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  1. One for canal & railway buffs.

    I'd paint under carriage, bogies and wheels on the hull side.
  2. One for canal & railway buffs.

    It would look nice with the blue BR smoking and no smoking stickers on the windows, often available at preserved railway shops.
  3. Replying to a topic

    This is it, there's no cancel button if you decide not add your post to the thread. I press F5 (refresh) which seems to do the trick.
  4. The marina that never was....

    Just write Mancetter in the box and then you can move about, zoom birdseye ect. Coventry canal and Quarry lane are there, and the farms.
  5. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Also check any fuel tap cocks like the one at the tank are fully open, Depending on the angle they're installed, they have been known to begin to close under vibration. The ball type that is, tapered plug cocks are usually too stiff for it to happen.
  6. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    If the engine runs ok with the filler cap off it means a vacuum had built up in the tank holding back the fuel.. Tank breather fault, blocked or whatever. In human body blood circulation lingo, known as a thrombosis.
  7. Engine Power Loss Issues - Any advice?

    Often missed by engine servicers is a wee fuel filter in the electric fuel pump which your Isuzu probably has. Probably behind a bayonet fitting cap on rhe end where the fuel pipes are connected to it. . A fairly common cause of breakdowns.
  8. PRM 150 Gearbox Oil

    Oil agree with that.
  9. ouch

    Railway engine wheel anti slip sanding method could be adopted. Just always keep nice dry sand in your pocket or in a salt seller and sprinkle it ahead of you.
  10. ouch

    No, I tread carefully. An idea though. I got the idea from pavements menders. The chaps who walked about on tyred knees weilding huge wooden mallets bonking the paving slabs level.
  11. ouch

    I used to make my own sandals out of old tyre treads. I found that L/R Avon traction mileage tyre treads gave the best grip on most surfaces.
  12. Boat stretch

    The rack in the torcher chamber at the Tower of London would stretch a boat. Ouch!!!!
  13. Fire Brick Advice Please

    If its the side bricks, I use ordinary Fletton house bricks in my Boatman, two each side on edge. They reduces the the grate area and save a lot of coal, but it won't be quite so hot obviousely. I don't like it too hot anyway.
  14. Lister SL3 gearbox NOT engine

    The SL and LM gear boxes had slightly different cases and different reduction gears units. The SL box had only four drillings for bolting the reduction box on the back and rhe reduction box is smaller with smaller gears and thrust bearing and also has about 1/2'' less drop than the bigger LM reduction box (as depicted) which is held on by five studs and nuts, that extra nut at the top of it.
  15. Outboard motor fuel consumption

    Like Bridgeitt Bardough.