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  1. Engine Oil in Gearbox??

    Not sure what an oil shear is...but engine still starts fine and runs ok, there is just little power on the driveshaft. When you empty he oil from gearbox back to dipstick level the power is better until the oil returns to gearbox. The housing may well be half full of oil as I had to put some more back in the engine to keep te levels up on dipstick. At least 2-3 litres i would guess.. Thanks for the replies. Forgt to say engine sounds ok, with no unusual noises. Thanks
  2. Engine Oil in Gearbox??

    Apologies, yes, I should have added that info in the OP. Thanks to all for the replies, it does seem I have a major fault and an unusual on at that! For sure it sounds expensive and difficult
  3. Engine Oil in Gearbox??

    Thank you both for your replies. It was definitely from the engine as I had to drain about 750ml of black engine oil from the gearbox as it was nearly full to the top of the gearbox. It was still steady black consistency without water mixed in. It was also weeping out of small 1/2" diameter hole in flywheel housing just above the gearbox.
  4. Engine Oil in Gearbox??

    I am looking for some experienced advice please? I experienced a loss of power when cruising at steady pace, with BMC 1.5 reconditioned engine with an older PRM Gearbox. Before setting off I had checked oil level in engine and gearbox and all was correct. When lost the power I stopped and check the levels. I was amazed to find the engine oil level had reduced and the Gearbox had excess oil level. Any ideas please? Thank you.
  5. Getting battery cables made up....

    Please could you post a reference to the model you bought and where? There seems to be a lt of websites selling them, with a vast range of prices. It is good to have a recommendation on a pair. Thanks.
  6. Painting the engine bay

    I need to do the same, thanks for the advice. Did you use a red oxide primer on top of the Vactan or just paint on top of the Vactan with the grey? Leigh
  7. Are you new to boating?? CLICK HERE

    Hi Everyone on the forum, My name is Leigh and I have been fortunate enough to purchase a 48ft Cruiser Narrowboat on the Regents Canal in Little Venice, London with a mooring. The boat is very tired and in need of some TLC and renovation. I am looking forward to bringing it back to life with a refit. The forums are proving invaluable for advice and information as I am new to boating. Look forward to meeting some of you maybe in the future. Thanks Leigh