. So its not worth simply blanket applying it everywhere, if its going to be public domain stuff anyway it may as well be http. There's a LOT of data sent from the web server which need not be secure, and a bit that is.
  7. Determining prop nut size

    I thought there were (at least) 2 variations of common prop shaft size out there, from different manufacturers, and the angle of the taper is ever so slightly different. Fit the wrong prop to the wrong shaft (okay...technically right prop to wrong shaft, you know what I mean...) and they might appear to fit but are destined to work loose over time. Hence the surprise when you lose your nut, engage reverse and whizz!!!!!!!! The prop flings about 20 feet backwards out the boat at speed (okay, it won't do that, it will hit the rudder).
  8. I wasn't aware you can simply "add a car" to a policy, unless its a multi-car policy of some kind. Basically, any no-claims bonus you have can only be applied to one car (insurance policy) at a time, and they normally ask you to start another policy....with zero NCB (unless you somehow had 2 policies before anyway). Will probably be quite expensive.
  9. Reactions - What do you think?

    I meant client-side resources - a lot of the time, I'm running other software which I don't want to close, and Firefox gets slower and slower. I know its only a portion, but this forum is one of the slowest to load/render, having animated graphics where none are needed can't help.
  10. Reactions - What do you think?

    So, we have 5 little graphic faces (emoticons, I think they're called) and a love heart, or the "old" greenie? I prefer to express myself using the traditional way of typing in something, using the English language. I reckon they're a gimmick gone to far, and one which nibbles away at finite resources (such as memory heap and CPU time, etc) and they won't last the test of time. Would be interested to know if they can be, and indeed how much of the version 4 crap, can be turned off.
  11. Character assassination

    Were there a large number of 12 year olds which demanded the change, possibly? Too slow, too shit, FFS bite the bullet and move to vBulletin board sooner rather than later, Invision are taking the piss and have been doing for a while now, time to vote with your feet.
  12. "Barge falls off trailer"

    See reply on other thread - suggest all three threads are merged sooner, rather than later.
  13. "Barge falls off trailer"

    I think they're aluminium aren't they? So likely, within the 3.5 tonne limit. I imagine the police will be taking a keen interest in the exact weights etc.......
  14. Vandalism on The Walsall Canal

    A circular saw?
  15. That's my point, partly. Even taking into account that there's elements of the judgement which you think are illogical or wrong based on the evidence, putting these to one side are they incidental or pivotal to the main thrust of the judgement, in that the main navigable channel need not mean exactly the same thing in different Acts or documents; such that, the basic fact is a licence is needed bank-to-bank and to not do so would be unworkable, so could never have been the intention of the legislators. Whilst you're keen to point out the illogical bits, based on the evidence, there's an amount of what the judge basically dismissed/didn't believe/labelled as lies/etc (choose your own weighting or phraseology) regarding Leigh selling the boat, still paying for a licence even though he didn't own it, then buying back the same boat, etc etc and then simply ignoring the notices and/or not engaging with CRT in an effort to resolve, until they took the action of removing the boat.