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  1. Electrical problem

    If the test button on an RCD doesn't trip it then some RCDs have a two stage trip. You need to physically turn the lever to off then physically reset it to on to switch it on. HTH
  2. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    This happened to me last season after a service with filters etc changed. About 50 hours after the service there was an occasional loss of power. This gradually got worse until the engine stalled regularly. After a lot of cranking the engine eould start then run erratically then ok for a varying amount of time ( possibly several hours) until repeating. We called RCR out three times and on the third visit their engineer discovered the fuel/ water filter bleed screw had been loosened to bleed the fuel line after a new filter was fitted and then tightened onto the sealing washer whilst the washer was off centre. This worked ok for a while but under certain conditions would leak fuel/ allow air in to the diesel feed with the associated problems. Fitting a new washer correctly got us going and it has been ok since then (summer 2016). Engine is Canaline 42 but filter housing was one fitted by boat builder separate to engine.
  3. Trailable narrow boats?

    Also remember if you passed your driving test after 1st Jan 1997 then your licence does not allow you to drive a vehicle and trailer greater than 3500 kgs or a trailer exceeding 750 kgs unless you pass an additional test. Before that date you have grandfather rights which enables you to tow over the above weights ( up to 7500 kgs)
  4. More inverter problems

    On our Victron Multi inverter/charger there is an output which is only live when on shore power so the immersion heater is wired into that. This means in the event of a power cut and the unnoticeable change over to inverter power the batteries are not subjected to an excessive load due to the immersion heater draining them. When mains power is restored this output comes live again after about 1 minute.
  5. Just a warning burton on trent

    A bit like Llangollen then. LOL (and I would be able to understand them) Cheers David
  6. Disguised £100 Thames mooring sign?

    Looking at that sign it seems to be held on by cable ties, I wonder how long it will last before being bent out of shape/ripped off/cable ties cut etc. (Not that I would ever encourage such law breaking actions) Cheers David
  7. Disguised £100 Thames mooring sign?

    I would think this is a private mooring (a bit like a private car park) and AFAIK cannot be enforced in law. If the car park notice is enforced by the council or the police then it can be enforced. The so called fine is an invitation to pay, not a summons to pay or go to court. It can only be recovered by a civil action which would be more expensive than the parking fee. Cheers David
  8. Sutton stop at a stop!!

    ish Cheers David
  9. Bow Thruster. (Girlie button)

    I have a Rose and Gin, as seen last year on a boat on the Lancaster. Cheers David
  10. Youngsters' ignorance of recent history.

    They used getaway cars which were named after them, that well known make with non working indicators, Bader Meinhoff Wagen.........BMW LOL
  11. Victron Transformer -3600 Noisy

    Hi If it hums have you tried teaching it the words....... Picks up coat on way out. David
  12. We bought a lined sail away plus additions, we are still working on it after 5 years. Is a boat ever finished? We have had a lot of time on board and several boating seasons travelling as well. Cheers David
  13. Waste Oil

    There is a council run recycling/tip about 50 yds along the road on the opposite side to the Eagle and Sun at Hanbury Junction on the W and B with the Droitwich. They also do an excellent Sunday Lunch every day of the week (cheaper during the week). Good excuse as any to stop by a pub (moorings outside or other side of bridge) Cheers David
  14. How Posh is that!

    Great if your name is Elsan.....reserved parking. LOL Cheers David
  15. Belfast

    Apparently the main armament on HMS Belfast is aimed at a motorway services not far north of London! Cheers David