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  1. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    Don't you believe. My mate Tommy O'Riley only uses one, he likes cream of tomato soup.
  2. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    A Thermos flask is a wonderful thing to have. It can keep things cold as well as hot. Both lovely hot soup and a choc-ice for afters for example.
  3. Bass saxophones are enormous, you have to sit down to blow it with the bowl resting on the floor. Filled with St Bruno pipe baccy they can go for hours and hours.
  4. Struggling Morso with back boiler

    Oh, yes. The one I did also had an Alde Comfort boiler in the circuit too which they never ever used, that is removed now as well. Tony Matts of Foxton boat Services was one of the main designers of the Alde comfort type of gas boilers. His old Harborough Marine hire boats ranging from a 36 footer to a 70 footer all had the heating pipe loops with no rads.
  5. Struggling Morso with back boiler

    No. The beauty of it is that to keep the pipe loop nice and warm throughout you don't need the stove roaring away like crazy because as Smiley Pete said, that by omitting the rads the heating area of the system is reduced to a point where the limited output of the Morco back boiler can cope easily with the stove stoked up and running reasonably hot. Running a Morso flat out, roaring away like a loony is likely to crack the cast iron and will burn out fire grates regularly.
  6. I thought they only had two pedals like an automatic car. And then she might be teaching the Bass saxophone or even just the paper and comb.
  7. A small electronic sympathizer type Yamaha piano can sound like a Grand pianoforte when adjusted. I knew someone who tought Yoga in a Springer Water bug.
  8. If you get the wide beam boat folk could come to you for music lessons. They would be doing the lonely path walking whilst you remain comfy on the boat.
  9. Struggling Morso with back boiler

    There is a boat here 65' long with a Morso with back boiler and long pipe loop which had radiators that didn't get very warm at all, I took the rads out and connected all the in and out's of their pipes together and it now thermo syphones perfectly and gets lovely and warm now throughout the boat and no more messing getting trapped air out of rads. As I said in my previous post just a pipe loop was the original way it was done on boats whether a solid fuel stove or gas boiler like the old Alde Comfort was used.
  10. Stainless Steel or Copper Calorifier?

    I don't know what they're set to. I do ask them if they're happy with the temperature and they've always said its ok so I've never bothered to look. The same adjustable thermostat which slides out is just swapped over each time. New thermostats don't come with those particular elements.
  11. Stainless Steel or Copper Calorifier?

    Quite so. We have a couple of boats here with Alde boilers and Sigmar stainless steel colorifiers, both around ten years old and been no trouble at all, apart from me renewing blown immersion heater elements regularly because of the very hard limey water here. The elements in the Sigmar are different from the standard domestic types being smaller diameter fitting, I think 2''BSP and are quite a bit more expensive, I've been getting 800W ones from Aquafax.
  12. Struggling Morso with back boiler

    Its surprising how lovely and warm it could be with just the length of the pipe loop, without the wretched rads. How they used to be when boat central heating began.
  13. Stove Glass Replacement

    Ensure that the channel where the seal fits in the door is scrupulousely clean, scrape it and wire brush it. The tinyest bit of grit or any old bits of old seal left in there can-will crack the glass when the retainers are tightened. Just tighten them equally, so, so, not too tight.
  14. BMC 1.5 Has my crank been re-ground?

    This used to be the case. No undersize markings meant (standard) size.