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Neil Smith

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    Making Beer, Shooting, Boating.

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  1. The machine screws I used had hex in for tightening with an allen key. Neil
  2. I used SS machine set screws tapped into the shell. Neil
  3. Buying a new boat

    I thought it was true of the early boats, but later ones used new steel but don't know when it was. Neil.
  4. Microbore for radiators

    I would think it is the same as webasto that says ues 22mm pipe for flow and return, I was told it was because the circulating pump is very small it cant cope with any restriction that 10 or 15mm pipe would cause. NMEA would be able to give more info as he fits webasto and mukini. Neil
  5. Electrician required

    Look up onboard solar, they come to you. Neil
  6. What do I look for when buying?

    Why not wait until you retire then come over and rent a flat until you find the boat for you. Neil
  7. Does anyone have a copy contract?

    I don't think theres a standard contract, most probably make there own up to cover themselves from past experiences. if defects are found it is down to the seller and buyer to decide beforehand weather to knock off cost of rectifying or not. Neil
  8. Buying a new boat

    Or crap steel in the stretched part. Neil
  9. Project Boat: Interior Hull + Interior Refit

    Sound advice from Alan, springers are budget boats and you will end up spending much more than it will be worth, put what you think you will spend on the refurb to the price of the boat and buy one ready to use, Neil
  10. Induction hobs

    Or have a travel power on main engine. Neil
  11. Our rear steps are wide tread ladder style and fairly steep but our 7 year old lab gets up and down no problem. Neil
  12. Moored in the wrong place.

    he did say he was guessing they were in the pub. neil
  13. Bimble solar kits.

    perhaps he never single hands. Neil
  14. insurance question

    You can insure it third party as they don't ask for a survey as they are not actually going to pay out on it. Neil
  15. Webasto 90st with a 60 a day habit

    Perhaps just a smaller jet, NMEA would probably be able to advise. Neil