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  1. George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    yep, or Kinver Canopies. It's what they call a P.I.C.N.I.C in computer terms. Problem in chair not in computer
  2. George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    Ok, But if that is the case, I won't get them.. It's not our email address.. This is the bit you don't understand... I will only receive it at ian@kinvercanopies.co.uk or sales@kinvercanopies.co.uk I only hope the other company isn't pretending to be us to get jobs..
  3. George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    Dear Old boater I would respectfully suggest you really do need to understand what you are talking about before posting. I think you are slightly confused. I hope this will clear it up. We are, and have only ever been(since leaving Wilsons at the time of its collapse) Kinver Canopies using only emails@KINVERCANOPIES.CO.UK owned by Ian Underwood and Scott ward WE HAVE NEVER USED emails @wilsonsofkinver as this is not us. WILSONs OF KINVER used to just sell the chairs and bed sofas (Ralph Wilson) then started to do the covers with (Keith Wilson) at the point Wilson covers (or any other name you want to remember from the past) collapsed . This company was run by Ian Wilson, brother of Keith, son of Ralph. Employer of Ian Underwood and Scott Ward until 2011 (collapse of Wilson Covers) I am Ian Underwood co-owner of Kinver Canopies along with Scott Ward... No Wilsons in sight! Hope that clears that up.. I will except lack of comment any further on this matter as an understanding of what actually is correct and an apology. I also thank you for your best wishes for our future. Kind Regards.
  4. George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    They were nothing to do with us, pointless post. Please see this post to correct yourself.
  5. George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    In your opinion:) Anyway, back on topic. Hope the REST of the boat may give you some ideas that don't invoke hours of ridiculous posts and general ridicule. But I suppose I knew it would happen, don't think I've ever seen a post on a forum that hasn't been subject to 'daytime drivel' oh, now I'm in danger of sending us off topic again!
  6. George Clarke's amazing spaces.

    Hi Guys Just to let you know. George Clarkes amazing spaces broadcast tonight at 8pm on Channel 4 features a narrowboat that they asked us to fit a pram on. I'm not sure how the final boat ended up looking but when we did our bit the boat needed 'some' work to say the least. I twill be nice to see the finished project. And hopefully it could give all you re-fitters out there some ideas. Happy new year all, love Kinver Canopies
  7. Dory or Punt/ working boat

    Hi All. I've got a friend who works in landscaping. They need to clean a wall around a lake and asked if I knew where the could get ( pay for) a boat they could work out of. Needs to be a sort of flat bottomed Dory/punt type thing. I've seen a few on my travels abandoned in boat yards/ marinas but can't remember where. Anyone know where there is one for sale or that could be for sale? Friend is based in Oxfordshire but could obviously collect item. Any other suggestions would also be welcome... all smart arse replies about my flat bottom will be ignored . Thanks in advance
  8. Mold,Mildew and Algae affected cover owners wanted.

    Hi Haggis It's Kinver Canopies Algae Zapper different ingredients to W+F to allow for materials used on but a similar outcome . We now have it in stock with proper bottles and instructions. But if you want any more info then contact us or visit website because I don't want to discuss it on the forum as we can't advertise.
  9. Boat painting, ONE THING NOT TO DO!

    Hi All. Just wanted to mention a point that will hopefully save at least a few people some problems, we've had the problem arise many many many times. Twice this week already! So here we go. If you are about to have a re paint and the press studs on your boat need to be removed DO NOT drill out the old rivet with a 4mm drill bit. The size of the rivet needed to fill this hole has a bigger head. Although, when re fitted to the boat the stud base looks fine, it has actually been filled and has no area for the inner part of the actual press stud on the cover to sit. This means the fitting will "pop on " a little bit but not remain secure. We strongly suggest that the fitting is drilled off using a 1/8th or 3.2mm drill bit.. Nothing bigger than a 3.5mm. If its not you doing the work but a painter, then please also mention this. A lot of painters already know but many don't. That's all. I hope this helps at least one person. Over and out.. ( oh and if you are at Crick show this year, pop in and say hello, We'll have complimentary real ale available courtesy of our next door neighbours The Green duck Brewery. http://www.greenduckbrewery.co.uk/ )
  10. Mold,Mildew and Algae affected cover owners wanted.

    Algae Zapper! I like it... Which clever git came up with that, Nice spot Nightwatch. May just do that!
  11. Mold,Mildew and Algae affected cover owners wanted.

    Yep, contact details please. If you want to get the cover to us by post, bring it to us yourself and wait or have us pick it up for repair ( obliviously there would be for a charge for these two) then we could give it the free treatment to test the algae zapper and return it to you for photos. Perfect. Hope this should sort it, Lets get some details. Sorry, missed this one. Yep should be fine, just need some details. Think that's probably enough for now. Thanks all for your replies...
  12. Mold,Mildew and Algae affected cover owners wanted.

    Sorry, Do you mean,"Can we treat a boat with green covers that is situated in Overwater marina" If so , then yes.