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    joinery, woodturning.

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    Ambulance operator, now retired
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    Badgers Rest
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    Saul Junction (Stroudwater arm)

    Yes, this is the chap who did our work, he was exellent.

    Try R.W. Davis at Saul Junction...(no connection, satisfied customer)..
  3. Good grip boating shoes or boots.

    We have bought workshoes, which look like trainers from skechers with memory foam insoles. they have been exellent so far.
  4. Galley work top.

    sorry, still prefer to work in imperial...... The ply is close grain birch wp.
  5. Galley work top.

    the ply is 3/4 inch.
  6. Galley work top.

    At my request, the baseboard was marine plywood rather than mdf or chipboard.
  7. Galley work top.

    The company produced tops for our galley and bathroom, sinks moulded from same material so no seams or joints. they produced wall tiles as well to match. Very pleased with the outcome. they even left us with a small panel to use to repair any damage in the future.
  8. Galley work top.

  9. OK I’m back after health issues

    Vindi Boy is currently for sale, Ruston engine and boatmans cabin. it is moored near us on Stroudwater Arm, Saul. Ebay number 222687606178. Did not sell on ebay, but many photos. Ken.
  10. New Sailaway

    Happy customers here....
  11. celiaken

  12. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    One of their trading names has been banned by ebay, but they are still trading under other names.
  13. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    it may well succumb to a big hammer......
  14. Anyone got any experience with this fridge??

    Yes we have one.... useless on 12v and mains. have contacted the company who deny selling it. (you bought it on ebay it wasn't us). in fact it was and when i phoned, sorry, the boss is not here, I will get him to ring back. needless to say I'm still waiting. They seem to be trading with several different names...We do have postal address and numbers and i am soon going to visit them personally.