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  1. Load of balls that is! What about cupboards?! Theyve just listed an overhead cupboard at £300 - right! Go to any decent joiner and you're looking at nearly 10 times that for a couple of cupboards Decent inverter for a liveaboard with modern electrics that you will need as a liveaboard - £425??! Is that for a 300w one from maplin? Fully fitted kitchen for £1100? Worktops (which theyve listed as worktop tiles) a £155?? Stuck to what?? A sheet of 9mm ply??! What about your gas connection? Mattress £180?? Carpet 200??? Really?? Its stupid articles like that which give people the idea they can just buy a boat and do it out like you would a house without running into the problems and the associated costs that boats do invariably end up costing!
  2. Suitcase generator

    Ok thanks guys will have a think and see if i can maybe get one a little higher rated - see how it goes
  3. Suitcase generator

    Ok keith Thanks for that. Would a 2200w generator be ok theN? Whats the consensus? It is pure sine wave too
  4. Suitcase generator

    40c is my absolute minimim! None of this "washing at 30" cr@p! Is currently not working off my quasi inverter which is why its either a brand new inverter (something i cant afford right now) or a cheap-ish generator
  5. Suitcase generator

    Hi Thanks for the responses. I can confirm it is 2200watts and not kVA. Im hoping that if the 1900w rating in my washing machine is the maximum wattage, ie , when on a boil wash(?) then the 2200w generator should cover it bearing in mind I usually wash at 40c. The machine is a Zanussi fc1200 with the dial to select temperature (quite an old model) ETA- it is an inverter / charger - a sterling pro combi Q
  6. Suitcase generator

    Hi guys Quick question for anyone that knows..... If i buy a suitcase generator, and plug it into the shoreline connection on the back of the boat, does it mean that electrics are bypassed through the inverter like when you are on shoreline? For example I hve a 1900w washing machine which i cannot use when not on shoreline as my inverter is only 1600w and quasi sine wave. I don't want to get a new mastervolt or sterling inverter as i just don't have the funds, but if i got , say, a 2200w suitcase generator, should i be able to run my washing machine on it?
  7. How to renew/ make good wood

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news and/or not much help. Its like breaking glass though and trying to find a way to make it like new!
  8. How to renew/ make good wood

    In my experience, theres not a lot you can do. There is a chemical in oak i think, which reacts with water causing the blackening and it cant really be gotten rid of. We had that issue on our original front doors and side hatch doors - the slightest bit of damp or wet and the wood goes black. We replaced all areas like that (which are prone to get wet) with sapele and if i had a new boat fitted out, i would chose ash for the cabin walls and bulkheads as oak is just a pain in the a$$! Think your best bet, despite the effort, would be to replace the panel. Alternatively, you could do what we did last year and paint the cabin walls. It really brightens it up, although, saying that, it looks in the picture above like the beading at the bottom of the wall is also stained? That wouldnt look too good painted! Im sure theres things you could try (like you said you have done) but none of them will completely eradicate it - i guess it's down to whether you can put up with the imperfection and "get over it" and if not, replace it.
  9. What could these marks be??

    Well who knowS? I cant make out if it IS dipping in the metal work( althohgh it feels smooth) or if it is a problem with the paintwork. I think like others have said, i just shouldnt worry too much - theres no blistering or bubbling, i can see my face in the paintwork when its been washed and waxed and overall, i guess i have quite a nice boat. Hhmmmmmm!!
  10. What could these marks be??

    Haha , brilliant!! maybe who knows?
  11. Canal Fashion Shoot

    Dean!!! Only just seen this. How did this all come about?! So cool!!
  12. What could these marks be??

    Often Causes Dents...Love it!l "Obsessive Causing Dents" is good too! Maybe i've imagined them up and my brain power is so strong it's materialised them?! Last year I was labelled by forum members with OSOCD... "Obsessive State of Charge Disorder "( my batteries were causing my problems!) I wonder if i can claim benefits for any of the above "disabilities"!!!!'
  13. What could these marks be??

    Lol thanks everyone. Its my OCD! Haha
  14. What could these marks be??

    Lol I will pass the comments on regarding the icing to my brother who made the cake I love marzipan! I wouldn't eat christmas cake if there was no marzipan Thanks for the comments guys. I guess maybe they have been there all along.... And ive only just noticed for some reason. My worry was that something was happening to the metal or my pAintwork was about to start flaking /bubbling up in big patches! Eeek! Guess i will just have to accept the dents maybe and sort them out when a repaint is done....in about 8 or 10 years!
  15. What could these marks be??

    Poor paint prep maybe, but the shapes or outlines are very smooth - not like something thats been done with a sander (sanding disc) which has gone through layers of paint in certain areas. Not only that, but it only had one previous paint job, so surely the layers of paint wouldn't be thick enough to "show through" like that?? Also, like i say, never really noticed them before and I've had the boat 3 years! It's like it has occurred or appeared recently??! It is on the sunny side yes... But how could that distort the metal in this way?? And is this something that has happened to other boats? Anyone know??