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  1. Help, I need a new engine!

    I don't know much about engines but mine is also a bmc 2.2. My engineer tells me a lot of the parts are easy to get hold of, and a lot of engineers love working on them. As said before, I would look to chatting to a different engineer. Joy
  2. Midlands Brokers.

    The nice little boat 'Norwind' might fit this bill? Joy x
  3. Space Invaders

    17,760, read it and weep boys!
  4. The Barge Inn at Honeystreet

    Was a nice pub, shame its gone
  5. This isn't racist...

    Must be the area you are living, both my sons love their motor bikes. There are a lot of black people on bikes here in brum. Joy x
  6. This isn't racist...

    Loving reading this. Not sure whether black or white make better singers, to me it depends on the style of song being sung, but most black people do love to sing. I sing all the time and have never been told to shut up lol. As for swimming, the chlorine in the swimming pools effects our skin and hair so much that its just not worth doing. It takes days to get my skin back to normal again, but is much worse for people who use products in their hair. Joy x
  7. Welding baseplates?

    Still in dry dock? Hope the work is going well. Joy x
  8. Been a classic silly newbie :(

    Time to update..... The work on my boat is now complete, I can only thank Iolo Lavinder for all his hard work and all the people on this forum that helped me to sort it all out. I was so lucky in the end as the ex-owner gave enough money for the welding to be completed, and also have a new tiller arm, although Iolo didn't get time to finish this, it's still much better than it was. I also need to give a shout out to Semington dock, who took us on at short notice as we were supposed to go to Bradford docks but as the canal was closed Semington took me in at very short notice, and have been great since. I would recommend the guys at Semington, Ian, Leb, Jason and Jeff if anyone needs any work done in that area of the world. As I did not need to use my money for the welding I have been able to get the guys there to do all the other work I needed doing that had taken second place to the welding. I have had the engine sorted, so no more oil leaks, lift pump problems, over heating, water leaking, yay. I also had the electrics redone as the batteries were not charging properly and i found out the leasure bateries were not connected properly. I then had 2x100 watt solar panels fitted which now means, for the warmer weather at least, i now have all the power i need and no longer sit in the dim light in the evening. I have changed her name to Thaisa, a very personal and special (and individual!) name, which to me at least, seems to suit my boat better. I will get a sign writer to put her name on properly as soon as my house is sold and I move onto her full time....soon, hopefully soon. Again Thank you to all the people on this forum who have helped me as I now have a safe boat that i can live on and be happy for a long time. A very happy Joy x Edited to say I have put up pictures in the gallery
  9. Distance learning?

    There are some free nvq 3 courses out there, well at least here in brum was a few months ago. Also if you approach your training department they may have course credits that will pay for you to complete the course for free, as long as it is work related.
  10. Been a classic silly newbie :(

    Just to update everyone, my lovely boat is having all her work undertaken as I type. I was there for the first 2 days and will go back to be there when she is refloated on Friday. The work being done is amazing I am so happy. I will post some boring pics of the work under way and completed in due time, so please be warned! Thank you to everyone for helping me keep my dream going. Joy x
  11. Portable toilet from Lidl

    Ran to lidl and got one, thanks
  12. Been a classic silly newbie :(

    Yes captain, well the boat is, I'm back in brum at work, unfortunately
  13. Been a classic silly newbie :(

    Hi Paul, yes that was us. Still having a problem with the lift pump but hopefully that will be sorted tomorrow and she will continue on her way. Was great being on her for a couple of days. Hopefully see you soon. Joy
  14. Been a classic silly newbie :(

    Built in 1976 so 36 years young