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  1. Spiders

    We learned to share also..... Just wish they wouldn't crap on the curtains tho
  2. Swans attack

    Just saw the other thread too....hmmmm.
  3. Swans attack

    Why do humans always want to kill natural things that don't behave as they want them to ? And just exactly what damage is a swan, with its plastic beak, no teeth, and hollow boned wings going to do to a dog full of teeth and claws, with a natural, inbred killer instinct (ie a hunter) ? Also, monetary value has no sway in the natural world, ....all animals being equal and all that...
  4. Dometic RM5310 fridge problem

    Brass thingy is the gas valve .....and yes, that is where the controlling bit happens ....
  5. Dometic RM5310 fridge problem

    That will work...I have a modified hook up lead with the live available for a clamp meter...very handy
  6. Dometic RM5310 fridge problem

    Your fridge would be iced up and food on the top shelf would probably start to freeze. If unsure I would monitor the fridge with a clamp meter ..they pull about half an amp @ 240 v
  7. Travelpower can someone explain?

    Lol...not sure where that came from Must be the coffee
  8. Travelpower can someone explain?

    The one thing that the TP wins hands down on is it's integration with the boat. It take very little space up.....and is dead easy to use....
  9. How to combat boatlessness?

    Quality reply Alan
  10. Travelpower can someone explain?

    I love mine I can run washing machine whilst cruising. Run engine for less time when charging batteries, same for getting hot water..use big power tools when out on the cut without hammering the batteries... It came fitted to the boat...but I'm not sure I would cough up for a new one , I don't think they are cheap! This is probably what I would do, for the exact reasons CT has stated here
  11. Electrician

    You could try and get the examiner who wired it to 'educate' the one who failed it!.....and then report him anyway.... As others have mentioned above he doesn't sound competent ..
  12. Dometic RM5310 fridge problem

    Yes...if you can get the fridge out ! Just a resistive heating element , one for 12v and one for 240v .. they are tucked in the side of the insulation around the boiler section of the fridge, and they connect on top of the fridge electrically. The test to see if they are the problem is again an ohms reading...around 420 iirc for a good mains one...it's probably gone open circuit if it hasn't taken the fuse out. Replacements available from online caravan spared suppliers ... Cheers
  13. Beta 43 - remote diagnosis advice

    Something wrapped around the prop maybe ?
  14. External Mains Input Socket

    They do actually exist! Sadly not common enough though...it just seems too low down the' must have' list for new buyers...and then just gets left as is I guess as the boat gets sold on ......
  15. Window frame sealant

    And.if you seal that gap ..how will the spiders get out at night to mess up your windows and catch food .....