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  1. Hot water

    Yes you can buy them off the shelf I personally bought mine online. They are pretty big but you can get smaller ones that are only 15 tubes but they do go up to 30 tubes or more it depends on your requirements. Mine cost about 600 quid and I got it next day.
  2. Buying a new boiler

    I thought my first entry shgould be about something I know about so I thought a quick guide on buying a new boiler might help some of you on the site. First of all look at your current system and your heating and hot water requirements. Unless you have it is generally not a good idea to change your whole system. For example, changing from a system boiler to a combi maybe more trouble and money than it is worth. If you are not bothered by a bit of inconvenience and you live in a flat with one bathroom go for a combi. They are very popular nowadays are great for homes with small hot water requirement. System boilers on the other hand are good for families with larger hot water requirements. Always get a couple of quotes for a new boiler and make sure they are Gas Safe registered engineers and not some cowboy trying his luck. Be sure to look up the price of the boiler you have been quoted for online and even post the quote online to see what other people think. A new boiler can last many years and cost thousands so make sure you get the best one you can afford perferably from a trusted brand with guarantees.