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  1. Microbore for radiators

    Or pop a Spangle acid drop from the sweet shop into each cell.
  2. Microbore for radiators

    I tend to collect it over night here when the air space is clear of stinky planes from Stansted airport which fly over here during the day at about 1500ft polluting everything with tons of exhaust, we can smell it.
  3. Microbore for radiators

    In the mean time start collecting rain water for the system and engine and save on buying distilled water, although its not expensive from motor factors. A couple of washing up bowls on the roof to collect it and transfer, filtering it through an old T shirt or something into bottles or something. I do it all the time, always have done. I use it for batteries, engines, car engines, heating the lot. My cat won't drink anything else. Many times I've mentioned this on here but not much response about it. Sometimes I use fresh river water, rather than tap water.
  4. Link belt

    Last time I wore a riveted link belt I couldn't get me trousers down for ages. I had to wear wellies. The link belts I've dealt with were on very old vintage cars where they usually only drove one thing from the crankshaft pulley, either a low output dynamo or water pump, rarely both at the same time, so belt wrap was good.
  5. Examine the boards though, they tend to get chucked about a bit and can have damage, corners usually.
  6. Shuttering ply can look nice if cleaned up and varnished. Interesting grain, Douglas fir usually I think.
  7. Yank - Books on Canalside Plant Life

    2nd from bottom, left hand side, no 95.
  8. Yank - Books on Canalside Plant Life

    I have nearly them all, I think. They're wonderful.
  9. Water in interior bilge

    Check if there are any fish swimmin about in there. If so and only a tiddler or stickleback a hole in the hull will be quite small, a hole that a bilge pump might cope with. If its a big pike or 20lb carp it will be a big hole which no ordinary cheap pump could cope with.
  10. Shore line not working

    I wouldn't like being hung upside down.
  11. Chinese Solar Controller Instructions.

    Dayright lobbery.
  12. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    Don't you believe. My mate Tommy O'Riley only uses one, he likes cream of tomato soup.
  13. Stove Fan Effectiveness Question

    A Thermos flask is a wonderful thing to have. It can keep things cold as well as hot. Both lovely hot soup and a choc-ice for afters for example.
  14. Bass saxophones are enormous, you have to sit down to blow it with the bowl resting on the floor. Filled with St Bruno pipe baccy they can go for hours and hours.